Absent Presence

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



Here I am lying on the bed of your memories

Looking back to the gentleman’s portrait of you-

The likeness, that image of your smile’s so calm and serene

That I don’t want my eyes to shut close and sleep!


The pillow of your gentle arm’s too relaxing and kind

That I tender my cheek and occupy every inch of your frame-

You play with my locks and there I’d go to the valley of eternal peace

Come, let me lead you towards those bitter-sweet dreams…


We walk barefoot on the wet woods in a far reach jungle

And our figures hide blending in the mist and wonders

I tumble and you grab my back with your loving hands

We are somewhere in the nowhere of an ideal land


I don’t understand, perhaps don’t want to reckon

That where this way is taking us and where will it end

But it’s beautiful and breath-taking as you are here

My Sweetheart, my Ecstasy, my Darling Dear!


Shush! Tender your ears to the songs of dove

Let’s again find one another irresistible

Let us be in love and forever stay

No matter what happens; we’ll find our way!


The place that we were just in

Has been destroyed and demolished in a blink

Where are you and your loving hold?

The bed I’m lying on is frosty and too cold!

This is unfair, isn’t it so?

Our love’s eternal, why did you just let go?

Dying; I’m dying every single day for you to come back

Cz’ it’s only you and your love that I solely lack!

Here I am resting my elbow in front of your absent frame

Reminiscing how caring you were, when in my heart you came!




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