When Mommy and Daddy Argue

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Passion is smashing
every wine glass
of their wedding set
As if erasing the evidence can help them forget
how they regret
How wrong it's all become

How many times
can we cut the red flags
into valentines
Splitting the words
I'm sorry
between us like a bottle of expensive wine
That neither of us
like the taste of
Will take the blame for
Scorch our throats
Spit it back in the others face
in lieu of accepting
the bitter apology

John, don't fucking talk to me

Playing chicken with their love
Which one of us
Is more screwed up
Which one of us
Can screw the other up
With brutal words
That's what's the most screwed up

Their forlorn silhouettes
covered in blood

In the pale white kitchen light
Their reflections speak the truth
louder than the shouts ringing out
Both indignant  
it's not me, it's you
Fuck you
Trading insults
the way
they used to trade
Red hot embers across their teeth
If they tried that now they'd bleed
It's not enough
Instead they burn themselves
On still smoldering remnants of that touch
Their shadows holding hands
across the broken glass
It hurts worse
Letting go

Slurred curses ricocheting off each other's heads
Tear stained casualties
cowering in their bunk beds
the walls, the door frames
Even the house is in pain

Hey Derek, it's okay, it's just a game,
Don't cry- instead, we'll pretend

While the glasses keep breaking
The windows keep shaking
Don't stop to think
Of the love they're forsaking

pretend we'll heal
Pretend it's not real
Pretend like we can't
The things they're saying
Pretend how soon it will end
And not in the way
We heard them threaten

Stop screaming
Stop fighting
Stop screaming
Stop fighting
Stop screaming stop screaming
Please, stop crying

they don't mean it
We haven't seen it
They don't know
That we know

Clothes explode
Off of the front porch
Slam the door
Flip the coffee table
Rip down the curtains
How long before
Someone forfeits

This war can't be won

Tears fall, god damn it all,
I'm done
Kim I can't keep doing this.

Please no
Please no
Please Daddy
don't go

Don't leave me
Please no

Don't leave us

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