A Perfect Day

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"The perfect day was when I stumbled into him..."

Cliche, but hopefully still a cute read!

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



The perfect day was when I stumbled into him…

I ran full sprint down the hall, determined not to miss the sales clerk before the bookstore’s annual sale ended. It was already close to midnight – closing time – and clutched to my chest I had a bag full of novels that needed to be rung up. God, I honestly had no idea how I had lost track of time so badly… In the morning I had even made sure to be at the store the moment it opened to the public, just to give myself some extra time. But obviously I must have gotten too absorbed in my searching in order to notice the hours fly by… I sighed in exasperation as I rounded the last corner, cursing myself yet again for my own lack of notice. The worst thing was, this wasn’t the first time I had gotten way too absorbed in my books…

Panting and out of breath from the desperate sprint, I finally made it to the checkout area. Rushing, I threw my books down to the counter…just in time to see the bored sales clerk walk away towards a door labeled Employees Only. “Hey. Hey!” The younger woman, Margaret going by the name tag, leveled a cool gaze at my. “Sorry I’m late I-I lost track of time and-and can you please check me out?” ‘Margret gave no ground. “Please?” Apparently, she wasn’t going to give out any sympathy for a nerdy-looking college guy and his books.

But after several unbearably tense moments… “Ah, cut the guy a brake will ya’?” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a random guy, whom I apparently hadn’t noticed standing there, walk over and put a casual arm around my shoulders. “Pretty please?” And god this guy’s smile could’ve melted the whole of Antarctica in a single second.

“S-sure…” I looked from the guy, then back to the now blushing cashier, not quite comprehending. Numbly I handed her my books and openly stare at my “savior” until the woman told me the final price and asked for my credit card. In a few more seconds me and mystery guy were walking out of the shop, with the still-flustered employee waving us – or more likely, my mystery guy – off.

Once we rounded the corner however, I backed my partner up against the side of the building. “What the hell were you doing?”

Mystery guy simply smirked. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

God… I hadn’t even known this person for an hour and yet he was still pissing me off more than any sane person should be able to. “The hell you don’t! First off all why were you even at the store to begin with? It’s midnight for Christ’s sake!”

“I was watching you.”

“You don’t even know me!”

“Well I could get to. Say, over lunch?” Unbelievable… the balls on this guy.

“And what makes you think that I would ever decide to take you up on that offer?”

“Well, seeing as you didn’t exactly object my help back at the bookstore…” I simply glowered at him in response. His half-assed reasoning wasn’t anywhere near buying me over. “Besides, you haven’t even eaten yet have you?” A blush stole over my face as I realized that he was – unfortunately - ….not wrong. My stomach growled as if to accentuate that point.

At that moment I wanted nothing more than to smack the smug look off that bastard’s face. However after my stomach let out yet another pointed murmur of protest, I decided that filling my stomach was not something I could hold off until I rode the train back home. I sighed in resignation. “Fine. But do I at least get a name? Or should I just keep calling you Mystery Guy?”

He smirked. “I like Mystery Guy just fine. It has such a nice sound to it, don’t you think? Rather…mysterious?” At my exasperated look he finally conceded, somehow still maintaining that lofty air. “Or if you want to get more personal, you can call me Killian. But now that I think about it I don’t even know your name either.”

“You…you followed me around all day – all day - and you don’t even know my name?!”

“Mmm well if you want to put it that way then I guess so. Yes.”

“I honestly don’t even know why I’m surprised at this point.”

“Me neither.”

I glared. That cocky arrogant bastard. Who the hell just follows some random person all day – until midnight! Then again what sort of person would then even consider accepting a lunch date with them even after knowing it… I guess we both had to be some sort of crazy to be standing here. I sighed. To hell with it then. “My name’s Arron. Now are we going to eat or not?”

A playful grin spread over the man –Killian -‘s features. “I thought you’d never ask. I know just the place – it’s this quiet little French bistro that’s just around the corner. They’re open twenty-four hours and I know the owner personally, so if we’re in luck he might have something special.”

A French bistro… somehow that seemed exactly this guy’s style. I could easily imagine him sitting there on quiet mornings sipping coffee and picking at a croissant while watching the people walk by. Or - wait… no, that’s me that I’m thinking of. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the guy to be that one customer who flirts with every waitress who looks his way. I shake my head slowly. I had intended today to be normal, just buying books and takinf advantage of the low prices… but now… just what has my day turned into? And why can’t I tell if this is a good or a bad thing to be thinking and yet still going along with a stranger’s plans.

“You okay?” Startled, I jerk my head up to see Killian’s face hovering just inches from mine. “You look pretty tired… the bistro is only a couple more blocks, but do you want me to carry you?”

I don’t know what’s stranger: the guy walking backwards just to stick his face close to mine, or his offer to carry me. “No, I’m fine. I’ll be fine. Fine….” I can’t stop a yawn from escaping.

“Well, that settles it.” I feel myself being suddenly hoisted onto his back.

“W-what are you?! I told you that I’d be…be fine…” Screw it. I’m tired. In the back of my mind, I know this isn’t a good idea, but… but he’s warm, and his jacket is really soft, and he smells like jasmine, and peppermint gum. 





The perfect day was when we kissed…

I whisked the ingredients in a blue bowl. Last night…. last night was something I never expected. I had gone to to bookstore around noon to check out the sale….and ended up checking out something else - someone else. Arron. He looked so studious moving from shelf to shelf, carefully pulling out and reading the description of each novel. I’ve only gone for a guy once, years ago - back in middle school - and had thought it was a fluke. Apparently not. But Arron’s so soft…and looks so quirky and cute with his glasses and his blush. And his bite when we actually spoke… I love him.

With a flick of my wrist I flipped the pancake into the air, catching it again just in time. I’m humming something I heard on the radio when Arron stumbles groggily into my apartment’s sunny kitchen. “Good morning, sunshine!” He just glares. He does that a lot actually, though it’s adorable when you think about it.

“Why the hell am I in your apartment, Killian?”

“That’s the thanks I get? And after I carried your sleeping body all the way to the subway and then out of it and to this place? Not to mention those twenty flights of stairs I had to do, too.”

“Apartments have elevators. Which you probably took.”

I chuckled, “Fine, fine. You got me there!” Arron doesn’t look amused. Oh well. “Pancake? I have raspberry syrup. I tried to get you to eat something last night after I carried you here, but you refused to wake up. That means that if memory serves correctly, you haven’t eaten in nearly a day.” As I talked, I fetched a plate, some silverware, and the syrup, and flipped the hot pancake over onto the plate. I then set it before the boy. “Now eat.”

His cheeks and the top of his ears burned bright red, but he sat down anyway and dug in. After a few moments, while I was finishing up the rest of the batch, he spoke. “Thank you for…for taking me here last night. Honestly, I never meant to be at the store that long…”

“It’s no problem.”

“But I still have a question.”


“Why the fuck were you watching me in the bookstore anyways?”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you?”


“It’s because I like you.” I heard violent coughing and turned around to see Arron struggling with the food. I was about to go whack him on the back when he looks up at me.

“You - you like me?”

“What? Is that so hard to understand?”

“Like, like me like me?”

I roll my eyes and smirk. “What are we, in grade school?” When he just glares I sigh and continue, “Yes, I like you like you. Has no one really never said that to you?”

His face has turned crimson at this point. So precious! “Yes, a couple times! But never by a guy - much less one who stalked me at the store before physically carrying me home to his apartment!”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything. And you know, dramatic first encounter stories do make the best relationships.”

“I can’t believe this…”

I chuckle and put my face close to his. I was almost certain that he liked me back. If not from the obvious blushing, then from the things he was saying last night in his sleep. “So? Aren’t you going to say you love me too?”

“Bastard!” He groaned and put his head between his arms on the table. I walked over stroked his head causally. His hair was feather-light and impossibly soft.

“There, there. There, there. First loves are always difficult.” Come on! Please see how much I care!

“I’m not in love!” The sound was muffled.

“Mind saying that again? I couldn’t hear you too well!”

He lifts his head up to speak, “I said -”, and I took the chance to promptly kiss him on the lips. Arron just stared at me a few seconds in silence, before “That’s it. I’m leaving.”, stood up, collected his books, and walked away out the front door.”

Damn it. I jogged to the door and called out after him, “Don’t you want me to at least walk you to the station?”


Again, damn it. It’s not like I was worried that he couldn’t find his way - there were direction signs everywhere for god’s sake. But I wanted him to at least pretend to need me…just a little bit… I sigh. Arron’s lips were so light and soft upon my own…

I kissed the boy I love, but so far this was not turning out to be my perfect day.








The perfect day was when I said “I love you”

I walked to the station, freaking out. I can’t believe he kissed me. I can’t believe he kissed me. I can’t believe he kissed me. But…he did. People around me stared as I ducked my head into my hoodie, blushing furiously. Why? Why did he do that? But the answer came in form of a memory. “I like you.”

I started into a jog, trying to escape the knowledge. I found the subway station and waited for the train that would take me home. It’s a few minutes before I allow myself to think. Was he really serious about liking me? I absentmindedly touched a hand to my lips. Remembering Killian’s tone…and his face. It didn’t seem like a joke. I think he’s actually serious. The thought made me blush and it took me until I walked into my campus dorm room to figure out why. Oh my god… Do I like him back? I screamed into the nearest pillow.

“That sounds like fun. How was the book sale? I didn’t hear you come in last night.” Lee, a tech major who lives in the room next door, poked his head in.

“That’s because I didn’t come in last night. God, how do I even begin?” So I told him everything that happened, and by the end Lee was doubled over laughing. I threw my pillow at him.

“What’s that for? Are my life struggles really that funny to you?”

“N-no!” He could still barely speak around the laughter, but eventually he calmed down. “I’m just feeling sorry for that poor guy. Killian, yeah? Dude confesses to you, and you run off like you’ve seen the devil himself!”

“Hey! That strange guy fucking stalked me! I mean, who the hell follows around a random person in the store for god knows how many hours and then takes them home after they pass out?! And on top of that, kiss that person when they wake up!”

“Yeah, but you’re forgetting. If he followed you around all day, then he must’ve been tired as hell too last night. But despite it he carried your ass all over town to give you somewhere to sleep. And he still got up early enough in the morning to make you breakfast.”

I pause, taking it in before groaning and flopping out on my mattress.

“You okay, there?”

“No! This is like something out of a fucking manga or something! Why didn’t I think of all the trouble he must’ve went through?”

“Because he’s a low-key stalker who took you to his evil lair when you were vulnerable and proceeded to assault your lips?”

I glared. “Not funny. Besides, whose side are you on anyways? Just a moment ago you were painting him like some saint!”

“True true. But be careful, it sounded like you might actually have feelings for him there. Defending him like that.”

“Oh shut up!” I blushed and and gripped the stuffed panda mom gave me for my fifth birthday. “And…so what if I do? Would that make me weird? Falling in love with a guy I only met a few hours ago?”

Lee got up and stretched out his long legs. “Well, maybe. But it sounds like you’re missing out by not letting yourself try.”

An hour later, I got up and headed for the station.





The perfect day was when he loved me back.

I couldn’t help but think that I screwed up.
Did I talk too much?
Did I say too little?
Was I a little cruel?
Was I too serious?

But…I hope he comes back anyway. He left four of his books here when they fell out of the bag as he ran towards the door. He had to get them eventually right? For the past few hours since he’s left I’d been reading one of them. It was good. A love story between an explorer and a nobody who both want a different world. Sappy, but at that moment, sappy was what I needed.

One of the tense scenes was interrupted by a knock at the door. I set the novel down, and walk over quietly.

The knocking comes again. “Killian? I love you.”

I open the door and…..

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