Beyond the Stars

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I have seen it. It is not a friend. It has no dreams nor a soul. It has come to feed

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Whisperer

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



It felt as though I have been out for days. Maybe even weeks, it was strange. I remember finishing the spell and laying down. So what was it? What was the voice I was hearing?

It wasn't a dream that I have ever had. It was pitch black like a starless night. Was that even possible to have a night without the stars? If so why? To punish the beings of the realm? There it was again.

It was faint, very very faint.

"Hello?!" I called to it. I waited for it to respond. I looked around again and again trying to find anything. A figure, light, maybe even a star up above. Am I still asleep? I thought to myself as I looked.

It didn't answer.

"Anyone there?!" I called out again. I was answered back with silence. Actually, now that I think of it. It was silent. No, no, no, not quiet like when you're in a room alone.

In that silence you can hear yourself talk and breath. No, this one you couldn't hear anything. How'd I hear myself call out? Is this just some sort of sick joke or a consequence of the spell? I stood up and went to take a step forward when I heard it again.

This time it was close. Closer than I'd like it to be. It sounded right besides me. I jumped a little and quickly turned towards it. Not long after I turned towards it. I felt something cold brush up against my underbelly.

I jumped up and began to open my wings to escape whatever it was that was tormenting me. I felt something wrap around my wings and hold them shut. It was a substances. Atleast it felt like it. I glanced back to try and see what it was that held my wings shut.

To my horror it was nothing. It instead was my wings themselves! They had turned crystalline and melded together. No, no, no! Not me! My heart began pounding in my chest. I was shivering from horns to tail as I watched the crystal begin to consume my scales.

I stumbled backwards as it closer and closer to the rest of my body. What am I supposed to do? Is there a way to stop it? Am I going to die? Is the end of dragons?

My mind shot through all of the possibilities all in one moment. I feels backwards and shut my eyes trying to make the visions stop. I felt as if something was tugging on my soul. I held my talons to my eyes and groaned in pain. It was the only thing that I was feeling.

It felt as though hours had past. I was sprawled out on the ground with my claws covering my eyes. I waited and waited for it to take me and end the pain. It didn't end it instead worsened. I would have expected to knock over trees from how much I was thrashing around.

Nothing fell and nothing shattered.

I rolled onto my side and curled up with the tip of my tail touching my nose. The pain was unbearable now. I didn't see it ending soon. I closed my eyes and waited for it to take me. To take the pain away.

The pain vanished and the world began to shift around me. My mind went from worry to confused. I removed my claws from my eyes and opened them to the same scene I arrived with.

I stood up slowly and looked around slowly. Everything seemed fine. Nothing seemed disturbed or even touched. I-it was j-just a dream? I lifted one of my talons up and peered down at it.

My claws were trembling.

I set it down and sighed before glancing at my wings. I folded and unfolded them to see if they still worked. Sure enough they did. I made my way to the stone slab and seized my medallion. I put around my neck and then looked up at the sky.

"Time to go." I grumbled to myself as I spread my wings and jumped up into the air. I hovered in the air trying to remember the way to Sahara. It took me a while before I remembered that it was south from the mountain peak.

I began my way to Sahara. By how long I slept. I'd be at the city before nightfall.


"Do you really think that it'll work?" Mariah asked as she stepped over a rock. The metal plate strapped up on her back.

"You know, that's the fifth time you asked that," the older woman said sternly.

"It is?"


"Wow!" Mariah stopped in her tracks and looked up at mountains.

"What is it?" The anonymous woman walked up besides her. They both starred at the mountains.

"Those spiky rocks are sooo cool!" She studied the mountains precisely. The older woman shook her head and continued on.

"Fine! Fine! I'm going, I'm going." She stepped forward and glanced back at the mountains once more.

If only we had those on Nizera


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