Beyond the Stars

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Fly! Fly higher than no other. Stand! Stand taller than machines my child. These stars aren't for you.


Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Dawning

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



Have you ever wondered what'd it look like to see something that you've known for so long just completely change within the matter of years? I've seen worlds come and go. Constellations fathomed and then destroyed. Galaxies shifting further and further away from one another. All this was nothing compared to what I have experienced.

I hear the humans of Earth talking about Nizera and what I did there. Of course, however, they don't know that I did it. Earth believes that the dragons were all wipped out at The Dawning of Nizera. These piles of flesh and bone believe I am simply extinguished like those of my fallen brethren. I pity their foolish beliefs.

These humans believe that Skyfire was just brought here. Formed when the galaxy was still a nebula and sent scattered across space when the nebula exploded. I laughed as I read that in a human journal of theories. All of it lies! Skyfire never existed until the first dragon hatched!

From there dragons were born with magic. Magic in which the galaxy blessed us with. WE were gifted it because we are the only one's with the strength and knowledge to wield it. The universe was at peace for many and many of years between dragon and man kind. Ælorïa is what we named this realm.

The name of respect and pride. This is the world that the dragons wanted. A world in which men and dragon could share knowledge between one another. At least that was the idea. In reality, dragons are greedy for their land and treasure as are the humans.

It isn't our fault! If we something shiny and very bright that stands out of everything else. We take it and hoard it amongst our hoard. It's just how it is. It is our nature to preserve beauty when we see it.

Skyfire is the very essence of magic. The humans of Nizera found a way to harvest the magic within dragons, of course killing them in the process. They did not care. They were greedy and saw it unfair that only we could wield the blessings of magic. Our magic, when harvested became the black gemstones that we know as Skyfire.

I sighed and set my medallion down onto a stone slab I conjured. What would it be like to have other dragons around? I looked up at the sky and watched the clouds move in the cool breeze. I knew dragons were taught to show no emotion but things change when you are the only one left of your kind. I looked back down and spread my wings out.

I examined my wings in the sunlight. Well, what was left of it. I nearly spent the whole day working on the spell to conceal the mountain and woods below. My black scales laced with crimson purple, absorbed the sun's rays but they still illuminated. The heat was quite relaxing to be honest.

Epically since I just recently awoke from my slumber. This last one didn't last as long as I would of liked though. Let's see, if I recall correctly. I only slept for atleast fifty years. Dragons usually sleep for thousands of years, this is how I knew something was shifting in the universe.

I yawned as exhaustion began to take me. I stood up and shook myself from horns to tail. can't sleep yet! I growled at myself. haven't even done anything!

I yawned again and then sat down and watched the sun set over the horizon. It like nature, was peaceful and calming. I felt myself relax and I felt my wings dropping. I enjoy seeing the different gradients of color in the sky. Earth has one of the most impressive sun sets and rises I have ever seen.

I laid down and coild my tail around the stone plate in which my medallion lay.

"Tommorow" I began to talk to myself. "I will travel to Sahara and begin my search for the Skyfire." I rested my head onto my talons and shut my eyes.


Encryption of the Book of Marble


Come now

Winged beast of Nëtheim

Look upon me

See only what you see

I bestowed upon you

By the petrified forest

Look upon me

See only yourself

I of marble

Pages of blood gold

Veins flow of star blood

Will take my sacred child

For he

Can only see me

Look upon me

See only a starless night

For he

Is a child beyond the stars

Look upon the starless night

Be left visionless

Look upon he

For he is a child beyond the stars

For he

Is a child cursed of stars

For I

Am the Book of souls and marble

With a leg bound to worlds beyond the stars


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