The Sigh

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



The Sigh

The embers of my soul have gone out.

They were so long neglected the core has become cold and like ash.

I've tried to find fuel, but what would it matter? I have no knowledge that can light it.

Trying desperately to relight my soul I took my heart of stone in half in order to relight my soul with the sparks of light.

It's been a while now and with every strike the stones become smaller and more coarse.

When my heart is gone, it won't be missed. For what is the point of a heart if there is no fire in my soul?

What have I become without them? A whisp. The last breath of light and life. The sigh before death.

Who can pull me out of this cave of darkness? Dare I call out for help and expose them to the overwhelming cold? No.

I'd risk falling deeper into the pit if I put my trust it anyone else.

I must leave on my own with whatever strength I have left. If I am to prevail I must leave now.

I pick up what is left of my heart and look sorrowfully at the pile of ash that was once my dear soul. There is no way to take it with me.

So now I search for fire while my soul sits in the darkness.

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