Letters to Virginia Woolf

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Submitted: August 02, 2018

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Submitted: August 02, 2018



Letters to Virginia Woolf/ umit sener ta

Translated by: Josef Kilciksiz


In fact, I started yesterday. I was calling the words brought by a hurricane. My soul was as empty as the wind-scoured streets. I do not know if you’ve ever been in such a frame of mind, as if you want to leave but you were unable . Your eyes are  always on the door, waiting  for someone to enter.


I’ve built thousands of palaces on tiny words

some broke with utterances, some with marble

I don’t have a slingshot to chase the birds, flying over me

Don’t unlock your inwardness Virginia

I sewed knots on myself and

the imagery of your Cossack

It is not easy to hit the sky

when one hooks onto your heart the hook of the ships

when I wander drop by drop in your damp geography

when your heart was open

Looking at the rooms, you were only you, staring back at you


The sourness of the pen is reflected  on paper

 The lake feels the pain of the submission of the swan whose shadow is broken

the self-lost dervish leaves his cardigan for someone else

I could not deliver you, a life

like the migration of ants, things deleted from my brain

It’s apparent, I could not look after the inner man through the words, while you are growing your inside


Listen Virginia

I'll tell you the chagrin of my inwardness

broken toy of a boy

racing cars, run close to me, uncathable

thickening time

While growing drops deepened seas

I was drowning on the shallow coast of homes


It was like the defeat of a powerless ember

the cloud I carried over me

the shiver of the rain were jackets, peeled out of me

before entering the bed

deceived mother was a scream in the bosom

like wearing a bracelet

I would gift to every new woman

Each diary

like a smile remained incomplete

of a past

despite persistent writing down

my rage is not over time


all the gathered letters are flying to their owner

don’t shout anymore, Virginia



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