This was not our day

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Just a short story of one of our adventures

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



This was not our day


Woke in the morning after a night listening to the pounding rain and thunder while watching the lightning flashes through my closed eyelids. After a quick bite of some raw potatoes and a nice cool drink from the river nearby, we headed out on our day in search of supplies or other goodies on this strangely deserted island.


Dan had been talking all morning about wanting to go back out and get a gate section we had seen the other day, but at that time we did not have a tow cable to hook up to the unruly 5 ton truck and pull the gate back to our home on the island. The drive was not terribly far, just down the road and around the bend to the Rocky Ripple trailer park (Rocky Nipples as Dokk likes to call them), nothing like the long and dangerous trip up to Hayward. It still gives me chills just thinking about that day.


We loaded up our gear, refilled our water bottles and climbed into the massive 5 ton truck and headed up the hill North-West from our main base. As we reached the roadway, Dan commented we needed to find a better/safer way to get from the road down to the river bank and suggested looking near the 2nd base for a pathway.


As we headed South across the iron bridge, enjoying the beautiful day the storms from last night brought, Dan and I talked a bit more about base designs, how we're still having problems with the dam roofs and other nonsense. We did stop a couple of times along the way to check abandoned vehicles for any good loot but our luck was not with us this morning.


We continued South-southeast following along the river towards the bridge to cross over to the park. After taking all the switchbacks and side roads I knew to get there, we finally arrived outside of the park. Dan and I began looking from inside the truck to see if we could find the gate or anything else. We missed out on a gate, but we did locate a decent looking fence section that we wanted to use as well. After hooking up the tow cable and climbing back in the truck we started to head out toward our main base.


The drive back was pretty uneventful, though dragging the wall section did take a lot more time than just driving the massive 5 ton truck on its own. We had to stop several times and back up to keep the section from getting stuck or to get it unstuck from something along the roadside. By the time we got back to the roadway near the base it was getting dark out. We proceeded slowly through the trees heading for the slope down when the fence section got stuck on some rocks.


I climbed out of the truck to unhook the tow cable (mistake) and the truck began rolling downhill towards the river after it was free. It finally stopped before getting too close to the river and I was able to get back inside of the cab. I started to drive the truck back up the hill to try and reattach the cable to move the fence but everything went dark for me. I must have passed out or something, I woke up to the sound of Dan talking to me.


After fully waking up I seen Dan was trying to move the truck down the hillside, but this unruly beast was not having any of that. The truck bounced and jostled Dan around and then flipped over on its side. It was a bit of a shock to see this behemoth flipped like that, but we had no time to lose. Night was coming on and with the wolf den near our bases we had to try and act fast. I ran back to the main base to get the buggy and hopefully be able to flip the truck back onto its wheels.



After ramming the buggy into the truck multiple times with no success, I got back in the cab and asked Dan to drive the buggy and ram the 5 ton truck, hoping that by the ramming and my steering it would help the big girl up. Unfortunately it made things worse. We ended up pushing the truck closer and closer to the waters edge and eventually into the river shallows. I climbed out of the truck and told Dan we needed to try something else. The water was too deep for the buggy to push the truck from the other side and try shoving it out of the water.


I began to empty the trucks inventory into the buggy when another bad moment for that day was about to unfold. The radiation meter in my Survivotron VI began clicking at us. After whipping the radio off of my belt I confirmed radiation levels were indeed quickly rising to unsafe levels. Dan and I left the big truck and drove the buggy as fast as we could back to the main base and parked it inside the gate. We then ran out the side door of the base and took off for the river, hoping we'd be able to swim across in time to the cave and safety from the rads.


We did make into the cave, but not without taking some radiation. We split up a few anti-rad mushrooms between us and began exploring the cave, thinking about the truck and how to try and free it. After the storm had passed, we made our way back to the base, I grabbed the buggy and headed down to the massive truck stranded in the water. An idea finally came to me, remove the tires from the side that is on the ground, that will cause the center of balance to be off and might help to flip the big girl up right.


After switching out the wheels, climbing into the cab I was finally able to get her upright again. Did I mention that this was not our day? Because the truck was missing wheels from one whole side of its body and that side was in the deeper part of the water, the current began taking the truck (And me in it) downstream towards the ocean. I tried to move the truck, forward, backward but her wheels were not touching the ground and she was not responding to my touch.


The river carried us further down the river towards the bridge supports where the truck came to a rest. “Finally” I though, “Some good luck” and it was a shining moment for 30 seconds, after which the river current began pushing me and the truck further out away from the bridge into deeper and deeper water. I begun to wonder, will this truck shutoff or will it explode on me?


The answer came shortly after that thought.


With a might roar, the truck blew itself up. Injuring me and ruining itself forever.


Goodbye 5 ton truck. We barely got to know you. :(

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