Ruby Slippers

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My life and past compared to: Wizard of oz and Alice in wonderland

Submitted: August 01, 2018

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Submitted: August 01, 2018



Ruby Slippers

Hey, Ruby, how come you always tell me to run?

You tell me to follow the yellow brick road, with bread crumbs in hand, so I can follow my way back home again.


I’m on a journey, you say, a walk to memory lane.

I meet a man, he has no heart,

He asks if I can give him my heart?

I give it to him willingly, without thinking of the consequences.

Don’t you ever give your heart to someone who eats it

like a cannibal!


I meet an animal soon after, a lion without courage

He tells me that he’s afraid of being himself

So he hides in his house, made of bricks, roaring in sorrow,

Wondering why people have to make him not want to see tomorrow?


I meet someone wicked, a witch with so much green

She turns me into her flying monkey, so I won’t ever leave.

I’m a fool to have accept her green skin and her black heart.

I think I can change her to a good witch, but can I?

She tells me that she loves me, I don’t respond

Because I’m so afraid that she will put another curse upon me.


She hands me a poppy flower, I inhale it, before I am dizzy,

Nobody loves me, I shall stay with her, she will keep me safe from harm,

Her touch is poison, she leaves her claw marks upon my skin, she kisses me that makes me feel dead….


I realize now, she’s a greedy tornado, destroying things that loves me.

My munchkin friends love me dearly, but she gets very jealous, so she scares them away with her hideous face.

A house lands on her, I ride on her broomstick to get away, and I will probably go to hell for saying…

Ding, Dong, the wicked witch is dead!


Then, you come along, my beautiful scarecrow…

You love to know people’s brains, even mine, which is all over the place.

I’m a little Mad like Alice, but you find it more intriguing.

We both have our own Cheshire Cats, which both grin at us eerily.

You see me drink from a bottle, that says drink me, at a specific time

You ask what’s it for? I tell you, and you only smile in understanding.

The way I over think isn’t normal, how I react to things isn’t normal, and sometimes I want to cry.


You gave me your brain, to help me function better, and I shall forever thank you

My lovely scarecrow with no brain

I have your brain, but I cannot call you mine,

Why can’t love be easy like tapping your ruby red slippers?

And chanting:

There’s no place like home…. There’s no place home…. There’s no place like home..

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