Sneak peek"

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A little sample of what's to come for my story!

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



"Brian where are you?" Kelly whispers inside the air vent. As she continues crawling through the ducks. She stops when she hears a voice from below. "We issue an attack at dawn!" But sir surly he can wait? "Oh Ok ok ok ok ok ok I'm sorry!" And it sounds like he hung up a phone. Kelly continues to listen. 

"I really hate that man. 

I worked with him all through when life was considered good and now in the apocalypse I'm stuck working for this idiot? Uhh I need a beer after this is all sorted out."  Kelly hears him yell. "Stop! Kid you can't be in hear! Come back!" Kelly hears the man running away. 

"Brian!" She says to herself and continues crawling through the air ducts. She falls to the ground suddenly  it was only a five foot drop. Kelly gets up and stays low and runs down the hall. 

She opens up a door to a hallway there are about 30 rooms or more in the hallway all with numbers.  "RJ 127, RJ 128, RJ 129"  must be a school? Kelly says to herself as she opens up one room and sure enough a bunch of desks lined up in three rows facing a desk and blackboard was visible. 

She heard some voices and hide in the room. As three guys in uniforms ran straight by the room with loaded guns. One of the men stopped and turned towards the door and opened it. He had a flashlight on his helmet. He turned around and entered the room facing the blackboard. 

I was hidden behind the teachers desk praying he wouldn't come closer. The man turned and shut the door. I waited a few seconds and stepped out and opened the door and continued searching for my brother in the school. 

I opened up a closet door by mistake the drawer fell causing a bunch of cleaning supplies to hit the ground and break. I froze and backed up as I heard voices yelling and they sounded real close. Just when I thought I was in trouble a hand grabbed me and forced me into another room of the school and pulled me under a desk and kept a hand over my mouth. 

We heard gun shots and one of the men shouted 

"shit someone spilled the cleaning supplies! We are not alone hear stay alert! We will find these bitches!" 


"I didn't realize at the time that  the hand was off of my mouth. I turned around to another boy about the same age as Brian who was 12. I realized the boy I was tracking wasn't my brother witch meant my brother was still somewhere in this school and now in even more danger!.

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