Through the Red, Shade to Black

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Enter the mind of a man that infects all people that are around him in his long state of a coma.

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



He opened his eyes to the sound of the scream. He is in an old brass bed with the snow falling around him. His name; he could not remember when he felt the cold on his face. He pulled the blankets off of his body when he rose from that groove that serves his body. He looked around the black with a name that he cannot remember when his vision doubled, almost tripled. He wiped the sweat off of his head when he looked at it. It is the sweat of blood that is on the brow when in an instant, he is sitting across a table from his own self that is enjoying a plate of meats that are on the table.

“Who are you? You are a fraud. That is all you are, a monster in human skin waiting to shed. Do you want to change? You know the cost if you do.” His own casting edged a smile when he got up with the glass of wine that is within his hand. He walked over where the only light is the candle light that is on the table. His own face slowly shaded to black when he walked halfway around the table.

“You look famished. Why are you not eating?”

He couldn’t say anything when the shadow of his face nodded.

“I know why, as same as you. You like all the attention you are giving. You never liked the attention until now.” His own shadowed reflection rose his hand with the glass bending the light from the table.

“What fire is this?” It said when the fire ran up both of his arms, making shapes before it engulfed him.

He did not feel no pain when in an instant, he is in a barn setting with a scythe dangling above a raggedy chain that looks like it is about to break. The dark fledged complete when something grabbed the scythe from the chain that is a chameleon in shadow, only seeing the scythe lifted from the chain like a trick of telepathy that only bemuses the mind of the weak. He sees this, only the scythe when it breaks from the chain as the edge of the scythe is held high, floating towards him like a hammer about ready to hit a nail. He sees this when he closed his eyes, feeling his heart beat hard in his chest when he awoke to the fields of green in his vision. He turned from that field of green when came a road that is in front of him. The road, he is on the side of the road with a little girl standing on the other side of it.

“Come help me…if you can.” She started walking into the middle of the road when a semi jutting into view. The person that is behind the wheel, my god; the person behind the wheel is him – himself that is driving the semi.

He is smiling, shaking behind the wheel like a man who has lost all train of thought with the exception of that is to be. He started jumping up and down upon his seat when he got closer and closer to the little girl that is in the road.

“NO!” He cried out when the semi ran her down. He closed his eyes, waking up to a scene in a living room that he has never been before when he hears the shouting between a man and a woman. The man comes into view across the living room in another room that appears to be a kitchen when he moved his hand back and slapped someone that is out of his sight. What happens next is that there is a whirling in the kitchen when some aluminum instrument whacked the gentlemen in the head as a woman came into view, holding an aluminum baseball bat in both of her hands.

“You touch me again, you son of a bitch and I’ll kill you.” She raised the bat behind her head when darkness followed.

When he awoke, he couldn’t remember his name when he stared at the ceiling of a hospital bed. He can move his vision but his eyes are still glued in one spot. It is odd, so odd that he can feel nothing of his vision moving all around in a spot that he cannot identify. Something beeped next to him when he knew that it is a heart monitor when he nurse came into the room with another patient with a curtain around their bed.

“He will survive, Mrs. Welsh.” The nurse spoke to a woman on the bed that he cannot see when the woman replied.

“Thank god.” The woman started to sob tears when the nurse stood in the light that is fading to dark and nothing else.

He sat in a kitchen, unknown to the world that is around this world with a woman that is shot in the head on the other side of the table. There is no more blood coming out of that small hole with a bigger hole behind her head. He lifted the coffee cup up that is filled with not coffee but whiskey in the glass, toasting to the dead body that is on the other side of the table.

What in the hell is wrong with me?

He diminished this and then came through sitting in a car on the side of the road. By the looks of the hood, it could be an older car, probably a Buick when someone walked to his window with a badge on the left side of his shirt.

“Can you step out of your mind, please?” The uniformed officer says when the unknown man cocked his head.

Step out of your mind?

“Your mind is infecting the patients in the hospital.” The office says when the wind blew him back to looking at the ceiling of where he is lying at.

“He is killing me!” Someone yelled, bursting into the room with a pair of suture cuts in their left hand. It is a woman that he had never seen before.

“He has to die! He has to die!” She dropped upon him when a uniformed man came into view, cornering her and pulling him off of the body that the unknown is trapped in.

“Ma’am, this man is in a coma. If you don’t comply then we will have to contact the psych ward based upon your state of ill-health.”

“Please contact them! I can’t take the bullshit dreams anymore. I know it is him that is causing it. I know it is him. He is causing all the nightmares on this wing!”

Ma’am, please leave!” The security officer sounds tired, like he drank too much last night and got less than four hours of sleep.

“I will when he does!” He pointed at the unknown that is on the hospital bed when he dabbled back into another form that he is compelled in.

He is standing on the red sands of a place that he is not known to ever be from. What is around him are bulbs that are planted in the ground when he stood there, breathing something into his lungs that is not oxygen but rusted copper that is filling his lungs with the sweet candy cancer that is killing him fast. He mends into rust with the rest of it around the ground. He awoke to the sound of a train that is barreling down the tracks at seventy miles an hour when the track derails and the rest of the car fell like dominoes. When he turned his head, the train erupted into a ball of fire when the explosion rocketed foreword, engulfing him when he too felt no pain.

He woke up to the sound of an alarm clock that is blaring next to his head when he gathered his strength to turn off the alarm clock that is next to him. He laid there, looking at the ceiling when he got up, grabbing his pants that are at the edge of the bed before looking at the bed where a shirtless and braless woman is sleeping soundlessly. Her back is to him when he smiled, going to the door that is before him when he opened to the reeling light of two barrel upon him. They licked fire as he jumped back and fell dead on the bedroom floor. The last second he heard is the sound of a woman screaming, then crying when the barrels breech the used loads that dropped to the floor.

Someone came into the room with his face, smiling when he locked the fresh shells into the chambers and closed the double-barrel shotgun.

“Bye love.” He winked his one eye when he leveled the gun and fired.

He woke to the feel of the snow that is upon his face now with a hurting feeling in his chest. He was delivering mail when he tried to touch his chest but couldn’t. It is getting so cold, so cold when he felt like dying in the snow on some plane of land that is unfamiliar to him. He continued to look at the snow that is coming from the night sky above him. It is so peaceful when the night sky morphed to the ceiling of a place that he has been before.

“Doctor, is there brain activity?” Someone asked out of his view when the door closed and there is no sound in the room.

Someone was in here when he continued to look at the ceiling. Some minutes later, someone came into his room with a scalpel in his hand.

“I knew it was you! You are the one that is doing this! I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep.” The man raised the scalpel when the unknown rode into black when he awoke to the feel of the wind in his hair.

He is on a motorcycle before something flashed onto the road when he locked his brakes. It happened so fast when the unknown awoke to the ceiling of the hospital again with some scuffling that is berating the room. He can only move his vision with his eyes not moving at all. He couldn’t see too much when he skipped from this scene back into another scene that is happening on infinite ground.

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