Welcome Home Princess pt1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Following chapter to Rise of King and Queen and the story behind the first time Liliya and Sasha concieved Anastacia Ellietel

In the darkness of the cold night of Russia Liliya  stand in front of a closed store , looking inside at Christmas decorations a black out on the city let her only see what was only in front of the store , some small Christmas tree a gingerbread house and little elf’s working happy in a Santa shop,  she sighted at the reflection of her self as she imagined her self-setting a tree in her mansion looking at a cozy fire place as someone made  noise like always she thought to herself  , while in her mind she was thinking a strange man came close to her and touched her shoulder 

  • Hello beautiful – he said while looking at the back of Liliya – what can a guy like me do to have some fun tonight with a chick like you – he kept on talking as Liliya sighted been broken from her vision on her mind

She turned her head and looked at the tall man over her shoulder the atmosphere suddenly became dense and heavy as she looked at the man right to his eyes choking him with her menacing stare -you can drop dead for once and maybe I could come to interest in you – she said as she faces dead cold her eyes brimmed black over her cold expression

  • Hey what the fuck is wrong with you bitch – he said grabbing him by her shoulder and turning her around, she looked even more terrifying as she turned around to face the man, suddenly the air turned dark a heavy presence and a cold appeared behind the man who turned her around

A terror appeared on his body as if he was been watched by hundreds of cameras, his eyes shifting his mouth nor his words could escape his body as if he was been stopped by a demon and held captive on his own body before feeling a release of tension on his body as his gaze turned white with a big smile on her face Liliya responded

  • I love when men are so obedient – as grinned with blood on her face se said once more –
  • And you mister is late – replied grinning as she touched the tip of a knife that was jabbed onto the man’s throat – my lovely Sasha – rain started to pour down, the man on the floor dead Liliya wrapped her arms around Sasha who was cleaning his knife and gave him a hug kissing him on the lips
  • It wasn’t really my fault I wanted to see what was going to happen, besides – he said lifting Liliya chin with his knife – you already knew I was here sweetheart dint you – he replied smiling kissing her back, taking the knife off her chin

-heheh yes, I knew – said Liliya responding to his kiss with a smooch on his lips while she took the knife off his hand and kissed it with a smile

- can you believe its been 5 years already? - she asked Sasha while staring blankly at the knife, as she kept gazing into the knife rain started to pour down, looking up she sighed with a smile as Sasha also looked up

- let’s go the mission is already compromised we can’t have two people found killed the same day- he said with a serous face looking up to the rain

Walking down few blocks in the dark while Liliya hold hands she wrapped her arms around Sasha and he gave her a kiss on the top of the head , as the couple walked down the street the power came back on to just half of the city , looking to their right a small convenience store lighted up brighter as her outside lights and banner shined “small store” reded  the sign Liliya said to Sasha

  • Oh, sweetie cup cake, you know we are out of milk at home, and well I would like to buy some condensed milk to bake some cookies – she exclaimed pointing at the store and looking at Sasha with her cheeks bloated with air as her face turned in a funny looking way
  • Wait here I’m going to go inside and buy it – said Sasha looking inside the store leaving the side of Liliya nor before giving her a kiss on the top of her head

Entering the convenience store he looked back to find Liliya gone from where he had left her, not looking around much Sasha looked for the milk and the condensed milk that Liliya had asked him to look for , right before he picked up the last can of milk a man in dark clothe enters the store and looks over the counter , putting out a gun and pointing it to the cashier he started yelling telling the cashier to put all the money on the bag , as Sasha see the ruckus that the robber is making he puts on a pair of black gloves he carries with him and approaches the robber from behind , once again the ambient becomes heavy as Sasha with a very serious face stands behind the robber without making a noise and

  • Is there a problem here sit – he said behind the robber , on the very instance the robber turns around to point at Sasha with the gun Sasha quickly disarms the robber form the gun on his hand , punches the man on the neck with a chop and unloads the gun , shooting the robber with the last bullet on the guns chamber on his legs he proceeds to dismantle the gun as the robber laid on the floor screaming in pain  Sasha dropped the top and lower part of the gun next to the robber and looking at the cashier he asks
  • - how much for this? – putting the the items on top of the counter, perplexed the cashier started to shake and mumble in fear as he saw Sasha, all calmed and quiet as the man was still screaming on the floor
  • Listen kid ill pay you the stuff you can thank me by going back there and erasing the footage of what just happened here right now, or else ill have to take care of you and this small store too you understand –

 nodding the store cashier did as he asked, packing the items Sasha had just bought walking outside the store Liliya waited for him outside the store leaning on the side of a car smoking a cigarette as Sasha came to get closer to Liliya she took her smoke out of her mouth and said 

  • - like your little charismas present? – she said in a joyful voice, Sasha taking the cigar ate of her hand and giving a deep inhale he smiled blowing smoke up 
  • Its beautiful where did you got them? – he said smiling
  • Not the cigarette the car- she said tapping the hood of a last year model Lamborghini
  • Not until I test drive it -he said slapping Liliya ass and moving down to the driver’s seat, as Sasha and Liliya entered to the inside of the car Sasha fixed the mirror of the car and noticed an unconscious man on the back of the seat, looking back and then to Liliya she smiled and shrugged as she said to Sasha
  • We dint brought a car I don’t want to walk home – she stared and smile
  • So how? and why is there a dead person on the back of the car I thought you didn’t killed random people – asked Sasha
  • I politely asked and he dint responded so … I guess – she said lighting up another cigarette

Ten minutes earlier as Sasha was right about to put his gloves on 

Liliya leaving the store front as Sasha was entering the store Liliya thought to herself “ ah dam it home is so far away , this asshole dint want to bring the car any where not even blocks away now we have to walk “ she thought to her self as she waked few meters from the store , looking at the distance a man in a trench coat was busy talking on the phone as she arrived next to the man she touched his shoulder and said

  • Hello mister can I borrow your car – she said to the man, as he turned around she delivered a swift kick to the men head making him bleed from his mouth Liliya quickly swept her leg over his head and wrapped the neck of the man and drove him to the floor pressing on his neck with her thighs until the man fell unconscious

she scavenged the men pocket until she found the keys of a custom made black Lamborghini “murcielago” “who the fuck custom makes a Lamborghini for  four passengers you’re a prick I should had kill you for this “ she said as she placed the men unconscious body on the back of the car and quickly drove off from a still dark part of the city as the power have yet not return to it.

As she arrives to the convenience store to look for Sasha she sees Sasha shooting a man on the knee and decomposing the gun throwing it to the side


  • And that’s how I borrowed this car- she said explaining everything to Sasha
  •  You should had killed this prick who the hell custom makes a Lamborghini with four passenger seat – he said looking thro the rear-view mirror to the man who was drooling a mix of blood and saliva on himself on the back of the car
  • Tsch I know right – exclaimed Liliya slapping her thighs and exhaling at the same moment she narrowed her eyes and looked forward with a deep lost sight turning her head to the outside she said
  • He seems to have a family I saw some photos while I was looking at his wallet – she said lowering her gaze down, at the moment she lowered her gaze Sasha looks at her and lifts her cheeks with

his hands while he bits on the cigarette hard so it doesn’t fall of he smiles at her with a reassuring smile, as she sees him her face lifts with spirit and smiles back, turning back she squishes the cheeks of the unconscious man

  • See he thinks I should kill you too – she said smiling , after she tool her hank out of the man she noticed some of the blood of the man on her hand , she stare at her intensely as her knees began to press her knees together , she slowly started to put her hand close to her mouth pressing her lips together as she was about to kiss her blood covered hand right at the moment Sasha grabs her wrist and looked very serous
  •  You know very well you’re not allowed to do this from any other person any more – he said while looking at the road,
  • Are you jealous? – she smudged and smirked
  •  oh, don’t worry hunny its nothing after what happened with us the first time we meet the taste of other people blood its just so bland – she sighed as she keeps looking at her hand,
  • Your blood is the only one that has that tasty succulent iron like taste and the heat of your blood clenches my thirst every time I get to mmmhh – she stopped moaning looking at Sasha




Submitted: August 03, 2018

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