Tell Me Something

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Tell me something

Like how it looks when your hair gets in your face

When the wind is blowing you in a million different directions

Like the picturesque moment of you having to swallow all of your words

Tell me about how you used to paint

But nothing feels the way it used to anymore

So the colors stay buried under your intentions

Shriveled and drying at the sound of “maybe tomorrow”

Tell me about your mother

About how all the wishes you now have

Don’t matter much in the cool, grey eyes of a headstone

And about the finite expression you posses
Because you’re still swallowing all of your words

Tell me that writing was the star-crossed, love of your life

How you would pump letters from your pen

Like blood from the heart

And now staring at the blank page like it’s a stranger

Tell me that reading was a time-traveling escape hatch

On the spaceship of your childhood

And how there are cobwebs in the binding where your imagination used to be

Because there’s no escaping from adulthood

Tell me about the way you used to take pictures

Like they were worth a thousand of the words

You’re still swallowing

Stealing moments with a camera

Like dream catching gone rogue  

Tell me about how music was the vibration of your tongue

But nothing could wash down the words in your throat

So the records took shelter in dusty burrows

And the melodies were choked down between protests and lies

Tell me something

Like when, exactly, did you lose yourself?


© Copyright 2019 Victoria Monroe. All rights reserved.

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