Dreams Under The Cherry Blossom

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Read as Ryan goes through times of unwanted emotions.

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Ryan sat there, emotionless, looking at his feet. The sounds of thunder and cries of sadness filled the living room. Ryan looked at his family with disgust. He thought to himself, “How can they act like this? Why do you care about him now?” Ryan stood up and ran outside, running down the street. After a few minutes of running, he found himself standing at the base of an old cherry blossom tree. The tree sat on top of a small hill. This is where is him and his brother played almost every day. This is where Ryan met the girl of his dreams. This is where he went when his brother was kicked out of the family house. Now, he is at the tree because his older brother died. The sky started to fill with dark ominous clouds. Getting closer with each crash of thunder. Ryan sat down where the roots of the tree stuck out. He felt like his head was spinning, and his vision got blurry. Everything went dark.

A faint voice could be heard. “Hey Ryan, wake up. You'll freeze out here.” He opened his eyes and could see his brother covering him with an umbrella. “I thought you were gone, I got really scared”, Ryan said with a shaky voice. “Trust me, I won't leave you alone. You're special to me, I'll always be by your side. I'll always be there when you feel like things are hopeless. I'll always be there for everyone. Don't blame yourself or anyone else. Cherish those around you, and cherish yourself. You and I don't know everything. Just know, I love you.” The sound of thunder crackled through the sky. Ryan looked up and a soft stream of light poured through the clouds and onto the ground below. Standing at the base of the hill, in the light, was his brother. Ryan looked at him before closing his eyes. A small voice called out, “Are you okay?” When opening his eyes, tears streamed down his face.

Ryan saw a girl standing at the base of the hill with an umbrella, looking at him with shock. He slightly nodded his head no. The girl started walking towards Ryan, “You know, you'll freeze out here.”

Ryan looked at the sky. In the rolls and chunks of dark clouds, flashes of lightning could be seen. With a small smile and chuckle, Ryan said, “Yeah, I know. Someone told me that too.”

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