The Good News.

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I thought I was ready and capable of preaching 'the good news', but I found out that it wasn't that easy.

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



After reading the New Testament, I decided that I'll go and preach the 'Good News'. I got myself some New Testament Books, got into my car, came to the first street, and parked outside a gate that was half open. I got out of the car, walked up a stone paved work until I got to the door. Pushing the bell button, I felt a strange feeling through me. The door half opened and there was a man in shorts and a fisherman's vest on. ''Yes,'' He said. I started stuttering for a few seconds, then I said clearly to him, ''I'm from the Lord, and I bring you the 'Good News' ''
''The what?'' He said, turning to his side and calling for Jerry. I was off and running down the walk, and was so glad when I got to my car, and slammed the door shut. Jerry, the pit bull dog was there jumping up and down and making a mess of the car. I drove away and left it behind.

Turning into the next street, I pulled in and went up to this door. The door opened, and a hand grabbed me, and pulled me inside. I wasn't expecting this at all. ''I was waiting for you,'' she said. ''You're from the Lord?'' She was a fairly decent woman.
''Wait a minute,'' I said to her. ''How do you know that I'm from the Lord?''
''Your face shows it, and those books in your hand. Do you want to convert me?''
''Well, I want to tell you of the 'Good News.' ''
She took me into the kitchen, set the kettle on to make tea, turned to me and asked, ''What is the 'Good New?' ''
''First, let me ask you, do you often take in strange people in your house like that? Isn't it dangerous?''
''You're not a stranger, you're a messen ger bringing 'Good News.' ''
''The 'Good News' is Jesus of Nazareth. Through him your sins are forgiven, and in him you're born anew.''
''Is that it?'' She poured out the tea, then gave a cup to me. ''Are you willing to take Christ as your Saviour?'' I asked her.
''So you reckon that all my sins would just be wiped away?''
''Yes, that is the promise.'' I answered.
'' How am I going to be born anew?'' She asked.
''have you been baptized?''
''No. Not at all,'' She said
''Well, I can baptize you with water, and the Lord will give you the Spirit.''
''I don't think that will happen,'' she said, ''for I'm a witch.''
I was about to drink my tea when I shuddered. ''A witch? You have to be joking.''
''No, I'm not. It runs through the whole family.''

I left the woman, and went to another house. The man in it was an atheist. It was really hard trying to convince him of  the 'Good News.'
'' 'Good News' '' he said, ''It's a lot of rubbish. The man who was a Jew, God knows if that's true, got caught up in a political row, and was crucified. That is probably your 'Good news.' ''

The End.

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