Something's wrong with charlotte

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018







Something’s wrong with Charlotte.


I just got off the phone with Charlotte.

She says she’s okay, I don’t believe it.

My mind filled with the worst;

my stomach sank down to my feet.

“Something’s wrong with charlotte,” I whispered.


I put my hand over my forehead,

And felt a dizzying wave come over me.

That is when it hit me.

She is not fine, she was crying; I caught an image of her in my head.

Black eyeshadow and tears running down her face.

She was saying something crazy, death, life. Voices in her head.

Then she laughingly shook it off,  hung up the phone and went to sleep.


Without a moment's notice,

I grab my keys and head to her house.


The door is unlocked,

I rush in, tears falling down my face like bullets…  I stop. Pills;

Pills are laid out on the floor.

I walk into the bedroom and there she is.. On the floor and unconscious.


I grab my phone and call the ambulance.

They rush over and take her to the hospital.  

She’s safe right? This will never happen again, I told myself.

Wrong, Charlotte died that day.

Thoughts of guilt, regret, suicide made my head spin.

This is what really happened.


When I got off the phone with her that night,

She told me to go over.. I missed that part because I was  drunk.

So drunk that I didn’t care enough to help her.

My friend, my best friend was hurting and I didn’t help her.

I rushed her off the phone to make out with some guy..

The week before I stopped calling her,

She told me she loved me, more than a friend.

Shocked, and bothered I distanced myself from her.

She called me that night to tell me she was sorry.

I didn’t listen and stopped  paying attention.


I should've listened.

I was selfish and childish.

I could've comforted her and she never would've done it.


The thing I regret the most, but  I wasn’t ready to say it then.

I was afraid, she had always been the fearless one; The honest jewel.

I didn’t have the courage to say “I love you too”.






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