Do Not Touch

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Do Not Touch


- Come in Perry.

- Oh Lesley, I love your flat Leslie!

- Yes my sister Kim is a home decorator, she did a good

job didn't she! She's gone out with her girlfriend at the moment,

to leave us boys alone. Come through to the kitchen, I'm just

 cooking some blood sausages for us to eat. I used my own blood!

- Oh look at the tea towels, they've got Francis Bacon

paintings on them!

- They're gorgeous arn't they? And look the cups and 

saucers have too!

- Oh, they're great!

- And you know what? I've got special toilet paper with

Bacon's painting of the screaming pope on it!

- Oh I just love that painting, that toilet paper must be 

fun to use, I've never wiped my freckle on a pope, that

would be fun!

- It is.

- Speaking of which, I'm dying to go, could you point me

in the right direction.

- This way, it's a new toilet with all the latest mods and 

cons, but be careful, never ever push the button marked

A T R B!!!

- Alright Lesley. I'll be right back...

 Perry sat on the toilet and enjoyed himself pushing 

buttons. Water squirted up and cleaned him, powder

sprayed onto him, his buttocks were massaged by tiny

soft padded technological hands. It was fantastic! He

spied the button marked marked A T R B and wondered

why he couldn't push it. He decided that if he couldn't

push it, it must be unbelievably terrific! So he did...

 Lesley woke Perry up in his hospital bed...

- How are you feeling Perry?

- Where am I Lesley?

- In hospital, but don't worry, I brought you these to 

look at.

- What are they?

- Some of Kim's fashion magazines to help you decide

what kind of clothes you want to wear now.

- What do you mean? Why am I in hospital?

- Well Perry remember when I told you not to push the

button marked A T R B?

- Yes? I was just curious, I was having so much fun

pushing the other buttons. I was being totally pampered.

- Indeed  you were Perry, but A T R B stood for Automatic

Tampon Removal Button! You've transitioned Perry! Isn't

it exciting! You'll look great at this year's Mardi Gras in

a short skirt though you might need some plastic surgery

to boost your bust...



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