I wonder

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A short story about a kid who wonders.

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



I wonder


Looking at the stars. Wondering about the galaxies, the milky ways, ready to be seen, seen by the eyes that’s glued to this exact position. I would wonder about why the wind would speak to me, the trees that acted like factories, inputing carbon dioxide and converting to oxygen, I would wonder about the landscapes and the history that it absorbed, Hitler, King Henry the Eight, taking their footprints and storing them in its hard drives. All these things I would think about, ready to explore them through the lens of a scientists, using rationality and logical reasoning to decipher the many riddles that the naked eye cannot see.

“I knew I would find you here, what are you doing?” Said my friend.

“Just asking myself why” I replied, without breaking the connection between my eyes and the sky.

My friend just looked at me with an unsatisfied gaze. “Well, what questions are you asking yourself then?” My friend said.

“Have you ever wondered about what is beyond the stars? Beyond our understanding, the meaning to our existence and the purpose for it, Am I born to kill or to heal? Am I born to assist or to score a lifestyle?” I replied with a mysterious cloud surrounding me, causing Sherlock Holmes to gain more interest.

 “Well, why can’t you be both? Maybe we are too focused on right and wrong that we have forgotten to acknowledge the act of simply being in the middle” My friend replied.

These words that flowed from her mouth soothed my mind as it brought comfort. The idea of things being more than just one had never lit itself until now.

The door that had been closed revealed a key. A key that once turned paved the way for knowledge. But yet, I still wonder, maybe some questions exist to not be unlocked. Because the moment we unlock it, we release all sense of ambition to strive for more knowledge, to explore and see what is unknown and make it known.

A sound, clicked, I was brought back to the scenery of the gentle sky and the soft grass. My friend, drawing her hand back to her side as I showed acknowledgement of my day dreaming.

She got up and started to stroll back to her car.

“I will see you at home” She said as the car responded to her key with a vroom sound.

Then it was me left. I and the breeze that stroked my skin, me and the sky that stared back at me, looking at a kid, with an ambition to remove the mask that it wore, a kid that wonders about doing more than what others perceives him of capable of doing. A kid that wonders.

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