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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Morning Starters

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



"Looks like I'm gonna be late again." Jordan sighed as he put on his shoes and ties them.

"Jordan, don't forget your lunch!" his mother said with a shout.
Jordan flinched and groaned as he finished tying his shoes and walked to the kitchen.

"Your lunch is right here beside me" she said smiling as she was putting the clean dishes away.

Jordan smiled and grabbed his lunch bag and kissed his mothers cheek. "Thank you mama, adios." He started to head out the kitchen and out to the door.

 "You're welcome, have a good day at school." She giggled softly.

"Wonder what Ira is doing right now..." he sighed than took out his flip phone from his back pocket while walking to school. He started texting Ira.

Ira heard her phone buzz as she was still doing her makeup. She saw the message and choose to ignore it. "I swear that guy is so damn clingy."

 Jordan waited for about five minutes before putting his phone away. "Guess she's busy getting ready again. I need to pay more attention to the road anyways because than there's a hundred percent chance I'll get hit. Now and days...people get hit because spending twenty-four seven on their phones." He sighed as he finally gotten to school.

"Hola Jordan!!!" A male with wolf ears, tail, grey eyes, and grey hair was smiling at Jordan waving one of his arms in the air. "Come over here!" He shouted.

Jordan looked directly at him and nodded blushing a bit. He wasn't use to other people talking to him other than Ira. When it comes to new people talking to him, he easily blushes. A lot of people mistakes his flustering for as if he liked the person, but in reality he doesn't.

"Haha, what's up JD?" The male chuckled putting an arm around Jordan.

"O-Oh uh...nothing much..." Jordan raised a brow confused. 'Is it normal for some stranger to...all of the sudden just put an arm around another person?' he asked himself in his thoughts.

"Aww, don't be shy! I don't bite I'm just that friendly!" He laughed.

 "Ah, well uh...usually people this friendly don't...uh...put their arm around another person without knowing the person." He flustered darkly glancing away. 'Hopefully I didn't piss him off or anything...' he said in his thoughts once more.

"Aww, come on! We aren't strangers if we go to the same school and classes." He smiled.

"Uh...well I don't exactly know your name nor anything about you making you a stranger to me...sorry." He glanced away.

 "You gotta be kidding me!?!? We are literally in the same math and science class!!!" He raised his voice shocked.

 "S-Sorry" he sighed.

The male sighed and pat his head chuckling. "Hey, no worries it's only the third week of school anyways, hahaha. I'm Rockie! A lot of people misspell my name with R-o-c-k-y, but its R-o-c-k-i-e."

"I see, it's nice to meet you Rockie. I Would introduce myself, but uh...you already know my name." He chuckled nervously.


Rockie chuckled as his eyes were closed then opened them and gave eye contact to Jordan. He than ruffled his hair smiling making Jordan blush a bit dark.


 “U-Uh...not that I care or anything, but uh...um...why are you ruffling my hair?” He asked looking down at his shoes.


Rockie chuckled than removed his hand from Jordan’s head. “My deepest apologies amigo. May I ask, why are you blushing?”


Jordan looked up at Rockie then his eyes looked in a different direction. He sighed and said “I don't know...I seem to blush easily for the stupidest reasons like a fangirl just saw their favorite anime character shirtless.” he groaned.


“Ahhh, I see. Well maybe we co-” when Rockie was just about to finish his sentence, that's when Ira finally showed up and walked up towards the two of them.


‘Why is Rockie talking to Jordan? Are they dating or something? No, if they were they're would've been rumors about it already.’ She spoke in her thoughts showing a beautiful and sweet smile at the boys. “Hi Jordan! Hi Rockie!” She giggled, but was fake just like her personality.


Rockie smiled and put both of his hands in his jean pockets. He glanced at Jordan before glancing away back at Ira. “Bonjour Ira, how are you?” He asked.


 Jordan felt like he should let them be since it wasn't his place at the moment. He turned around and walked away without saying a word. ‘I see...Ira and Rockie must be dating. Maybe Rockie wanted to meet me to see if I was a bad guy or something...but that makes no sense. Ugh, I'm just confusing myself now and making no sense as always.’ He said in his thoughts as one of his hands was in his shorts front pockets and the other one beside his hip. He clenched his hand to a fist as he let out a soft sigh.


 “I'm doing amazing! What about you?” Ira asked.


“I'm doing good as well. Meet your friend Jordan here and seems cute, hahahaha.” Rockie chuckled and just when he was gonna turn his head to talk with Jordan, he was already gone. He frowned a bit inside of him and didn't show it and just kept a smile. He looked back at Ira and said “guess he left. Does he hate me or something?” He asked.


 “Nah! He's usually like that so don't worry about it. He just feels out of place is all.” She then laughed.


Rockie chuckled “Ahh, I see. Just making sure. He seems like a great kid.”


“I know. Hey! I need some help with my science homework. I'm kinda falling behind and trying to improve as much as I can, but I think I need to be tutored. Your known to be one of the best tutorers yet in the school. Do you mind helping?” She tilted her head slightly with a light blush and fake adorable frown.


 “Nah, I don't mind. I would love to tutor you.” He smiled.


“Thank you Rockie! I owe you big time.”


“Well...since you owe me do you mind...helping me find your friend, Jordan?” He chuckled nervously


Ira flinched a bit and glanced away putting her head down a bit. “What do you need him for?” She spoke a tad bit angrily.


“Ahh, well...kinda forgot to tell him that the principal wanted him.” He laughed nervously with embarrassment.

“Oh” her eye twitched. ‘Well I was overreacting for nothing, whoops!’ She said in her thoughts.

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