The Neaq of the Loh Lih No. 1

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The Neaq is God and God is the Neaq an alien as alien as it gets. We are all minds even the Neaq of the Loh Lih and God which is another name for the Neaq. A true sci-fy like you have never read
before and never will again if I have my way as an ideal God that is impractical in our way of thinking and a practical reality in our way of thinking turns around and becomes an impractical God
living among those in the Loh Lihj until he becomes ideal with everyone in Thurr a planet earth becoming ideal to be the Neaq all of them the same exact one, the Neaq. It sounds complicated and it
is new concepts but it is easily explicated to make it quite enjoyable. I love it. You will love the alien that tells the story as well as the Neaq who is real as real as God is and such that God
is the same exact one and in fact even another name for God he is so exactly him. I intend to re-create the truth in this series to repair the damage Yahweh did when he had Moses prophesy all them
stupid lies if you think about it that resulted in Jesus having to use those lies to be his mythical son and God to personally bring about all those prophecies.

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

We are from the far side of the galaxy [The Milky Way.] and we came here thousands of years ago because you were here and very primitive ... Read Chapter

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