The Trio of Vacants

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



I’m walking…

Gravel crunched under his shoes. The boy lifted his head feeling groggy, his neck stiff.

Where am I going?

A crinkling sound drew his attention and he glanced down.

I’m holding a bag. A… a garbage bag… but… it doesn’t hold any garbage… A book… there’s a book inside. How do I know that? I’ve never opened it… an important book… a book I need to deliver to… someone. Who am I supposed to deliver it to?

His eyes swept left and then right, his vision blurred at the edges.

Houses… a tree… people… I’m walking down a street… Where am I?

His thoughts were scattered, disjointed, like a collection of puzzle pieces that didn’t go together. He struggled, trying to remember, his feet continuing forward. His fingers tightened around the bag reflexively as a man passed by, and then relaxing when the man didn’t so much as look at him. Lifting a hand, he absently scratched at the arm holding the bag.

Why am I so itchy?

The thought had barely formed before his body lifted up into the air. Panic quickly clouded his mind, as the bag pulled his arm up, and then tugged his body forward.


His mind couldn’t even finish the question. A tingling sensation traveled down his arm and then spread out through his body. His vision dimmed and his body relaxed as his mind when blissfully blank. The book pulled him in a straight line, block after block. The boy’s blank eyes stared aimlessly as houses and people flew by below him, but his brain retained none of the information. The cold wind rushing passed him raised gooseflesh on his arms, but he didn’t as much as shiver, his body strangely numb to everything around him.

An enormous tree loomed before him and a spark of recognition lighted in his eyes, pushing the numbness back just enough for a single thought.

I’ve been here before.

The book drew him toward the tree and then set him down at the roots. The boy’s head tilted back as he looked up into the branches.


The wind seemed to whisper the name into his ear, and the boy closed his eyes, waiting for more.

“Vance.” He repeated, into the silence. It sounded familiar, like he had heard it before.


The boy turned, his eyes flying open to find a girl standing next to him. They looked at each other. The boy stared into her vacant eyes, and wondered if he looked like that now.


The boy turned to find a dark skinned boy standing on his other side.

“What?” The boy asked, but the dark skinned boy looked as confused as he felt.

“I think…” The girl began. “It’s… my name. Mela.” She repeated the word reverently, like it was the key word to a spell.

“Spell.” The word triggering something in his memory… if only he could remember what it was. His nails scrapped against his arm, scratching absently.

“Spell.” The boy, Kyle, repeated, as if in answer to an unspoken question.

“We were spelled.” Mela said, finishing the thought for them.

“What are we supposed to do?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t remember.” Mela said, slowly.

Vance looked down at his hand and lifted the bag.

“We need to take this…” He began.


His mind went blank.

“Where?” Mela and Kyle asked together, their eyes training on the bag.

Vance opened his mouth, but the answer didn’t come.

“What’s wrong with your arm?” Mela asked.

Vance turned his head to find that he was still scratching it.

“Let me see.” Kyle said.

Vance held out his arm. Kyle pushed his shirt sleeve up and the three of them gapped.

“There.” Vance said, staring at the fresh tattoo on his arm. “We have to go there.”

“What is it?” Mela asked.

Vance shrugged. “I don’t know but we need to go there.”

“Oh, great.”

The three of them wiped around to find an old man shuffling toward them, his walking stick thumping against the ground with every step he took.

“Another quest. What is it this time?”

Vance stared at the man, his mouth hanging open as if he were about to speak, but he had no idea what to say.

“Still suffering from the Dreema, I see.” The man said, pulling on his beard as his eyes traveled between the three of them.


The word sounded familiar to Vance. He was sure he had heard it before, but he couldn’t remember what it meant.

“Let’s see it then.”

“See… what?” Kyle asked.

“Whatever you’ve got in that bag for starters.” The man said.

Vance’s hand tightened on the bag, and he quickly put it behind his back.

The man nodded wisely. “A delivery then. Well, at least it’s not another hunting. I hate cleaning up the mess.”

Vance glanced at Kyle and Mela out of the corner of his eyes, but they looked as clueless as he felt. The words made perfect sense… but he had no context for them. It was the strangest feeling… being able to understand but not comprehend.

“Hunting…” He finally said, hoping that hearing the word again would help him understand what it meant.

The man’s eyes narrowed, and he studied Vance more closely. He took a few steps closer, coming to a stop bare inches from Vance, and lifted his chin so that he was looking directly into his eyes. He lifted his cane and thwacked it against his head.

Vance winced at the pain, and then wiped around when he heard laughter behind him.

“How much Dreema did your master give you?” The man asked.

Vance turned back around. “Master?”

“Dear Scovich.” The man said and Vance saw Mela’s body jolt at the name. “They wiped you kids clean didn’t they? Do you even know your names?”

“Vance.” He muttered, hearing Kyle and Mela add their names.

We’ll at least they didn’t take away everything, but a lot a good knowing your names will do you.”

“Who are you?” Mela asked, and Vance was surprised that he hadn’t even thought to ask the question.

“Master Timosch.” The man said proudly, finally taking a step back from Vance. “You’d recognize the name, if they hadn’t wiped your memories.”

“Timosch.” Kyle muttered, trying out the name.

“Who wiped our memories?” Vance asked.

“Your masters.” Master Timosch said bluntly. “I wished they had left a little bit of your brains intact, but that’s not my call. Any idea what you are?”

Vance looked from Kyle to Mela, but they looked as blankly back at him, though their eyes had started to clear. Vance wondered if the Dreema, whatever it was, was wearing off.

Will I remember more once it’s gone?

“Not a clue, huh?” Master Timosch said. “Very well. Can’t say I’m surprised. They never make it easier do they?”

Master Timosch turned and began walking toward the street. He stopped at the curb and looked back over his shoulder.

“You’re welcome to stand there if you like.” Master Timosch said. “But you won’t get your memories back unless you finish your quest.”

“Finish…” Vance said.

“Our…” Kyle added.

“Quest…” Mela finished.

The words sent a sense of unease through Vance.

We don’t have much time.

Master Timosch nodded. “Now come along. My leg’s acting up and I won’t be answer any of your questions out here in the cold.” With that said, Master Timosch began to walk down the street.

“Where are you going?” Kyle called after him, but Master Timosch didn’t answer.

Vance looked at Mela and then Kyle. They nodded once in agreement and then took off to catch up with Master Timosch.

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