Horror Hokey Pokey

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Horror Hokey Pokey


I'm torn between

Who I am

And who

I want to be


Between holding on

To love for you


Moving on

To someone new


I'm stuck in a loop

Of finding someone

And seeing you

In their eyes

Their smile

But loving their touch

For a little while


Then they don't add up

The equation somehow

Gets fucked

And I'm back to

Alone in frustration

In this fucked up fucking situation


This horror hokey pokey

You don't want in

I can't get out

And no one else

Gets what I'm about

Afraid to move

Afraid to cry

All I can do

Is wonder why


Why can't I move

When you're long gone

And why when anyone else comes along

They can't get in

I can't get out

I wonder really

What it's all about


I found someone

But I'm afraid to move

His touch sets a spell

And my sorrows are soothed

He walks right in

And it let's me out

I can feel him seeing

All I'm about


With him you're gone

And I finally breathe

Then the fear kicks in

And I'm afraid he'll leave


His touch feels like electricity in my veins

He holds me close

And of all else

He refrains

He moves slow

Not rushes my boundaries

But he's building this up

A trust and lust foundry


I'm ready to love

But I run every time

Let others in

To avoid the horrible crime

Of losing it all

And being broken once more

Finding shocking resemblance

Between myself and the floor

Because they can't get in

And I can't get out

Because I guess


Is what it's all really about

© Copyright 2019 Jessica K. Ford. All rights reserved.

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