The Murder

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This is a story with meaning. The monster is in the imagination of the mind for one man that will face it.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



The top floor is getting more of a draft when Matt could no longer bear it. He sat there like the Thinking Man with the cigarette burning between his fingers. The night wind is blowing against the side of the house like little tides of chill that is in the air. He can feel it with the window closed. The draft is too much to bear when he sat there in front of his notebook computer with the sound of nothing in the apartment. The phone is unplugged from the wall for the sake of no one bothering him. The door to the hallway is long from his room so he cannot hear it. The fridge is left alone so it ran so little when he thought of the times of his youth.

He could no longer remember it when all he thought was the black of his youth when his father was an abusive drunk and his mother was a person that cared too little about the world orbiting the sun. She always was drunk as well but a sweet woman; that is before his father came home from a ten hour shift at the foundry. He always smelled of burnt metal that would not wash from his clothes when he staggered in with the smell of whiskey on his breath. His eyes are red and his senses are dull, not like his anger when he came through the door with his breath irregular.

“Vienna! Get your ass down here and take off my boots!” He dropped his keys into the floor when he hung his jacket up a little askew. Vienna, Matt’s mother came into the room several minutes later with her eyes red as well.

“Did you drink the rest of my beer?” His father, Max asked her with his eyes whirling around the hallway.

“Did you?” His eyes started to burn fire when he gathered his belt from the loops of his pants.

“You did, didn’t you?” He snapped when he gathered the belt around his hand.

“No, please!” Vienna dropped back to the wall with her hands held up.

“You get drunk all day; have no job to pay for anything and I always have to go to the store to get more! You’re nothing but worthless whore, you know that!” Max whipped the belt upon the floor when it snapped the wind. It made a clop when Vienna jumped on her feet.

Matt heard this in the other room when he found the strength to write in his youth, fidgeting his hand on the college ruled notebook paper when they didn’t have enough money to buy him a computer. They are more interested in the drink. They always are when they too slowly drunk themselves to death from an apartment that turned into a hovel and a hovel that drove them to homelessness. Matt knew what happened to his parents. He ran away from home at the age of thirteen. He worked himself to the bone at the worst places imaginable and got his college degree in the fine arts institute, graduating at the age of twenty three when he went on from there.

He met some girls in his college life, tending to the vending machine in the halls over the moisture that is collecting in the halls. That is what and all that he can eat when he spent most of his time in the room with the laptops, notebooks, and tablets on his bed, waiting and worrying and worrying and waiting. Then he is out in the world before he can know it with his body and mind working and his imaginings working to the point that he is almost crazy. He went home, tired and exhausted to the point that he couldn’t sit in front of the computer. His eyes opened as the stubble on his face grew more and more to the point that he looks more than forty than a man who is almost thirty years of age.

Now he is in an apartment with a draft coming through the walls and his eyes almost closed to the tiredness that is running through his muscles. The sounds in the hallway perked up his ears when he turned his head to hear the sound more fully. The sound came from the hallway when a flutter of twinges happened after, making him jump from his seat when he stood in his room when the sound warbling over into a squawk. He stood in his room before he moved his feet towards the door that leads to the rest of the apartment. He thought of the dark point in his past when he gathered the feeling that holds complete as he raised his hand to the knob of the door. He sucked in air when he turned the knob and opened it, revealing the hallway to the living room when he walked in to the living room with the television perched on the wood of an entertainment system cabinet that is made of splotch board.

He stepped on the woods that is underneath his feet when he walked through the darkness with the only glint that is coming upon his face is the glasses that is perched on his nose. He got closer and closer to the front door when he realized that one of the laces that is upon the floor almost tripped him when he bounced off the door as a squawk bleated from the other side of the closed door. Matt licked his lips when he looked down at the knob of the door, almost touching it when he breathed in and then breathed out. He turned the knob of the door as it slowly pivoted open, opening his own self to the light that is in the hallway when he sees nothing in the carpeted hall that looks like it is another world.

Then the squawk leered again when out of the sight from the corner of his eyes, he sees the shine of feather that is on top of the lamp that is jutting out of the wall. What he sees next is the glint of something out of the darkness that looks like red when he casted his eyesight to the look of the eye that is jutting back at him like the tip of a knife. The eye is looking back at him when he stood there with no sound in the hallway but the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. He hears the patter of footfalls come up when it revealed a man that he had never met before. He closed the door ever so gentle before meeting the man in the hallway.

Matt did not want to meet anymore acquaintances. He stood in the darkness of the living room before turning on the light to queer off the ominous darkness that is all around him. He still felt no relief when he remembered the bird that is perched on the lamp in the hallway.

The next morning, He awoke and got out of bed. He moseyed to the bathroom to do his morning business. After that (with the golden rule of washing his hands as well), he went to the kitchen to make three eggs, four rashers of bacon, and five pieces of toast that glistened on the plate when he was done with his work, tasting the sweet taste of butter that is upon the bread when he savored it and savored it with ease. He cleaned his plate and then put on his shoes to get the mail that is in the foyer area of his apartment. He left his apartment and hammered down the stairs to the boxes that are length about twenty feet across and five feet high. He collected the key that is in his pocket when a bird’s feather fell from the air that is above him in the same instance. He took it from the air and examined it when he looked at the sleek blackness that is in the light of the morning glow.

He flipped it over in his fingers with the key still in his hand. The feather is black when he looked at the boxes that are before him. He remembered the bird that is perched on the lamp that was in the hallway the night before. He still considered on getting the mail but his hand is heavy. All he can remember is the bird. What did that signify? The bird, the bird, the damn bird. What does that mean?

After he collected the mail, he clocked up the stairs, going to his apartment and closing the door behind him when he waited for the goosebumps to pass. It did eventually. Later that day, he sat in the park with the dogs charging at a Frisbee that flew across the air. The old people are playing chess underneath the shadows of the trees that are above them with one contemplating on the next move and the other checking to make sure that his heart is still beating. Matt smiled at the scene of peace that is around him with the sun slowly darting in the west. It felt peaceful to be in this moment right now. He planted his hands together and listened to the birds that are singing in the few trees that are around the park when he noticed that one of the leaves came off the tree branch. It is the early sign of fall that is coming around the corner that breathes in the earlier sigh of old man winter that will be here in a few months.

The winters are long in the Midwest. They last little or more than six months. It will never leave when Matt is already over with it. He sat there for a while, looking at his feet when he noticed that there is something black there when he picked it up. He fluttered it in between his thumb and index finger when he looked beyond it before dropping it from his fingers. The sun is starting to set when he realized that it did. It is the time for the creeps and the weirdoes to come out. It is the time for the darkness to become realized. Matt got off from the seat, wondering home when he heard the sound of a voice coming from an alleyway.

It is the sound of singing when he walked into the alleyway to investigate. When he got hallway into the alleyway, he sees a woman that is sitting there with newspapers on her lap and a stench that is ungodly when he looked around before speaking:

“Are you the only one here?” Matt asked her when the little lady looked up before she looked down again. She started to sing some tune that he never heard before when Matt looked around for any onlookers that are looking for trouble.

“You look like you don’t have any shoes.”

The woman acted like he was not there when she continued to sing that tune.

Matt thought of something when he thought of it well. He knelt down and opened his hand when the lady looked up again.

That night, around midnight he sat in front of the computer with his mind ripping and roaring. He has been on a roll for the past two hours with three thousand words when he stretched and got up. His room is dark when he opened the door and walked into the kitchen with the range light on over the oven. He went to the fridge and scraped up some leftovers, putting it on the counter when he humbled to walk back into his study where there is a lamp, a bed, and his desk with the light of the screen. The door is closed when he opened it. That is when he sees. He sees the figment of black that is on the keyboard. Its eyes pierced through the blackness that pierce fire when Matt backed up with the floor creaking underneath his feet.

“How,” Matt spoke in rushing fear as he continued to back up. The bird dropped from the keyboard as it placed its claws on the floor. The bird still leered up its eyes that breathed fire when it started to hop on the floor like one of those old wind-up toys. It is coming for Matt when he backed up with his breathing becoming sporadic.

“Oh god, oh Jesus,” He panicked when he appeared in the bathroom as he closed the door. The tatters on the floor came closer and closer when Matt turned on the light and backed up with the toilet brushing his leg when he tripped into the claw foot bathtub and felt the air being pulled from his lungs.

He stared at the ceiling with the light overhead burning circles into his eyes. The tatters became a scratching that is upon the closed door.

“What do you want?” Matt pleaded for the bird to go away when the scratching became louder and louder.

“Go away.” Matt placed his hands over his face when the tatters of claws and the scratching on the door stopped. He lied in the claw foot bathtub for the longest time when the laptop computer is still lit in his room in the apartment that holds the bird that is outside his bathroom door.

Matt in time got up from the bath tub, looking at the mirror that is over the wash basin that is cracked in the corner with his life’s hygiene behind that medicine cabinet. He sat there on the side of the bath tub closet with no sound on the other side of the door when he thought of his cell phone. God, it is in the living room when he continued to sit there with no sound on the other side of the door. He got up from the tiled floor when something spooked him. It is the sound of the toilet that started running water in the tank when he sighed. He continued to stand there, wiping sweat off of his hand when he tip toed forward towards the door that is closed in front of him.

He crept up to the door and placed his ear to the door. He can hear nothing else on the other side of the door when he lifted his ear up off from the door. He stared at the door with his eyes working on it, seeing the creases that are upon the door when he breathed in and breathed out. He stood at the door when something fell in the living room, shattering on the floor when Matt jumped to the sound of something that broke.

“Son of a…” Matt mumbled in anger when he placed his ear to the door again. There is no other sound on the other side of the door.

Matt waited three minutes to get his courage up to open the door. When he did, he did not see the bird that was on the floor. The only light is the light that was coming from the ceiling that is behind him when he blended into the darkness that covered him in full. He walked into the hallway, looking towards the living room that is two steps to the entrance when all he can see is the television that is upon the wall.

Matt stood in the hallway with no sound but the gentle wind that is blowing against the wall outside, sounding like a sweet dream with a nightmare locked inside where the sweetness cannot infect it. Then he made his move when he entered the living room and turned on the light, seeing nothing in the room but the moon light that is coming into the window. There is no crow to be around when he wondered where it went.

He looked around, standing with goosebumps on his arms until it took him twenty minutes to sit down with the light still burning in the room. He looked around, never feeling afraid in his life before with the exception of his childhood when he accidentally dropped into the septic tank with the piss and shit wading up to his eye lids.

He is pulled from his father’s clutches in a quick succession and then carted off to the hospital where he stayed for observation for the next three nights. Then he is whooped by his father afterward, telling his only son that he is a dirty little bastard for falling into that hole and also telling him he should watch where he is going the next time or he’ll kill him well. After a long time, his father told him that he owes him money for that venture, never paying him back when time forgot that in his beer laden brain.

Matt sits there in his own apartment to contemplate as something neared him in hindsight; the eyesight of the black bird burned fire when something clutched around his neck and pulled him up from the seat of where his ass groove is.

“Got you, you little shit!” The detested thing smiled behind him as he breathed upon his cheek.

“You pay what you owe! YOU PAY WHAT YOU OWE!!!” He screamed in his ear when Matt felt like his eyes are going to pop out of his sockets. He felt the blood being clamped from his arteries as his heart started to race. The red eye wonder is starting to appear in his eyes when the thing behind him started to laugh.

“You pay what you owe! You pay what you owe!” The thing jumped him up and down on the couch when he clamped tighter and tighter around his neck.

Matt’s hands fumbled around when he felt something next to him. It took all of his attention to grab the item that is in his grasp when he did. He knew what it was when he threw it behind him as it hit dead center in the thing’s face. The thing howled in pain as it stumbled back and connected the wall, shaking the picture frame to the floor. Matt got up and bumped into the table with his thighs hitting the table top, feeling the air go back into his lungs when he turned slowly towards the wall of where it bounced from. What stood there is the damn crow again, perched on the floor looking at him with the eyes that burn fire.

The crow cocked his head before it bounced once…twice…three times on the floor as it came for him, nearer, nearer, and nearer. The crow looks like it is smiling in evil infection when he almost came to Matt’s bare feet that felt cool on the wooden floor.

Matt broke his paralysis and ran out of his apartment with a frightened giggle upon his lips.

“That’s it. I’m not setting foot in this place ever again without someone coming in to get my stuff out of this hellhole.” He snickered in raw panic when a caw came from the lamp in the hallway that is down where he stood.

“No…no?” He raised his eyebrows when he slouched down the door with the crow looking at him. He sat there all night until he slipped into blackness. When he woke up with the sleep in his eyes, the bird is gone when the rain outside started pattering the roof. Someone came up the stairs when he rose from the door.

It was the homeless woman that he helped some time when she walked towards him with a cup of hot soup in her hands. The plastic spoon with covered with a plastic bag when she stopped at the base of his feet.

That is when he looked up.

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