Sent -a sestina

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018





I sent it with a bow of lace

tied clumsily with claws.

In sunlight, in moonlight

I could not a difference force.

Ribbons compute like ribosomes in my head,

equally ?ckle and foreign.


Particularly, I can’t fathom anyone foreign

or native desiring a gift so laced

with languish. But who cares from who’s head

the decorations outward claw?

This surprise is a benevolent force

Humble and second-hand, like moonlight.


I was given—but imagined I stole—the moon’s light.

The longer I held it, the more foreign

felt its weight. I forced

myself to admire the lines of lace

but only managed to deepen their perforations with my claws.

The watching of myself hurt my head.


Safety is here in a severed head,

In a shadow, in a moon-lit

addition to The Law (a confusing clause):

13a. I shall not welcome any foreign

bodies for they may be laced

with illegal substances. This I will enforce.


How measured the force

that regardless meets my head.

How intricate the red spill on white lace,

out-doing the pink of the moonlight.

How foreign

the ?ashes of nimble claws.


Your gentle claws

without opposition, force


feelings into my spine… up into my head…

out into and through my skin. Backed by moonlight,

desire circles your waist like expensive lace.


A lace too lazy to hide shows also its own claws. Sharpening the moon,

a process ?nally unforced heads all directions on an in?nite plane, freckled and foreign.


© Copyright 2018 William Bloom. All rights reserved.