the goddess sacrifice

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



The Goddess Sacrifice

Her love waits for her across the Nile,

Where there lingers a crocodile.

Her eyes swollen and wet,

Her heart is heavy with regret,

In help, where the Papyrus grows.

How to rejoin her lost love? She questions.

Perhaps the goddess knows


Her loves waits for her across the Nile

Where there lingers a crocodile. 

Her feet drag across the heavy stone

Her heart heavy with regret,


Now lost in this land

in hopes of finding the goddess there.

Her legs find burden and tore.

Her arms heavy and wore

In fear, there’s no way to go.

For marked on the heavy stone,

Is the warning of no return,

But still, she carries on

For her love waits across the Nile,

Where lurks a crocodile.


The swollen pits, the nest of honey bees she passes

With a heart of stone, she fears, no last

But then she hears, her heart ponders

The sound of the goddess

Who sings at the hour.

Who sings so bliss

But fragile like ash,

Has she found the goddess at last?


Forbidden to see her face,

She bows and takes her place,

And eyes aimed at the ground,

So she may know her now.

A servant who seeks her love,

Across the Nile, where lurks a crocodile.

But do the goddesses hear?

Her singing too blasted and glare,

Does the goddess care?

To help the servant there?


The goddesses do reply…

But her voice is a tare,

“Why do you come here?

Why are you there?

Was your love lifted and token somewhere?”

The servant did reply, somewhat low

Flimsy and frighten

“Please help me goddess

My love is far, across the Nile”

But the goddess lips cured down

“You interrupt my song.

My beautiful blessing song,

The birds, nor bees, nor tress

Would care if your love perished utterly.”


Content to send the servant away

But her eyes grew heavy with pity and grief

When she saw on her face,

A hollow empty space.

A glow, so lonely here in this world.


So the goddess is shown her face,

And the servant raised her head.

She saw before her gorgeousness.

Skin of honey, eyes of gold,

Not close to stories that had been foretold.

Such grace, to look upon her face,

Such honor to smell such fragrance.

The goddess black hair

Brushed with such care

And chains of gold.


Now the savant looked at her

With amaze and disgrace

When compared to her own frail image,

She felt out of place.

But a woman who bared

Such a glory would help hear her story.

Down on her knees, she went,

She wailed in pain.

For the love of her own, but truly ashamed.


The goddess did reply, her voice so sweet,

Her heart shared a similar remorse.

Down to her level, she went and said

“Go back to the Nile, my child,

You love awaits you there

For I will depart the river

And the land will be bare

To walk to your love, who waits for you there.


The servant bowed and took in her word,

" you go down to the river bay

And take hed to this;

Once you embrace you

Sacrifice me an offering

This you must do."


So the servant quickly departed,

Leaving the way she came.

Under her breath

She praised the goddess name.

knowing, the event to come would be Isis result...


Her love waits for her across the Nile

The savant’s eyes bright and glow,

For now, the water Nile waters go,

With a path open for her,

Because of the power of the goddess


Crossing unharmed,

But she found him not alone.

He held in his arms another

Woman, and hid and kissed her.


With wet eyes, she saw,

And with a smirk Isis saw,

They lay together, sleep.

But the servant dared not breathe

But dared not believe

He fell in love with another.


Though her heart perishing

And bitter tears were ripe,

The humble servant, torn with grief,

Did not forget Isis sacrifice.


Down to the Nile, she went,

Where the water was no longer bare

Where the crocodile was there.

She plummeted into the Nile

To give Isis her sacrifice…

And to feed the crocodile.



© Copyright 2018 nayya daniels. All rights reserved.

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