Beyond the Stars

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"It's words of poison and promise" -Athrïx

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Gemstones of a Dying Star

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



"Will it be worth my time?" I grumbled flipping through the pages of a old human doctor's journal with one claw. I avoided looking up at the insignificant figure in my cave.

"Uh... Yeah! I heard that something called Skyfire was underneath the city." This caught my attention.

"Skyfire?" I lifted my head up and gave the little creature my gaze. He gulped and shifted a little on his feet. I set the book along side a stack of other human written books.

"Y-yes" he scampered to the back of the cave. "Please, ol' great one. Spare the city. SPARE ME!" I grinned at his fear and lifted one of my talons up and examined it. I felt him watching my every move. Trembling in fear of his life in my mercy.

"Hmmmm." I clenched and unclentched my talons almost feeling the skyfire in my claws. I then set my talons down and grinned at the human. "Don't be afraid human," I stood and folded my wings, "I'll make it quick." I seized him in my talons and devored him in a heartbeat.

"Now!" my voice a deep growl. "Show me the city of Sahara!" A book opened in the middle of my cave. It was laid out on a marble pedestal. It's pages almost gold and laced with a red lining. I waited until the pages stopped flipping and peered at the image I was presented.

"Earth" I growled as I unfolded my wings and took to the skies through the open hole in the cave. I placed one of my talons on my chest and felt for the medallion against my scales. I pressed one of my claws through the hole and twisted it until I heard the click. I flapped my wings hovering in the air while I fiddled with the medallion. It finally open exposing a set of gears and other mechanisms.

I whispered something under my breath. It was an old language developed by the old humans of Nizera. Their methods of using and understanding magic was so fascinating to me. It almost sorrowed me to have to eat them all and destroy their research. I finished the spell and puffed out a small flame of cool-fire.

I watched as the flame went to the medallion and into the glass sphere in which made the cogs begin to function. I thought back to Nizera once more.

"There is only one specie that can wield magic," the world below me began to shift. "And that's dragons!" I gleamed with pride as the atmosphere shifted into a dense one. Trees and other types of vegetation began to pop up from the surface below. A little body of water formed below and then I began to lower myself from the sky as I took in the scent of Earth. I landed with a thud and snorted.

"Of all places," I lifted my right talons up and water dripped off of my claws. "This pitiful planet" I spat in disgust. My wings shivered at the cool feeling of the liquid and I wipped it away on a nearby shrub. I began to walk towards the closest mountain. It was risky to take to the air.

I knew that from my last visit to Earth. It was fascinating to see the humans on Earth adapt this quickly. The technology they've invented was intriguing but awfully boring. I yawned at the thought of the city being made of brass and wierd steam blowing tubes. I don't quite understand how they work.

I tried to map the design that they would have used to construct such an abomination of a creation. I always came up empty minded. I began to hear the sound of a rushing river nearby. New but familiar scents began to fill my senses. I entered the woods that I saw take form near the mountains when I was in the air.

"This will do" I grumbled to myself before reaching for my medallion. "Soon," I grasped the metal in my claws. "This world will be mine!"




"Is it almost done?" A woman tapped on a metal plate hung up against the wall with a pen. The room was dark, the walls lined with shelves. Shelves in which contained various items. All in which were constructed of brass with small traces of Skyfire. There was only one source of light which offered little to no light at all.

"You know," another woman was seated at a table tinkering with a sphere. "If I had the proper tools and power source. This would be a lot easier." The woman set down the wrench in which she was using and sighed. She stood up and walked up besides the other woman. "It's just a prototype. Haven't done much tests yet." The young tinkerer marveled at the large metal plate and rested her hands on her hips.

"Mariah, it has to work." The woman turned her head at the tinkerer and shifted her weight on her left foot. "We're running out of time and this planet is starting to really annoy me."

"I know, I know." Mariah lifted her googles up to her forehead from her eyes and eyed the plate. It too was forged with brass but contained no Skyfire. Mariah nothing of the gemstone only that it greatly improved her machines. Some say that it could make someone mad for using it to often.

Knowing this she only used small filaments.

"He will be here soon. He knows of the Skyfire." The other woman spoke with a slight hint of anger in her voice.

"I will be ready."

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