December Starlies

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



December Starlies


Promises developing stress fractures

A scorn script of "I'm sorry" reverberating in darkened corners where worry and why collide creating insecurities by the dozen in Santa's cold December workshop

Half hazard use of words like "mistake" 

But mistakes don't happen on repeat

That's choice

I hear fragments of me shatter on the floor

A crescendo of porcelain and pavement

As tear filled eyes rest upon the bull to my China shop heart

A hollow ache takes place of muscle memories that once fluttered in my chest

My mind races through each smile cut and pasted from photos of once happy people onto this faceless faithless girl unaware of good

Crying "I hope your happy" like only Justin could

I don't want this

I don't want another tear stained few months of echoing goodbyes

Or an endless stream of what ifs and whys

Asking what went wrong as if I were at fault

When all along your need for attention brought our love to a screeching halt 

 I thought we shared stardust 

Maybe we did

But I forgot that stars sometimes die

That sometimes they fall from the sky

That the stars we watched won't always be there

I guess it was fitting 

Even if it wasn't fair

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