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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Like most of my writing, this uses a lot of symbolism. The name is derived from a modern western occult teaching which states that it takes seven hundred seventy-seven incarnations to go from an
animal to a man.

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



He dangerously held the vial of comatosity
Filled with a dancing and volatile spirit
Invoked in the body, this soul-stirring serum
Yet his soul lay black in its ignorant theorem

In the shadowy dark of his own ouroboros
Cycled around, another life ignominious
With a thousand glazed eyes of prostitution crime
Blindness is fortunate to avoid all the slime

So the animals dance and the animals shout
Indulging in everything; nothing is out
Until Phaeton crashes the chariot low
And night silence reveals the demon eye glow

Its name is Dross or Emptiness Within
Or maybe the Janus-Faced Blessing and Sin
So this pillager of bodies now sublimates the act
And the twenty-threes meet for a lifelong pact

So the rituals now seek a purpose to praise
A life with a wife, and a child to raise
But soon does he see the fairy tale farce
And once again sits with his joys far sparse

For “eternity” had now been cut down to twenty
As his inamorata’s feverish dance of plenty
Has left him naught but a picture and penny
So he once again lays in a bed now empty

And with children you see, “I’ve made another me,”
Running the game trail like a psychedelic mirror
The maze has gone long and still nothing is clearer
When did the glitter fade on this wasted fifty made?

A lifetime was spent to build this sarcophagus
And one last addition is needed for you
A rope of fine cord, tied ‘round the esophagus
“And now does my body abandon me too!”

Yet the snake is still biting and biting its tail
And next is heard screaming of a new baby’s wail

© Copyright 2019 Jon Avarria. All rights reserved.

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