The Iron Crown

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Being forced to find a suitor during Coronation Season for the first time in her kingdom’s history, Thea Griesling’s dream of becoming the sole queen and Grand General of her kingdom seems lost.
Now being thrust into the unfamiliar world of sweeping ball gowns and charming princes, she must master a new set of skills that are far from what she already excels at. And if Thea truly wants to
win the battle for love, she must trade in her sword and armor for a crown and jewels.

But with the threat of war on the horizon, Thea’s decision is unclear and time is running out. To keep her people safe she must make a choice. Marry for peace throughout the kingdoms, or follow her
heart and fight for the freedom that she so long has wished for.

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

I apologize in advance if the formatting is a little off/weird. I am still figuring things out here.

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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