Anton the ant

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the story of anton the ant, dying, becoming anton the toad, dying, becoming anton the...

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Life was good for Anton the ant. A well accepted and productive being of the colony of queen desire; fulfilling both his role as Soldier and as Ant-being. However, nothing is as bound to change as a life that is good, and Anton was no exception to this rule.

It was dawn, time to wake up and get to work. Anton got out of slumber and left his little hole to join the others. He always wondered how it came to be that everyone rose at the same moment, yet there was seemingly nothing governing their actions besides her, but surely, she was not concerned with such futile things as when to rise... Like everyday Anton put the thoughts aside and regained his focused state of consciousness. A state wherein there exists no room for thoughts, only experience. Thoughts are something to be entertained in the comforts of one’s own hole, not when out and about.

The march led to the exit on the far side this time. Along the way the colony always seemed to organize itself by the attraction between individuals. The workers came together in ever growing clusters and the soldiers marched around them. On their way to the mildew farms they went, always exciting.

Finally breaching the exit of their nest chaos immediately arose out of the sun clad day. Their entire farm had disappeared. This was a first for the colony, they had farms destroyed or even hijacked by other colonies, but never disappear on them. Clueless as they were the march proceeded onwards in search of a new farm.

Never in his life had Anton witnessed such a scene, there were no farms to be found anywhere; the land was barren and stung. It stung so badly that some of the weaker worker ants started to succumb to it and lose their life. What was going on!?! Has their parasitic way of life finally catched up to them? All the taking without the giving? Surely not but what was happening could be nothing less then the work of god…

And then the earth started to tremble, the ground shook so violently particles of dirt were thrown up into the air as far as his eyes could see. The sky darkened as the sun was blocked out by a huge presence. A massive surface came down towards them, a surface decorated in fractal patterns cut into it. A surface held within a white belt, and beyond that it seemed to flail upward, seemingly endless only changing texture and color as it extended up. That is till it suddenly seemed to snap at the middle, more of the massive object came into Anton’s view as the world became yet again a shade darker. Darker and darker, till suddenly his entire world was consumed by something pink. It looked magnificent, covered in intricate patterns seemingly cut into the surface with extraordinary precision no ant could dream of ever achieving. The pink mass came closer and closer, till finally it all ended.

Anton died, squished beneath your finger.
Queen Desire didn’t even notice the entire ordeal.

Immediately the world ended, all sensory inputs came to an abrupt halt. There was no longer any feeling to be discerned from the cauldron containing all feelings at once, no experience to be had besides all experiences together, at the same moment. But once again out of the chaos came order, a new stream emerged. Anton grabbed onto the stream and was transported through multifaceted tunnels consisting of a mix of blues, yellows and reds, new colors emerging out of their borders. The colors gained textures as the tunnel went on, the speed of his traveling trough it seemed to slow down. Out of the texturized colors shapes started to emerge. Basic at first, circles, triangles and squares mostly till these gained a new dimension and became bubbles, pyramids and cubes. The chaos of feeling everything suddenly gave way to feeling absolutely nothing. The more his surroundings seemed to begin to order itself out of the chaos, the more this world started to fade. Out of the chaos of feeling nothing a brand-new sensation arose, the feeling of absolutely nothing. The world faded back to black, and existence was once again ready to begin...

A body, slowly starting to be felt, to be experienced. When finally fully immersed in it Anton gains control over it, yet limited. The body starts to vibrate, slow at first, the frequency increasing as time moves on till it becomes a constant buzzing that moves to the background. Once faded a jolt of electricity flows through his body, a muscle flings itself into action without being called for...

Whit a whip of his tail Anton shoots out of the slimy egg only to rest on top of it. Out of seemingly nowhere an entire world appears in front of him. It seems to have a blueish hue to it, and it’s teaming with life and energy. He can see streams moving through it, dangerous big fish and tiny algae. A vast world in which he is absolutely free to move in any direction he so desires, but food is of the first priority. With nothing more then a view whips of his tail he breaks free from his slimy prison for once and all and starts exploring this new world searching for food. Fortunately, he was placed in a pond quite capable of sustaining him, whoever made him sure paid attention to these details, and it didn’t take him long to fill his belly. The surface loomed so Anton swam up till he could go no further, breaching the surface he once again enters a new reality. The rules change a lot breathing becomes impossible and movement is much more restricted, he can only move along the flat plane of the surface itself. The exploration went on for about a month till his world started to change drastically again.

Breathing underwater becomes increasingly difficult, and he has to break the surface more often everyday till he reaches a point where all breathing is surface breathing. His appetite changes from algae to small fish and cadavers and his body follows suit. Instead of being a mere head with a tail to move it with, he gains legs! 2 on the front side, and 2 on the backside. When the legs are finally formed something in him tells him to stop foraging for food and learn to sit in peace and quietness. During this learning process his tail will sustain him, having lost any reason for existing.

His final form is reached, his world is finally set in stone and no longer bound to change. All there’s left to do now is accumulate mass, mostly by sitting in peace and quietness till a fly approaches only to be eaten by him. Days of this accumulation pass by, the days turn into weeks and finally into months.

Life once again is good for Anton, a carefree toad living in a pristine pond at the edge of a rising town. However, nothing is as bound to change as a life that is good, and Anton was no exception to this rule.

First the fish disappeared, ugly monsters had appeared on the edge of the pond with some kind of device to catch the fish. They had dark green feet which seemed to merge into legs which appeared fake, on top of this green mass a screaming yellow body was perched with a heads that seemed to be set ablaze, every head had a different color and pattern to the flames, yet they all had them.
Once the fish were gone the balance in the pond was lost, the water turned increasingly dark and sour whilst the surface came ever closer to the bottom. The flies which formed the main source of substance in Anton’s quest for accumulation seemed to have gone with the fish. Other toads whom he had once considered brothers on the same path turned against each other, cannibalism became a staple across the pond. Dark and unpleasant as life had become for Anton, he was still alive and rather content with that.

And then the earth started to tremble, the ground shook so violently particles of dirt were thrown up into the air as far as his eyes could see. Patterns reflecting the chaos the trembles traveled feverishly across the pond, bouncing of the edges of the pond to merge with each other in the middle. Waves formed on what little water there was left in the pond. The sky darkened as the sun was blocked out by something huge. An enormous mount of dirt was moving towards Anton and his pond. A mound that only increased in size as it got closer and closer; eventually so close that it reached the edge of the pond. More chaos arose, everything that was alive in the pond began a frantic struggle for survival in which. Anton Jumped from petal to petal, trying to reach the far side of the pond, when the entire thing came crashing down on him. With the intenseness of the experience the speed at which it came to pass seemed to decrease. Anton felt the air being forced out of his tiny lungs, his hind legs first breaking, then shattering as the immense pressure crushing him moved across his body finally reaching his torso all life was squashed out of Anton, the body he once occupied left begin as a bloody mess no one will ever miss.

Anton died, squished beneath a mount of dirt forming the base on which you’ll park your car.
His quest for accumulation failed, luckily it was as futile and pointless as his entire existence had been…



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