"The new beggining"

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



It's been a long time... a long time since the world became this place of darkness..loss...Sorrow... there are not many humans out there anymore or if there are they aren't good. 

Something happened about 8 years ago in Washington DC. It was the work of a terrorist attack they contaminated our air with they're virus....witch turned humans into Mutants but these people had an allergic reaction to the virus and turned while they were still alive. The man responsible is named "Boris" he was never found or accused for his crimes so far as I know he's gotten away with the apocalypse. 

People say he is dead but who really knows. During the day "Lunatics march the streets" that's what we call these Mutants. But at night things get worse as demons roam the night skies. 


This story is about Kelly and Brian. Kelly is 8 and Brian is 12. We live in Ohio. Our parents barley got to us in time but they did and we are currently on our way out of Ohio...we have no idea if where we are going is a smart decision or not. We have No food, No water. Just a family of four on our own in the midst of the Apocalypse!."

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