Sonnet for a Poet

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Sonnets are more famously known through Shakespeare and they often express singular ideas and feelings such as love, sorrow, joy etc. Rather than write about a single idea or feeling, I chose to
try and capture a single moment; A moment which can be associated with more than just one idea or feeling in hope that it would add depth to the content despite the traditional format.

To further disguise the format, and manipulate the readers anticipation, I chose to shift the traditional sonnet structure by placing the couplet before the last quatrain and omitting the
unstressed syllable at the beginning of each couplet line to purposefully make the ending feel somewhat incomplete and bittersweet due to the lack of a strong cadence that a properly placed couplet
offers. Though meter is not exactly a mathematical principle, I tired to make up for the missing the unstressed syllables in the couplet by adding an extra beat to the penultimate line. I hope you

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Sonnet for a Poet


As letters capture sound onto a page

So, too, do words draw forth your deepest breath

So sweet.  Their meter spilled upon your stage

To make a stranger's mind fill with regret.

Your paragraphs do desperately preserve

Our memories.  The ones we made tomorrow

That fill us with false freedom.  Yet, I serve

The source of my unspoken silent sorrow.

Having never met, you cannot see

Us, our love, or my inconstancy.

But when you closed your book, the words did cease

And silence forced my gaze upon your eyes,

Still vacant;  I confessed what I desired least.

I let the poet know that love had died.


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