The Architect

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A poem about the feelings of growth and blossoming of new love

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



The Architect


I was a crystal castle

And they all threw stones

Thought the cracks in my structure 

Were part of my bones


But you put up walls 

And studied those breaks

Called them superficial 

And they turned into scrapes 


I learned how to love

Living inside those eyes

And for the first time 

I will learn to love

Without fear of demise


You gave me walls

With a window 

And a beautiful view 

And I opened my eyes 

To a world brand new


When a castle of glass

Becomes something much more

And breaking is something 

I'm no longer waiting for 

And the earth under my feet

Is a sturdy foundation

The ailments I had get no concentration 


I'm living alive

Not existing to die

And my frequented word is no longer goodbye

I gave up the reasons I always asked why

And I thank you


So vulnerable isn't what I always thought it meant

For a vocabulary so rich 

I see now, I was dense

Not every word has to mean the demise

Of a castle of a girl 

With fear in her eyes 


Just put up some walls

You aren't made of glass

And hurting isn't forever 

When you're finally ready it too will pass


I wasn't ready until I met you

Now this crystal castle 

Is a beautiful house with a view

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