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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018





I don't know how to pace myself I'm all or nothing. My emotions are extreme. 

They're madly in love or furiously breaking 


I have no tiptoe 


I run


And they left


Because they were all in 

fire burning for me 

then someone else ended up being just as flammable 

and old flames just aren't as pretty 

as new hot ones burning blue


So they snuffed my flames

Stole my oxygen

Called me abandoned

Washed the accelerant from their hands

And walked away from the ruins


I fall for arsonists

And suffer third degree burns

All on my heart

Have a fetish for gasoline

Looking for my perfect match

Because it's been far too long

Since my heart felt the flames

Licking at my scars

Easing phantom pains


And my skin aches for fire

My soul begs for heat

My tears could use evaporating

So I think that we should meet

I bet

Your kiss tastes like ashes

I see

Your hands are made from rubble


You're an abandoned building 

And your smile looks like trouble


Let's start a riot

We'll burn the city down

We'll be the king and queen of ashes

And make our scars a fucking crown

And all the other arsonists

Will shudder at our flames

As the fire rages 

We'll forget

They ever knew our fucking names

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