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In the middle of a raging sea, you can choose to be at peace if you will only look for The Light.

Submitted: August 05, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018




Inside one's body lives the memories that have made you who you are today. Each memory linked to another creating a chain like effect. Good and bad memories fill each individual link and as you get older you'll continue to add more links to the chain and more pain to the game. That chain has an anchor at the end of it and on the other end is a boat. Imagine yourself as the boat and your life being the sea and your links being the things that have made you who you are. In the middle of a chaotic sea, you find refuge, a safe place. A place safe enough to unravel your every last memory link and you drop that anchor as far down as it'll go and you breathe in what seems to be the endless harmony. With all your walls down, with every hurt, every pain, every good memory and bad, you let it all out and you expose yourself and with every ounce of weight that anchor holds you drop it into the never-ending water. Standing at the tip of the boat, arms spread wide, kissing the sun, crying at the beauty, smiling at your freedom, it's overwhelming. And like that, a feeling that seems it should last forever is taken in minutes by the storm that comes back around.

You can not bring the anchor in as quick as you threw it down. You can not "re-ravel" what has been unraveled. You cannot hide from this storm and the boat is no longer strong enough to carry its own anchor. The boat is weak and weathered down, and the weight of its own anchor is enough to make the whole boat sink.

To hold down or to pull down.

It's easier to pull someone down than up and that's what we did to each other.

Sinking faster than we can swim and the weight is heavier than we can bear.

But that's where Jesus comes in. He wants to carry the weight that we can't bear.

In the midst of the storm is when Jesus tells us to walk across the water, rather than swim through the suffocating waves and it was only when we doubted that we  began to sink. Jesus also says that He alone will be our safety and our refuge, our safe place. He is the anchor for our soul. He is what Holds us down in the most secure way. He is who changes everything. We just have to believe.

So forget the boats and forget the links and forget the treacherous waters and forget your own story line and forget everything you think you know. & Know Him. Know Jesus. Know the Mastor Creator. There's no safe place like his. Only in him, will you be able to see still waters when the storm is raging. & only in him will the fear of the storm not exist. You only have to believe it's possible. So let go, & Let God unravel you in the same way he put you together. If He can do it once, He can do it again. All you have to do is believe.

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