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The NHVP Trials final is finally here. Skye's facing Venus for the chance to prove herself to be the best Phos has to offer. Can Skye beat Venus and represent Team R.O.S.E in the NHVP Battle for
Academic Supremacy?

Chapter 32 (v.1) - Vast Horizons

Submitted: August 13, 2019

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Submitted: August 13, 2019



Perspective: Skye Gin



I sit quietly in my chair, pumping myself up. I look back to what Rena told me after our match, “You need to focus for the finals. You need to win for the both of us, got it?” I’ll fight my hardest; I'll fight for the both of us.


“Now it’s time for the main event for tonight,” Scarlet yells over the speaks full of excitement, “It will be Skye Gin,” a picture of my face displays on the board, then a picture of the grey-haired dude, “versus Venus Trapp. May Skye Gin make her way to the stage,” I stand up out of my chair and make my way to the stage. I can feel my body shake with exhilaration; this is the moment I’ve waited for. I’m amped for this fight.


I climb up the stairs and stand in the middle of the stage, feeling the eyes and the bright lights beam down on me. It feels so euphoric.


“Venus Trapp, please come down to the stage,” Everyone turns to look at the grey-haired man stand up and make his way down to the stage, slowly and surely. He walks up the stairs with so much confidence. I can see a little bit of myself in him; this is going to be fun. He meets me in the middle and stares daggers at me, and I stare right back at him.


“To make it this far, you both must know the rules, let this be a great fight, and let this match showcase the best that Phos has to offer,” Scarlet says, "as you know, the winner will move on to fight in the NHVPs battle for academic supremacy. Good luck to both fighters, now shake hands,” I put my hand out for a shake; he grabs my hand, accepting my slight gesture.


“Good luck,” I say confidently smiling.


“I should be the one saying that to you, you’re the one who’s gonna need it,” he says in response. I like him already. The board displays our aura levels. We both step back and get into our fighting stances. I hop up and down on the balls of my feet, ready for the bell to ring.


“Let this match-up…” here we go, “BEGIN!”


We both charge at each other at full speed, trying to hit the first strike. I wind back for a punch, and he leaves the ground for a kick. We meet in the center of the stage, hitting each other at the same time. I punched the foot that was going for the kick. A loud thud echoes through the gym as I feel my whole body vibrate from the force of the hit. Man, this guy packs a punch. We both jump back; I shake the pain out of my hand.


He shakes his leg and charges again, jumping in the air once more, trying to kick me from the sky. I roll out of the way and go for a punch, running at him, he sweeps my legs, taking me to the ground. He goes for a punch of his own; I roll out of the way again; hastily rising to my feet. 


He rushes me, throwing a plethora of punches and kicks. I dodge most of them, only allowing a few kicks to the arms and legs. I push him off, allowing me to get some space before I run for another punch. He tries to sweep my legs again, but I evade, doing a round-off. I stick the landing, then go for a hook, hitting him in the cheek.


He looks stunned. I run for another strike, not letting a single second be wasted. I hit another hook to his cheek, then another; I top it off with an uppercut to the ribs. Venus slumps over, holding his abdomen. This is going smoother than I thought it would go. I guess he expected me to be an easy opponent.


I try to punch him while he’s down, he blocks the attack and jabs me in the stomach. He quickly rises to his feet and goes for a roundhouse kick to my head. I duck; he hastily makes up for the miss with a quick back kick to my stomach, a shot setting off from his boot when it connects. I fly backward, falling to the ground; I use the momentum of the strike to roll backward and up to my feet. I refuse to lose.


He’s back on the offense, again with kicks and strikes, all hitting in quick succession. He goes for a jab to my face; I sidestep, grabbing hold of his arm, flinging him over my shoulder with all my might, slamming him on the floor. I can hear the air escape his lungs as he lands flat-backed on the wood boards. I drop to my knees, the attack took a lot out of me.


Venus staggers to his feet as I start to get to mine. We stand silently, staring each other down before we dart to one another. We start throwing any shot we can, punches, kicks, even head butts. We both refuse to go down. At this point, I’m going on autopilot.


I wind up for a big hook as he gets ready for a hard kick. We hit each other, both of us falling back from each other’s hits. We get back up to our feet to hit another attack. I wind up again, running as fast as I can at him as he leaves the ground for a jumping sidekick. I let out a war cry before, just like the beginning of the match-up, we meet in the middle, hitting each other’s attacking limb. As we both hit the moves, our weapons go off, my gauntlets shooting, along with his boot. We both fall back from the force of the hits.


I hit the ground hard, rolling around a couple of times before landing on my stomach, facing the hardwood floor. I hear the crowd erupt, almost everyone willing us on to victory. I try to pull myself up from the ground. I collapse, not feeling any strength in my body to get up. My bones ache, my muscles are quivering, I don’t think my body can go anymore.


“Come on Skye,” I hear a voice, it sounds like Rena, is it really her? “You have to win this for the both of us, got it?” I look up to the crowd, I find Rena in the sea of roaring students. I can see her face. I recognize the look of fear in her eyes, fear for my safety, but I also notice a slight look of hope that I can move forward and win. I force myself up to my knees, willing myself on. I hear Venus' footsteps coming in fast, I look up to see his foot inches away, striking me in the cheek. I drop back to the ground.


I roll on my stomach, trying to pick myself up again before I feel his heel drive into the back of my skull, forcing my face to smash into the floorboards. I see stars and strips of white. A voice sounds through the ringing in my head. “I’ll spare you,” It's Venus; his voice is deep and slightly raspy. I can hear his fatigued breaths as he speaks, “but only if you just give up,”


My heart is beating a mile a minute. My lungs feel shriveled, like any breath I take could be my last. I don’t think I can go much longer. I don’t need to look at the screen to know that my aura levels are as low as it can be without me being eliminated. Anyone of his next attacks could spell the end of this match. Liquid starts to dribble from my nose, I raise my head and wipe it, it’s blood. I feel a jolt of energy course through my body. I can’t quit now! I’ve made it too far. I start to breathe heavily as I get up to my feet. I let out another battle cry, my hair emitting flames as I do.


“I’ll never go down that easy,” I say, getting Venus’ attention as he turns to look at me, “You’ll have to kill me before I ever quit,” I push my hands behind me. Shooting my gauntlets, sending me full speed towards Venus. I see him jump for a kick. I stop in my tracks, rolling under the maneuver, rushing at him while his back is turned.


I punch him in the spine before turning him around and going for a punch. An uppercut to the ribs, then a hook to the face. I punch harder and harder, each hit picking up speed, going faster and faster, gauntlets shooting every time I make contact. I wind up for the final blow, “You should’ve finished me off when you had the chance,” I propel my fist forward, using all the strength I had left in my body for a big uppercut, sending Venus off his feet. The bell rings as the crowd erupts to cheers. I won.


“Venus Trapp’s aura level has hit zero percent, which means… the winner of this match-up is Skye Gin,” I can’t help but smile, feeling the spotlight on me as everyone cheers my name. My legs feel like jelly, but I refuse to allow myself to collapse. Scarlet walks beside me and raises my hand. I feel on top of the world like nothing can stop me. I stop my celebration when I see Venus stand up.


“Hey,” I say; staring at him, “that was a great match,”


“Not really,” Venus says in response. I raise my eyebrow in confusion. “It was a little underwhelming,”


"Huh, how?” a devious smirk comes across his face.


“Because you didn’t suffer enough,” chills start to roll down my spine as I hear those words leave his mouth. What? We just had a great match, why would he say that? “But that’s an easy fix,” he starts to run at me, going for another jumping sidekick; instinctively, I punch him down. I hear a loud crunch in his leg before he flops down to the ground. I can hear the crowd go from a lively cheer to a near dead silence. A dead silence that soon turned into an abundance of boos.


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