Our Land

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A view on South Africa.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Our Land


Our Land is a beautiful one,

We have mountains and forrests,

Deserts and plains.

The East is Green,

In the West you find the mountains and the Karoo.


The sun rises in Durban

And sets late at night in Cape Town.

We have one time zone,

But each Province is different,

There are many different biomes.


In the ground is platinum, copper and gold.

The soil is rich and fertile.

Our air is clear and our water is good.

But there is still fear here.


Old men fear each other,

Although we have a hard past,

Of violence and bloodshed;

Somehow we get along.


We are a country of 11 official languages,

The melting pot of Africa;

Where the world meets.

Yet the minorities are treated as enemies,

For fear exists in the majority.


Our beautiful country,

Where thieves and liars sit and rule.

But this country is not theirs,

South Africa belongs to God.


I am not sure how to feel...

We know the corruption exists

And violence happens everyday.

The world watches,

We wait and we pray.


One day the wicked will be no more,

No more will we hear of another friend killed;

The farm attacks will stop,

Crime will fade away.

People will ask; "Why did the nations rage?"


I do not know what to say.

My beautiful country...

My South Africa is slowly fading away.

It is not a matter of the colour of my skin,

But simply they repeat the past, 

Just under another name and in another way.


Our Land weeps,

We watch and we stare.

Barely feeling anything,

They were given their freedom,

At the cost of our countries future.

They allowed the criminals to rule,

But things will change soon.


Soon they will be gone.

The money dried up

And their lives will be forfeit.

We simply will do what we will do.

Life will carry on

And when we look back,

Time and History will tell who right and who was wrong?

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