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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



I remember a time when everything was normal and there was no monsters outside we could go out and play anytime. I remember playing with my older brother Brian outside one fall night we played hide and seek. I hid behind the shed and it took him over an hour to find me. When he did he was exhausted. It was my turn to find him. He was under the car. I found him almost right away since he sneezed. He was so mad! Haha. But then we both heard weird noises coming from our neighbors house. We told our mom who went over to check on him since he lived alone. She screamed out dad ran over to the house. He was found dead in his home he had been hacked up. My dad called the police and we were told to stay home. The police came, my parents told them what they saw. The murderer was on the loose somewhere. About a week later the killer was caught and brought to justice. But I will never forget what the neighbors last words to me were. 


"The world at some point may try to bring you down..Don't let it instead of bringing you down rise up! No your smart and you will rise up and succeed throughout all life's problems." 


"That was nice for him to say. How come you never said this before? Our mom asked Kelly. "Oh um I'm not sure i never wanted to bring up his death it was too upsetting for you." "Yes but that was a good thing for him to say I'm happy he told you always rise up both of you! Know that just because we are in the apocalypse this is still your world and you will do great things with it!"

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