Tell me, where’d you get that scar?

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Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Tell me, where'd you get that scar


Forever looked me in the eyes once

And I looked back in fear

I could feel my bones breaking

My soul igniting

And my blood boil and pool 

Under the surface of my skin


Forever looked at me 

Through the eyes of something shy

A faint attraction built upon

A broken bed of lies


Forever looked like a humble face

Dimpled cheeks

And pale disgrace 

But forever was a lie


If forever was forever

Then I've lived an endless life

Because forever fell and broke the shell

Of a happy little life


Forever kissed me gently

And pulled my body close

Forever's heartbeat didn't quicken

Like in the stories we'd been told 


Forever was possessive 

It beat and branded it's name in my chest

It smashed my porcelain skin to pieces 

Saying now clean up your mess


Forever wasn't perfect 

Forever wasn't blind

Forever shrunk me down to nothing

Forever was a lie


Forever kissed my tears away

Though forever made them fall

Forever stole my breath away

Forever stole it all 


Forever tortured me

Forever abused me

Forever hated me

Forever used me


Forever wasn't forever

Forever was a fake

Forever told me it loved me 

But forever was a mistake

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