A Day In My Life

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



When you see me, I don’t want you to see only my insecurities 

When you see me, I don’t want you to see that I am my anxiety 

I am bold, I am strong, I am brave, I am loud

I want to show the world, but I just don’t know how 

When you see me cry and see me shake

Please don’t tell me everything’s going to be great

When you see me panic and tremble in fear

Please just let me know that you are here

There are two sides to me and it’s hard for me to show 

The one I wish I was, the one I want you to know 

If I open up and say who I am

Will you say I’m crazy? Or will you try to understand?

I put on a face and I put on a smile

Maybe if you didn’t know, my time would be worth your while

I hear them whisper, I hear them say 

“She doesn’t seem like a type to have anxiety anyway”

So then who am I? Since you know me so well 

I just want to scream, I really want to yell

I’m not my anxiety, but at the same time I am 

I have to live with it, it has to be my friend

I don’t need your opinions I know I am tough

Living with anxiety and emetophobia life can be rough 

Don’t judge me and poke me and put me into groups

You don’t know my story unless you’ve heard the truth 

I fight a battle everyday of my life

Even though its not fair, even though its not right 

But I push on, I fight on, I never back down

I’m queen of my castle and I’ll wear my own crown

I’m not crazy or broken or emotionally disturbed 

I’m a woman with feelings and I deserve to be heard

I’m not lying, not faking, no matter what you think 

I’m grasping for air and coming up to the brink 

I try my best to push on everyday 

With all my obstacles I’d say I’m doing great

So please don’t tell me you know what’s best for me

If you lived a day like me I bet you couldn’t breathe 

So when you think of me think of me like this 

A powerful force to be reckoned with 

My anxiety is awful, it’s mean and it bites

But I bet you could never live a day in my life 

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