The Way We Shared The Stars

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



The way we shared the stars


I fell in love with his mind as we spoke of the stars inside our souls


I felt the celestial tides inside my spirit rise and crash against the shores of my bones as our words and minds intertwined creating galaxies undiscovered by any exploration into the space between two bodies my past had owned



I fell in love with the way that ghosts became stardust as they faded from the space they occupied 



The single candle flicker of hope I'd held inside the confines of my heart and mind built to a wildfire of inspiration freeing shooting stars from the space they'd been imprisoned with threats of fading and dying light now painted the darkened backgrounds of the galaxy fragments that created the deepest parts of my being



I found galaxies behind eyes deeper than the sockets they called home. I learned that sparkles of flickering light that reflected the surface of his irises were shooting stars I'd ignited 



Two fingers pressed to the skin of my neck beneath the hinge of my jaw told my fingertips I was alive thus so was hope, because of him. And because of him my mind was unchained and given wings soar through concepts that hadn't been permitted to roll from my tongue into the atmosphere with another being



His mind could create meteor showers on Neptune and bud flowers on unexplored planets in galaxies undiscovered by man.



He was entrancing in ways novels had never made pen connect to pages for a character before and I was fixated on the way a laugh could turn to an exploration into the ways pieces of myself could be born inside of another



Horizons expanded in a single meeting. 


And the rest, we could say, was written in the stars

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