To Let A Memory Fade

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Jess was always miserable. She didn't know why. Sometimes it just takes the healing balm of the summer and new friends to give you a new perspective. And an attitude change. As she approaches high
school, she's determined to put her best foot forwards.

Table of Contents

The Yearbook Signing

___ “Um, will you sign this, please?” I handed him my yearbook, already opened to the back page. “Of course I will!” My... Read Chapter

Last Day of School

___ I headed of to school with a sense of surrealness. This was it. There was only two months till high school, and I  had ... Read Chapter

Slip and Slide Kickball

____ I got out of my mom’s silver minivan and turned back around. “Thanks for taking me to youth.” I shut the door and star... Read Chapter


Hopping into the car, I quickly changed my shirt and changed my shoes. I had just started my second week of soccer, but this week was d... Read Chapter

The Accident

Smack. I heard the thump of my foot hitting the soccer ball as I passed it to my little brother, Ethan. It missed him by about a foot. ... Read Chapter

A Family Camping Trip

_____ It was the day. Finally! We’re going camping! I grinned at the prospect. It wasn't long before a quit smiling though. The con... Read Chapter

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