The Hope of the Believer

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



Leave your pride at the door and enter eager to learn;

You have felt this feeling come and go but today it starts to burn;

A light, a path, a narrow gate has appeared before your eyes;

The path you walk is trodden down and has entagled you in lies.

But lo I bring good tidings, a mystery spiritually discerned;

That Christ resides within you and He is there at every turn;

A friend in times of joy and peace and strength in times of trials;

A protector from the evil one who plots to snare you in the wild.

As you start your walk as a creature that has been born anew;

Walk in spirit boldy friend for you are one of the few;

Redemption falls upon us dispite our wicked ways;

Fruits of the Spirit guide us and help us through these day.

Remember where you came from and remember where you are;

Your bonds from sin are broken, but times will still be hard;

But in the Body all things work, for He know our every care;

It is I in He and He in Me so I must declare;

To trust in Him completely and study in His word;

You will lose the need for proof in Him, you believe because you've heard.

He made a way for everyone by dying on the tree;

Admit your sin and turn from it and then you will be free.



1Cor 15:1-4


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