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best friends and co-workers finally express how they feel with one another. after some good times, some bad times and one horrific experience will another set of friends make it through. Ashlynn
and Justice have been best friends since they were 10 now at 17 they both have a crush in guys they work with. Ashlynn is shy and won't tell him how she feels, will she ever have a happily ever
after? Justice on the other hand is outspoken yet quiet sometimes. But after her parents give her the bout and she survives a seriously traumatic event, will she and her crush finally explain how
they feel?

Chapter 1


“Hey Ashlyn, what’s up?’ askedBlake on his way out after his shift at work. Ash would be heading


out soon; he figured he’d wait for her. “Not much Blake, how about you?” Blake having been fixated on a woman walking in the store didn’t hear her and jumped when she punched him in the shoulder. “Blake, are you with me?” asked Ashlyn as she made her way around to his side of her till. “Ya Ashlyn, sorry I was distracted for a minute, that’s all.” Because Ashlyn had seen what had distracted him and knew who that ‘woman’ was, all she did was nod and start heading towards the office to punch out. “Hey Ash, did you see that hot chick that just walked in?” “Yes Blake, I saw her, she’s pretty I guess.” You see Ashlyn has a thing for Blake and Blake is like this super hot guy that always has a new story to tell the guys about his latest lay. “What’s the matter Ash, you’ve never been that way about all the stories I tell you. What’s gotten into you?” Ashlyn really didn’t want to talk about it and end up telling Blake that she liked him so she kept her mouth shut and kept walking. “Ash, did you hear me?” asked Blake as he followed her. Once upstairs Ashlyn grabbed her stuff out of her locker and entered the change room off the bathroom to change and then head home. On her way to her car someone grabbed her by the arm and pushed her against the wall. Even in the shadows she could tell that it was Blake, yet even as this was someone she knew, she was scared of what would happen next.



Ashlyn knew that her best choice would be to scream but just as she would have Blake clamped his hand down on her mouth and shook his head. “Don’t scream Ash; don’t be scared everything will be ok. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to talk. Ok?” Ashlyn nodded and Blake removed his hand. “Blake, what do you think you’re doing?” asked Ashlyn as Blake moved closer to her.” In answer to Ashlyn’s question Blake simply crushed her against the wall and whispered in her ear “I’m doing what you’ve wanted me to do?” Ashlyn had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t say anything and swallowed hard.  She hated to admit it but she was scared and her head was spinning with all the horrible things he could do to her. She hated feeling helpless. She was starting to shake, and she was on the verge of tears. Just as the first tear drop fell she looked up at him and said “Please Blake, don’t hurt me. I don’t know what you want but I don’t have anything to give you. Please just let me go home. I won’t say anything.” Blake looked at her and suddenly pushed himself away from her. He turned away and then turned back and gave her a big hug. When his lips were next to her ear he said to her “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought that this would be a good way to confront the feelings I know you have for me. I didn’t mean to make you cry or anything. Please Ash, stop crying.” Ashlyn, having heard what Blake had said was now pushing his back into the wall. She decided that if she didn’t do it now, she wouldn’t do it ever. Blake taken by surprise by her actions looked at her and threw her question back at her “Ash, what are you doing?” Ashlyn took that opportunity to not answer him and take another step forward pressing her body to his and pulling his head down to hers. If she thought that Blake would pull back she was mistaken. Blake took the lead. He picked Ashlyn up off the ground and turned her around so her back was pressed into the wall. She was held up by Blake’s strong chest and the wall of the building. He leaned in and whispered to her, are you sure you want this?”  Ashlyn didn’t trust her voice or her words and therefore didn’t say anything at all. She simply leaned in pressed herself as close to Blake as she could and kissed him. Ashlyn could feel that she was turning him on, and she became very nervous. Hell, it was 10pm on a Friday night in a dark alley behind their workplace.



He couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t control himself anymore. Blake was sure that Ashlyn could feel what she was doing to him, but decided not to say anything out loud. Just as the thought crossed his mind Ashlyn deepened the kiss. She asked for entrance and he gave it to her. She pulled him closer and made that gentle kiss into something he couldn’t have imagined she would. Suddenly Blake pulled back and out of breath said to Ashlyn “You better stop now or this is gonna make its way to the backseat of my SUV.” Ashlyn simply looked at him with that, I dare you, look. Blake took that as a sign and carried her to the SUV. He opened the door and set her down inside. He got in after her, once the door was shut. It heated up fast. The windows fogged and Ashlyn was having second thoughts about what would happen next. Ashlyn knew that Blake was a player and that he had lots of stories, and that she’d most likely be the next story he’d tell, but she couldn’t stop now cause then she’d be the joke of the store. So she hurried him up. “Blake”, she whispered, “Come here, closer, closer.” When he was right up next to her and the length of their bodies touched, and she said to him, “I want you, NOW.” Blake easily complied. Although there was one little detail Ashlyn had not previously mentioned, like this would be her first time. She had wanted this for a long time. When she first met Blake she had thought of him as a player and a guy that she’s never give anything to. Now she thought of him as the guy she wanted her first time with. She thought that he would make her first time the best, and she was right. Blake was unprepared but Ash didn’t care. She decided that as long as he didn’t finish in her, she’d be safe. Blake gave her a run for her money, because she hadn’t told him he was rough and fast, but Ash didn’t complain. She just bit her lip and rode through to the end. But once wasn’t enough, neither was twice. By the time they were both sated it was 12am and she was definitely getting grounded when she got home. And again she didn’t care. This had been the best night of her life and she didn’t want it to end so Blake gave her a ride home and met her parents at the door. Neither one of them was happy that their daughter was over an hour late coming home from work. She told them that she waited for Blake because she was too tired to drive home and would pick her car up the next day when she got off work. Her parents understood and sent her upstairs.



“So Blake, you like my daughter?” asked Jewel, Ashlyn’s mother. “Yes ma’am I do. I would like your approval to start seeing her and take her to dinner on Tuesday night when she gets off work.” He answered. Mr. Ridge didn’t seem very happy about this idea but Jewel cut him off and gave Blake permission to take her out as long as they were back by 2am. This gave Blake plenty of time for what he had in mind, that being another round of what they’d just finished. After Blake had left the Ridge’s house he gave Ashlyn a call “Hey Ashlyn, did you enjoy tonight?” “Yeah Blake I enjoyed it. Before we do it again we maybe should wait a couple days, ok?” “Sure Ash, I asked your mom if I could take you to dinner on Tuesday, you good for that?” “Of course Blake, goodnight, I’ll see you then.” After they hung up, Ashlyn went and took a shower to clean herself up a little before getting into bed and getting some sleep before work the next day. She hurt but she knew that she’d made the right choice with who she had picked for her first time.



The weekend went by quickly and without incident, Blake didn’t work and therefore she didn’t have to worry about running into him yet. She was nervous for Tuesday but she knew that she would be going to that dinner no matter what. When Monday arrived Ashlyn woke up and ran to the washroom to throw up all she had eaten the previous night. She had felt nauseous recently but she figured that was from lack of sleep. At school her best friend Justice met her at her car. “What’s up Ash, you don’t look to good?” “Leave me alone.” Ash snapped as she walked away. Justice followed her and knew something was definitely wrong. Once in class Ash explained that she hadn’t gotten any sleep last night and she wasn’t feeling very well. Justice accepted this and ignored Ashlyn’s attitude for the rest of the day.



When Tuesday night rolled around and she was getting ready for dinner with Blake after work. She got nauseous again and narrowly missed getting some on her outfit. She told herself that she had just eaten something bad at lunch. Once in the car with Blake she started to relax. Then all of a sudden her stomach started to turn again and she had to make Blake stop the car so she wouldn’t make a fool of herself in front of him.  Blake followed her and found her throwing up into a garbage can just off the road. “Ash, are you ok?” he asked as he held her hair. When she was done she cleaned herself up as best she could and said,”Yeah Blake I’m fine I just ate something bad at lunch.” Blake accepted this response and led her back to the car. “Hey Ashlyn, how about we just go to my place and watch movies or something instead of dinner?” Ashlyn agreed.



During the movies they watched Ashlyn’s emotions were totally out of wack. When it was a love scene, she cried. When there was an action scene, she screamed. It didn’t make sense. After a while of this Blake got up and told her that he’d be back in a bit. He left her there and went to the corner store. Blake returned about 20 minutes later with a small box. “Ash, take this.” Ashlyn, taken by surprise shook her head. “Blake there’s no way.” But Blake insisted. “Humor me” he said. She took the box and went to the washroom to take it. 3 minutes later she exited the washroom took a deep breath and looked.



Chapter 2


“Ashlyn are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth Ashlyn started crying and sank down against the wall. Blake made his way over to her and looked at the stick in her hand. He then looked at the box and took a deep breath. Blake looked at Ashlyn and pulled her into his lap. He laid her head on his shoulder and whispered, “its ok Ash, everything’s gonna be ok. I promise.” Ashlyn started to cry harder, Blake never let her go. He held her tight until the last of her tears had fallen and she looked up at him. “It’s not gonna be ok, Blake. My parents are gonna hate me.” Blake knew he had to say something and fast because he had a gut feeling that she was right about her parents. “Ash, I’ll help you, I’ll do anything for you two. Just please don’t push me away. I don’t regret anything that we’ve done, do you?” Ashlyn looked up at him and knew that he meant every word he had just said to her, she never expected to be in this situation after her first time. Although this wasn’t an ideal situation to be in at 17, she didn’t regret it. She wasn’t going to give up something that she had a part in making. She turned to Blake and placed a light kiss on his cheek and said,” No, I don’t anything either, I want this baby, I want you to be a part of its life.” Blake nodded and hugged her tight before looking at the clock and getting up pulling her up by the hand. He wiped her tears away and grabbed her coat leading her to the car.



“Mom, dad can we talk?” asked Ashlyn when she and Blake walked in the house. “Of course honey, about what. It’s not anything serious is it; it’s not like you’re pregnant or getting engaged, “remarked Jewel. At the pregnancy statement Blake and Ashlyn looked at each other and then at the floor. “Oh my god, you knocked her up didn’t you?” cried Mr. Ridge. “Sir, your daughter is in good hands.” Mr. Ridge wasn’t having any of this, he was furious. “Get your things Ash, and get out. You’ve disappointed me.” Ashlyn was upset and robotically made her way to the room she’d be walking into for the last time. She walked upstairs and into her room that had royal blue walls and a black ceiling. She quickly grabbed her bags and filled them with her clothes, makeup, books, chargers and anything else she might need since she wouldn’t be going back to get it. Jewel came up to see if she was ready yet and reported back to her husband. Ashlyn started crying again and this time the tears wouldn’t stop. Blake heard her and went to see what was wrong. He helped her pack her things and bring them out to his car. Her night would get better; she just didn’t know it yet.



“Blake, where are you going, you can just drop me at a friend’s house, I’ll be fine.” Said Ashlyn as she looked out the window, Blake shook his head, “There is no way that I’m leaving you or my baby anywhere. Tonight you can stay with me,” When Ashlyn looked at him he met her gaze and said, “Move in with me, please Ash. I want you and our baby to be safe.” Ashlyn only nodded and the rest of the drive home was easily silent. Once arrived Ashlyn texted Justice, ‘Hey, guess what’, ‘What Ash?’ ‘I’m pregnant!’ “what the hell seriously Ash, you were a virgin like two days ago, who’s the father?’ Ashlyn impatiently wrote back and signed off saying that she’d see her at school.



 Since her first time had been in the back of Blake’s SUV, Blake decided to give her his bed, she wouldn’t accept. She told him that unless he slept in that bed with her, she wasn’t taking the bed. Blake had no intention of turning down that invitation. Sleep came fast and when Ashlyn woke up the next morning Blake had his arms around her and her head on his shoulder.



School went well but when work came around she realized that she would have to tell her boss about the pregnancy. Luckily Jocelyn was supervising that night and would hopefully understand. Jocelyn led Ashlyn into the office and asked her what she wanted to tell her, “Jocelyn, I’m pregnant.” This took Jocelyn by surprise but she didn’t judge. She simply smiled and said, “Is it Blake’s baby?” “Yes it’s Blake’s baby.” Jocelyn took it well and told her to be careful and get a doctor’s note so she could have water and more convenient shifts. Ashlyn agreed and proceeded to go back to work. Some of the girls noticed that there was something off but Justice was the only one that would know the whole story besides Jocelyn.



Blake was very caring and careful with Ash, and she kept telling him that she wasn’t made of glass, although she did appreciate the caring attitude and protectiveness. Every night once work and school were over they snuggled up on the couch and watched movies, or went out to dinner. Eventually more people would be able to notice the baby bump and Ashlyn was getting nervous and was worried about the fact that once she gained weight Blake would get rid of her and move on. Blake did his best to convince her that he wouldn’t.



At school Ashlyn was getting the stares and hearing the whispers behind her back, but she didn’t care because she was carrying Blake’s child and she was happy. Nothing would get her down. She was so happy and excited that one night she asked Blake, “Babe do you think that we can take care of this baby?” “I don’t know sweetheart, but no matter what I’m not giving her up.”



Meanwhile Justice was at home texting Tye telling him about Ashlyn and the baby. “You got to be kidding, Blake, Ashlyn, a baby? Come on, really?” “Yeah, really Tye, Blake got Ash pregs and she wants to keep it.” Next thing you know Justice’s phone is ringing its Tye. “Hey,” “Hey justice, tell me the whole story, I just don’t get it.” So Justice explained what she knew to Tye as best she could “Basically they had a one night stand, she got pregs, she wants to keep the baby and her parents kicked her out, “explained Justice. “Really, that sucks, where is she staying?” “At Blake’s as far as I can tell, she said that he wants to keep her and the baby safe.” They went on to discuss what they thought was going to happen with Blake and Ashlyn, then they veered of topic. “So Justice there’s this party I got invited to do you want to go with me, as friends?” Justice being a shy girl that was never invited to parties before but she knew that taking this opportunity might give her an opening to express her feelings so she agreed, “Sure Tye, it sounds like fun.”



















Chapter 3


The party went great but it was time they headed home. Tye dropped Justice off at her place only to be grilled by her father, “What do you think you’re doing with my daughter?” Tye was waiting, just waiting for Mr. Drake to lay one hand on him, and then it was a free for all. “I took her to a party sir, it was nothing, just two friends hanging out.” Mr. Drake didn’t accept this and turned to justice saying, “You disappoint me, I told you that you weren’t allowed to go anywhere with this guy.” Justice looked at her father and smiled “Well ‘dad’ I don’t take orders from you and you can’t control me anymore.” Mr. Drake wasn’t pleased with this answer and instead told justice to pack her things and get out. She agreed Tye helped her pack and load it into his SUV.



During the drive it was pretty quiet until Tye spoke up and said, “Justice, are you ok?” Justice being a tough girl that’s wanted out from under her parents control for the last few years looked at him and smiled, “I couldn’t be better, I finally have my freedom, something my parents had decided I wasn’t entitled to.” Tye smiled at her and then looked back at the road, “Do you have anyone who would be able to take you in until you get on your feet?” “I have a few friends that I might be able to stay with.” So as Justice made the calls to her friends, Tye sat quietly and listened to what she was saying. Finally she looked at him and gave him an address it was fairly close to his place so it wasn’t hard to find it and drop her off. “Thanks for everything Tye; I’ll see you at work.” Tye nodded and opened the back door to help her carry her stuff in her house. Justice thanked him again and then he left to go home.



“Cora, thank you so much for taking me in, I owe you one.” Cora agreed. Cora and Justice had been friends for years and they were always there for each other. It was simple to move in together, Cora lived with her older sister who was always complaining that Cora needed someone her own age living with them. “Justice, why were you with Tye? I mean, he’s older and isn’t he the one that your dad doesn’t like?” Justice sighed and sank down into the cushions on the couch, “Yeah, he’s the one my dad doesn’t like, but he’s always there for me, were there for each other and I was with him because he was just dropping me off after this party we went to and my dad took one look at him and threw me out.” Cora understood and told Justice that she could stay as long as she needed or wanted.



Justice didn’t want to be a burden on her friend so she started apartment searching and found this perfect one bedroom apartment in the area close enough to her friend’s house, school and work. “Hey Cora, come look at this. Isn’t it perfect?” Cora agreed that it was perfect for Justice and it was already furnished, so Justice applied and once she got it, she just couldn’t keep it to herself. The next day at work she told all of her friends but Tye didn’t work that day she figured she’d tell him later.



That night Tye called her asking about the apartment that she had found, Justice told him everything about it. “So Justice, would you consider having a roommate?” asked Tye near the end of their conversation, Justice agreed that she’d love one. She even accepted Tye as her new roommate. They helped each other move their things into their new place and decided that Tye would get the bed and Justice would take the couch.  Except under certain circumstances, like…



One night Justice was at a friend’s house and came home later than usual; Tye was asleep on the couch and because Justice didn’t want to wake him, she simply took the bed. The next morning when she woke she regretted not having woke him up and telling him to take the bed because he had apparently woke up in the middle of the night and moved to the bed not thinking that she would have taken it when he had been asleep on  the couch when Justice had gotten home. Justice didn’t want to wake him so she quickly got out of bed got ready and headed to school. She had to work later, and she decided that she wouldn’t mention that particular incident to anyone considering that she and Tye were just friends.



“Have a good one Cora.” Justice called out to her friend as she left work. She decided that she’d walk home the long way that night. She needed to clear her head and she had to think about what had happened that morning, had he accidentally gotten in bed with her not knowing she was there? Or had he done it on purpose? Better question was should she mention it? She turned the corner into the truck loading zone to have a smoke before she headed home. Just as she went to turn around someone struck her from behind. Justice could tell it was a guy and she recognized his voice, but she couldn’t place it.



He placed his hand around her neck and with the other he pulled her hair to make her look up at him. He pushed her down to her knees and slapped her across the face. He called her names, “You little bitch, you think you can say whatever you want? Huh?” Justice didn’t know what he was talking about but decided not to say anything for fear of getting slapped again. Her attacker simply pushed her into the wall and ripped open her shirt, Justice couldn’t help it, she started crying. This made her attacker even angrier. Justice wanted to scream but nothing came out, she wanted to fight but knew deep down that she couldn’t outweigh him.  She simply let her attacker do whatever he wanted to her. Just as she was pushed to the ground she realized why she recognized his voice, it was Brandon from work. She decided to try talking to him. “Brandon, why are you doing this, please stop.” Her voice was shaking, she stuttered a couple times, but she knew she had to talk to him. Brandon only laughed and told her that she better be good, and do as he says. Justice was afraid of what would come next, as she knew it would only get worse. Brandon smacked her across the face again this time splitting her lip. He pushed her to the ground and got on top of her. Her pulled her pants off and was about to continue when he saw head lights turning into the parking lot, knowing that given the chance Justice would scream for help he knocked her out, once he was sure she was out, he fixed his clothes and went to see his mom that was picking him up as if nothing had happened.



The next morning Tye woke up to the sound of the phone ringing off the hook, I a groggy voice he answered it to hear a hysterical Ashlyn on the other end frantically asking if Justice was with him, “Tye, please tell me Justice is with you, still asleep or her phones off.” Tye was taken by surprise and calmly said, “No Ashlyn, Justice isn’t here, did you try her cell?” “Of course I tried her cell Tye, that’s the first thing I did, I’ve been trying it all night.” Tye gave up and said he’d go look for her and call Ashlyn back. He was worried although he wasn’t going to tell Ash that. 



Tye got ready and headed out to retrace Justice’s steps from the night before. He started at work, as he walked in Logan and Jackson were headed out he stopped them “Hey Logan, Jackson have you seen Justice?” Both guys shook their heads but the look on their face told Tye they were both concerned. “Can you keep your eyes out, if you see her tell her Ash and I are worried, ok?” The guys agreed and headed out. Next step was to call Cora, “Tye what’s wrong you never call me?” she asked when she picked up. “Cora, Justice is missing, her phone keeps going to voicemail and no one at work has seen her, she was gone when I woke up. Have you seen her?” “Tye I haven’t seen her since she left work last night, she said she was gonna take the back way home so she could have a smoke.” Tye was thinking and didn’t hear anything after Cora mentioned the back way home. “Tye did you hear me?” asked Cora impatiently. “Sorry Cora, I was thinking. What’s the back way home? Do you know?” Cora explained to him the way that Justice would have taken home the night before, then they said their goodbyes and Tye followed her directions. He knew that Justice smoked so he figured he’d walk the side of the building bordering the side parking lot. It’s secluded at night and everyone that works there smokes in that area.



As he was walking past the alley where the trucks unload Tye heard something. It sounded like a woman moaning or something, he decided he better check it out. When he turned the corner he knew something was wrong he could see a form on the ground curled up, as he got closer Tye knew that there was a very good reason that Justice hadn’t come home the night before, her shirt was ripped and her pants were around her knees, he called out to her and she scrambled to be in a sitting position, she scurried back as far as she could until her back was against the wall, as she was moving she was crying and saying “Please Brandon, you don’t have to do this, please I won’t say anything a promise, just don’t hurt me please.” Tye was taken aback, she clearly couldn’t see him. He walked closer and spoke in a calm voice and said, “Justice, it’s ok, it’s Tye, Cora, Ashlyn and I were worried about you when you didn’t answer your phone last night and when you weren’t in the apartment this morning. I just want to help, ok?” At this point Tye was close enough that Justice could see him clearly and started crying harder, Tye sat down next to her and pulled out his phone he called Cora first to tell her to go to Ashlyn’s and Blake’s and explain that Justice was ok and they could see her later. Then he called Logan and Jackson and asked them where they were, they were headed back to work so Tye asked them to meet him at the truck loading zone, they agreed.



When Logan Got There, Tye Told Justice that he’d be right back, that he was going to get the car and bring it around, that he was gonna take her home. Logan and Jackson couldn’t even get her to talk all Justice did while they were waiting was cry on Jackson’s shoulder. Tye returned and had Jackson help him get Justice into the SUV. Tye knew that something had happened, but was pretty sure that she couldn’t or wouldn’t remember what.



When they got back to the apartment Tye helped Justice inside and set her down on the bed. She looked bad he thought as he went to get ice and bandages. Although once the blood, dirt, and makeup were off she didn’t look nearly as bad. Her lip was cut and she had a bruise on her cheek but other than that she seemed fine. Just to be on the safe side though he decided that he should ask her what exactly she did remember, “Justice, Do you remember anything from last night?” Tye asked in an almost whisper. Justice looked up at him and looked immediately back down and whispered, “It was Brandon, He cornered me after work, I needed to think about things so I took the back way home. I stopped in the truck loading dock to have a smoke and think. As I was leaving he slapped me and called me a bitch, he said that I thought I was such a good girl that he would take that from me, but he didn’t know that I’m not a good girl like he thought. He cut my lip and he tried to rape me, but he didn’t get the chance. There were headlights coming into the parking lot so he knocked me out.” Justice shook her head and the tears began to fall again. Tye came closer but she pushed him away. He told her to take the bed and that he’s sleep on the couch, she didn’t argue.




























Chapter 4


“Brandon, no leave me alone, don’t please god don’t.” this is what Tye woke up to. Justice screaming, probably reliving what had happened the previous night, she was still sleeping but was tossing and turning under the covers. He knew that she’d probably fight him if he touched her but he had no choice, he couldn’t just let her suffer and live what Brandon had done to her again. So he entered the room and left the door open, “Justice, wake up, it’s just a nightmare, you’re safe here, you’re at home.” Tye shook Justice gently and just as he had predicted she was fighting him. Eventually she did wake up and she looked at him exasperated, “Tye why are you sitting in bed with me?” She almost sounded scared. So Tye explained why he had woke her up. She understood and said she’d be fine. Tye wasn’t sure if he believed her but didn’t push the point. He took her at her word and left closing the door behind him.



Justice had thought that she’d be able to just go back to sleep and forget about what had happened the night before, forget what had happened that morning that had made her take the back way home. She tried going back to sleep and as soon as she closed her eyes she felt as if she were reliving the assault. Justice knew that she needed a friend to stay with her. She knew that Cora and Ashlyn couldn’t come over so she bit her lip and walked out of her room. She headed for the couch and kneeled down beside it and she whispered, “Tye are you awake?” She was almost gonna walk away when he opened his eyes and looked at her, “Justice what’s wrong?” She kneeled down again and sighed, “Tye I can’t do this on my own, every time I shut my eyes I feel like I’m reliving what happened.” Tye was confused but simply said, “ok, do you want to watch movies or something, to get your mind off of it.” Justice was about to agree when she remembered why she had come out here in the first place. She shook her head, Tye come with me, please?” At the pleading tone in her voice, Tye couldn’t say no. so he followed her to the bedroom and she sat on the bed, up near the pillows and patted the sport beside her.



Tye was hesitant knowing that this could turn into something she didn’t want, but because this was his best friend and a girl he had a thing for. He decided that it would be harmless to sit with her until she fell asleep. He laid down next to her and she laid her head on his shoulder he stiffened but after a while got used to the feel of her cheek on his chest and the smell of her hair. Eventually he broke the silence and said “Justice, I know you’re in a delicate situation but did he rape you?” Justice looked up at him and shook her head. “He came close but those headlights saved me. Tye I can still feel him on me, that’s why I keep reliving it, please, make me forget.” Tye knew what she was asking but didn’t want to be used. He loved her but hadn’t told her that yet. Didn’t want to say it until he was sure that she loved him too, “Justice, are you sure you want this?” She got closer to him and swung her leg over his so she straddled him. She looked him right in the eye and said, “Tye, I’ve had a crush on you since I met you, but I didn’t want to be rejected again. You know what I mean?” Tye understood but didn’t comment. He just looked at her and knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Even though there was a large age gap between them, he wanted her, he loved her and he knew well that age and circumstances have nothing over on love.



The next morning Justice knew that she would never regret what they’d done. Even if things changed between them in their everyday life, she wouldn’t go back and change anything about the night before. They had slept in and were gonna be late for work if they didn’t get going. “Tye, wake up, babe were gonna be late for work. You gotta get up.” He reluctantly got out of bed and got ready. They got to work with 5 minutes to spare, it was close.



*****Two weeks later*****


Justice had been feeling nauseous the past few days, and she could’ve sworn that she’d taken her pill. Tye had said that his buddy had told him that it feels better without latex, so when Justice mentioned that she was on the pill, Tye took that opportunity and now she might regret it. Certain foods she can’t stand the smell of. Tye had just left for work; Justice had taken the day off. She hoped that she’d get some sleep and maybe the bug would go away.



“Justice, you home?” asked Tye as he walked in the door. When he didn’t get an answer h started frantically searching the apartment when Justice came in. “Did you lose something Tye?” she asked. He ran to her and lifted her up in his arms in a hug. “Where were you, babe?” This was a conversation Justice had been hoping to avoid. “I went to see Ashlyn, she called and asked me to come over, I figured I’d be home before you, I’m sorry I worried you.” Tye just smiled and kissed her. “I love you justice,” “I love you too Tye.” They hugged again and then went to cuddle on the couch. Suddenly Tye spoke up, “Justice have you still been feeling sick?” Justice was taken by surprise and turned to him, “yeah, why do you ask?” Tye looked away and said, “I was talking to Blake at work and asked him how Ashlyn was before she took the test, and he said that she was the same way, certain foods, or smells made her nauseous, her emotions were all over the place. These are the same things that you’ve been feeling. I think maybe you should take this.” Just as he said the words Justice pulled out a box from her purse and smiled cautiously. “You’re right, I will take it. Ashlyn said the same things when I went to see her.” Tye looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile. Justice got up and headed for the washroom. About five minutes later she knew that her life had changed.



Tye was on edge, he didn’t know what to think. Even though it had only been about five minutes it felt like forever. When Justice exited the bathroom, her eyes filled with tears and she smiled. Tye was confused. Was it positive or negative? He went to her and wrapped his arms around her. “What does it say?” Justice pulled back, looked into his eyes and said, “It’s positive, I’m pregnant.” Tye was so happy he picked her up an twirled her around. He has always wanted kids and now it was really happening.  Tye knew that everything was gonna change but he didn’t care. He loved Justice and he already loved this baby, no matter what happened next.



“Ashlyn are you ok?” justice was still asleep when the phone began to ring. Both guys were at work and Ash would only call this early if it were serious. “I’m scared, I go for my 20 week ultrasound and I don’t know if I want to know what gender the baby is.” Justice knew that she’d want to know so that she and Tye could start thinking about names but Ash didn’t care. She already had loads of names written down for either a boy or a girl. “Ash, I can’t make that decision for you, personally I can’t wait to find out if my baby’s a boy or a girl but sometimes moms like surprises.” Justice could hear Ashlyn sighing through the phone and couldn’t help wondering if her friend was even ready for a baby of her own. “Thanks Justice, I’ll let you know how it goes.” They said their goodbyes and hung up.



Later that afternoon at the ultrasound Blake stood next to Ashlyn nervously as they waited for the doctor to enter the room. “Hi Ashlyn, how have you been?” “Better, Doc” Blake had grabbed Ash’s hand and was fidgeting nervously. “So Ashlyn are you ready to see your baby?” Ashlyn nodded excitedly and looked up at Blake and smiled. Soon enough she was hearing her baby’s heartbeat and seeing her baby on the screen. “Ashlyn, do you two want to know the gender of your baby?” Ashlyn again looked to Blake who nodded. “Yes Doc, We’d love to know.” Dr. Fleming pointed different things out to the Ashlyn and Blake on the screen and then said, “Congratulations, it’s a boy!!” Blake leaned down to Ashlyn and kissed her forehead, “I love you Ash.” He whispered.



Chapter 5



Justice wasn’t scared about the ultrasound but her stomach had been acting up and she was worried that something with the baby was wrong. After her shift at work Tye drove to the appointment. In the car, Justice was very quiet. “Justice are you ok?” Justice looked over at him and smiled gently, “I’m fine Tye, I’m just worried about the baby.” Tye nodded and turned back to the road.



Once they’d arrived at the doctor’s office, Justice had started to calm down. Tye came around and opened her door for her and held her hand as they walked in. “Justice”, called the nurse shortly after they had entered the waiting room. “Justice my name is Dr. Connors, how are you feeling today?” “I’ve been feeling a little nauseous and dizzy at certain foods and smells.” Dr. Connors just smiled and said, “this is normal, every pregnant woman has certain smells or foods that create a side effect such as dizziness or nausea.”



Justice was starting to relax so Dr. Connors took that opportunity to start the ultrasound. “In a moment you will hear the heartbeat of your baby, are you ready?” Justice looked at Tye and nodded at the doc. Dr. Connors smiled and turned the volume on so they could hear. “Justice can you hear that?” Justice looked at the doctor smiled and nodded, “Ya I can hear it doc, Justice said with a huskiness to her voice as she looked over at Tye her eyes started to tear up. Tye thanked the doctor and held Justice until she could speak, “Tye how are we gonna raise this baby?” Tye Looked at her and said, “I don’t know honey but we’ll find a way.”



Once they arrived home Justice couldn’t wait to tell Cora and Ashlyn about the news. “Hey Cora, guess what?” “What, what’s going on, you sound overly excited?” “I’m fine Cora, the baby is fine, can you believe it?” “Oh my god, congratulations Justice, have you told Ash yet?” “I’m calling her next, see you soon.” Justice decided that she’d wait to tell Ashlyn at work the next day, Ash had been sleeping a lot and she didn’t want to wake her.



“Hey Ash, what’s up?” Ash just looked up at Justice and smiled a small smile, “Not much Justice, how’d the ultrasound go?” Justice grinned at her best friend and said, “It went great, Tye and I are so happy. Ash’s jaw dropped, “Oh my god, congrats girl.” She said with a huge smile on her face. The girls hugged and went back to work. Logan and Jackson were next in line for the information. They cornered Justice in the break room, “Do you have anything you want to tell us Justice?” Justice turned around startled, they had her cornered against the lockers, she had no place to go. “Well aren’t you gonna tell us that Brandon knocked you up and you’re passing the baby off as Tye’s.” “That’s not what happened, Brandon never raped me, I would never sleep with him, or anyone else for that matter. Tye is the father of my baby. No one else.” The guys looked at each other with a confused look, Jackson spoke up, “Baby, there really is a baby?” Justice nodded and walked off, pushing her way between the guys.



“What happened at work today, justice? I got calls from almost everybody with congratulations on the baby, who did you tell?” Justice shook her head and explained that she’d told Ashlyn, Cora, Logan and Jackson. Tye simply shook his head, “Why would you tell Logan and Jackson?” Justice took a deep breath and told him what had happened in the break room. Tye knew that she was close to tears, he wrapped her in a hug and cuddled with her on the couch until she stopped shaking. “Babe, no matter what I love you, in all honesty I don’t care who you tell about the baby, I was just worried that the news would snowball and become something that neither of us wanted.



Ashlyn was feeling sick again and didn’t know why, it turns out that her baby was very picky with what she ate, she decided that Justice being pregnant would understand and they could hang out and watch movies or something. “Hey Justice, do you work today?” Ash asked when Justice picked up the phone, “No Ash, why? Is something wrong?” “No, justice nothing’s wrong, did you want to come over and hang out.” Justice said she’d be right over and quickly changed and got ready. Just before she headed out she sent a quick text to Tye saying that she was headed to Ashlyn’s and would be back later, she didn’t want him to worry if he got home and she wasn’t there.



Upon arriving at Ashlyn’s place she realized that her friend was really showing. She was five and half months pregnant. She still looked radiant and beautiful. Even Blake hadn’t started to complain, yet. These two girls spent the afternoon sitting on the couch watching chick flicks and eating pickles and ice cream, at some point Ashlyn and Justice fell asleep and it wasn’t until Blake came home from his shift did the girls wake up. Blake offered to drive Justice home but she turned him down and told him she’d rather drive herself so that she had her car for the next day. Once she arrived home she found Tye asleep on the couch, he probably fell asleep waiting for her to get home. Justice silently walked over to him and gently shook him to wake him up. “Justice, what time is it?” “It’s like 11, we’ve both gotta work tomorrow let’s get some sleep babe.” Tye agreed and they headed to bed.



The next morning she wakes up to the smell of homemade biscuits, biscuits were one of the few things she could still eat while she was pregnant, they didn’t make her nauseous. “Tye, what are you doing up so early?” called Justice as she walked into the kitchen. “I thought I’d make breakfast babe, I know how much you love these.” He said as me motioned towards the biscuits cooling on the counter. Justice smiled at him and walked closer, but Tye met her halfway and lifted her into the air and sat her down on the counter where he kissed her and then went back to the stove to continue making breakfast.



Justice loved the times when it was just her and Tye for a whole day. When they could just hang out, watch movies and talk about anything they wanted. When they both had the day off, they would cuddle up on the couch or in bed and read or just listen to music. The night before Tye had gone out and brought back a ton of new books they could read together and even some kids’ books they could read to the babies when they got restless. In truth Justice knew that she couldn’t have picked a better guy to have kids with. Tye was so cautious and calm even when she was freaking out of having a moment. She knew from talking to Ashlyn that this was normal considering that Ash was 6 months along and Justice was 4 months along.



Blake and Tye were both on break when Blake spoke up, “Hey Tye, have you proposed yet?’ “What do you mean Blake?” Blake looked at Tye and said, “Well, Ashlyn’s 6 months pregnant and we’re not engaged much less married yet, I was thinking that I should ask. I mean I love her and she loves me, I just think that my son should have a father and Ashlyn deserves a husband that will be there for her no matter what.”  Tye nodded and pulled a small box from his jacket pocket, “I was thinking I’d do it tonight at dinner, I mean after all she’s the only girl I’ve ever been able to connect with on every level. She needs me and I need her, I want to make it official.” Blake slapped him on the back and wished him luck before they got back to work. Ashlyn was working that day and when she went on break Blake intercepted her at the service desk and over the intercom he got down on one knee, looked Ashlyn in the eyes and said “Ashlyn Ridge will you marry me?” Ashlyn was taken by surprise but didn’t even have to think about her answer, “Yes Blake I’ll marry you.” They hugged and shared a passionate kiss before Blake slipped the ring on her finger and they headed to the break room for lunch.



Later that night, Tye took Justice out to dinner at this really fancy Italian restaurant; Italian was one of the only international cuisines that her babies actually accepted. Tye knew this and also remembered that it was her favorite international dishes. When desert came Tye waited until the waiter had left their table before getting down on one knee and asking the question he’s wanting to ask for the last 5 months even before they’d shared that very special, unplanned night together, and way before the babies happened. Tye knew that he’d found his true love and he wanted to make it official; he wanted to make a promise. “Justice Drake I promise to love you forever and always, to protect you and comfort you. I will make your life as comfortable as possible and do anything for you and our babies. You will never be alone in this world and I want you to wear this promise, will you marry me?” Justice was surprised and after a long moment she said…






















Chapter 6


The entire restaurant had turned to look in their direction. Tye was internally freaking out, he was afraid that she’d say no. Suddenly Justice smiled, “Yes Tye, I’ll marry you. Tye finally stood up and lifted Justice into the air. Justice was laughing and smiling until a nauseous feeling overtook her, “Tye, can you um put me down?” Tye set her on the ground and looked at her with a grin. “Tye, I don’t feel so good.” Tye immediately stopped grinning and knew something was wrong. “Justice, maybe we should go home, ok?” Just as Justice stood up from her seat, the room began to spin, everything was spinning around her like she was inside a disco ball, and then suddenly everything went black.



“Justice, I’m right here baby, can you hear me? Justice, come on honey wake up.” It had been three days since Justice had collapsed at the restaurant. Tye hadn’t even slipped the ring on her finger yet but he didn’t want to do it for fear that after three days of being unconscious she might not remember the previous events that took place. “Mr. Vancroft, can I speak to you for a moment in the hall?” Tye jumped at the sound of the doctor’s voice from the doorway. “Of course Dr. what is it you wanted to speak to me about?” Tye asked once he and the Doc were safely away from their patient.  “Mr. Vancroft, you are aware of the fact that you’re wife is pregnant, correct?” Tye nodded and the Dr. continued. “Are you aware that she’s pregnant with twins?” Tye looked back into the room and back at the Doc in surprise, “Dr. are you sure? We just went for an ultrasound two weeks ago.” The Dr. nodded in response, “I’m sure, the tests prove it, you’re having twins.”



Justice, I don’t know if you can hear me but I love you so much, I can’t lose you. These babies I don’t want to lose you or my kids. I know I’ve never told you this but I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and I know that if I lose you I will never find another. You are my one and only, you’re my sweetheart and my girl. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, please baby fight, wake up, do it for you, and for the twins that are gonna have the most amazing mother in the world.” Ashlyn had been standing just outside the door with Blake and heard most of what Tye had said to Justice. Ashlyn started walking into the room with Blake when they saw their best friend Tye crying in his chair holding Justice’s hand. Blake stepped towards Tye and placed his hand on Tye’s shoulder making Tye look up. “Hey man, you wanna get a coffee or something, get your mind off things for a while, Ash will stay here and text or call us if anything changes, ok?” Tye nodded and got up to go to the cafeteria with Blake. Ashlyn took the seat that Tye had just vacated and grabbed hold of Justice’s hand.



A few hours later Ashlyn had apparently fallen asleep and Justice had her eyes open when Blake and Tye returned to the room. Tye rushed to the bed while Blake tried to wake Ashlyn. “Justice, I was so worried about you, how do you feel? Should I get a doctor?” Justice silenced him with a touch of her hand on his cheek. “I’m fine Tye, how long has it been?” Tye knew exactly what she meant and explained to her what had happened. What he left out was the twins part of the story, “Tye do the Docs know what caused me to pass out?” Tye looked her in the eye with a grin and said, “Yeah, baby they do. It’s the baby that caused you to pass out.” Justice looked scared for a moment until Tye kissed her and said, “No honey, not that baby, the other one.”



Justice had the most shocked look on her face that Ashlyn and Blake were trying not to laugh, Tye grinned, “Baby, you’re having twins.” Justice suddenly smiled and kissed Tye on the cheek. She was so happy that she had tears running down her cheeks. “Honey don’t cry.” Justice just shook her head and said, “Babe don’t worry these are tears of joy, I just can’t believe that we’re having twins.” Tye couldn’t believe it either, but knew that no matter what happened from here on out, he would never let Justice go.



The ride home the next day was silent; Tye hadn’t told her the surprise yet and didn’t want to say anything yet. “Tye, where are we going, our turn was back there.” Tye simply smiled and kept driving looking straight ahead and said nothing until they pulled into the driveway of a two-story, country house, it had a big front yard for the kids to play in, and the house was big enough for all of them, All being, the twins, Justice, Tye, Ashlyn, Blake and their son. The house was even bigger once they were inside, but they didn’t get much time to look around before everyone jumped out in a chorus of “surprises”. Turns out Blake had invited everyone over to celebrate the twins and for a combined baby shower for both Justice and Ashlyn. Everyone was there, Jocelyn their boss, Logan and Jackson, everyone they worked with and all of their friends. By the end of the day Ashlyn and Justice were exhausted and all they wanted to do was sleep.







Justice woke up the next morning nor realizing where she was until she saw Tye walking out of the bathroom in just a towel sitting low on his hips, Justice came to one conclusion she wanted him and she wasn’t waiting until these babies were born to do it. “Hey Tye, drop the towel and get that nice ass over here.” Justice said a husky voice. Tye was taken by surprise but did as she asked not thinking about how they would manage when she was 5 months pregnant and definitely had a baby bump. Once Tye was lying in bed next to her Justice took control and got right down to business. She took hold of him and stocked him up and down. Taking notice of the fact that he tensed when she got to the tip, Tye was getting louder and louder the closer he came to the edge. Justice simply smiled and moved her mouth to the tip of him. She took him into her mouth and his breath caught. She knew he was enjoying himself and she couldn’t get enough. She licked the tip and took him all the way into her mouth, suddenly he warned her that he was gonna cum, he knew how much she hated it when he came in her mouth, but this time she didn’t back off, she kept going until he came right into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Tye was surprised but didn’t complain. Justice on the other hand came up to him and kissed him, “I thought you’d like that,” She whispered before licking her lips and getting out of bed to take a shower.



Ashlyn was about seven months along when Blake started being extremely gentle with her, he never made any sexual advances towards her and she wanted him to make love to her no matter what. One morning she decided to make a change and show him what she wanted, “Blake can we talk?” Thinking something was wrong Blake looked up and patted the seat beside him, “Sure babe, what’s wrong?” Ash explained that she didn’t like being treated like she was made of glass. She still loved him and she wanted to make love to him whether she was 3 or 9 months pregnant.



 Blake and Ashlyn had the whole afternoon to themselves and those hours were very precious to the both of them. They made slow passionate love and Blake was the most generous lover Ashlyn could have asked for. This was the first time they had made love since that first night in the back of Blake’s SUV. “Ash, you awake?” Blake asked as he pushed himself up on one elbow, “Mmmm, ya baby, what’s wrong?” Ash said with a whisper like voice. “This is the way your first time should have been, I shouldn’t have been so rough and fast, it should have been the best night of your life.” Ash just smiled up at him and said, “Blake, that was the best night of my life, I liked the way you made love to me that night, the only thing I knew for sure that I wanted in my first time, was you Blake, I wanted you to be my first time.” They shared a passionate kiss before getting up to have something to eat because the twins were hungry.


Chapter 7


***********Two months later**********


“Blake, it’s time!” cried Ashlyn as she tried to stand from the chair where she had been reading a book. Blake jumped off the couch and ran to her, “Breathe Ash, come on baby everything’s gonna be fine, how often?” Ashlyn already in a grumpy mood from the pain turned to him and said, “How the hell would you know, you’re not carrying this baby.” Blake knew that the anger was due to the pain and ignored her words as he led her to the car, “How often babe, how close together are the contractions?” Ashlyn glared at him and said, “In the last hour, every ten minutes.” The car ride was full of phone calls being made, fast driving that could get them stopped by the police and Ashlyn’s cries of pain as the contractions get closer and closer together.



Once at the hospital, Ash was rushed into the delivery room with Blake holding her hand, the contractions were about 5 minutes apart, and Ashlyn’s cries were getting worse. Finally it was time to push; Blake held Ashlyn’s hand as she used all her strength to push their baby out of her body. “Blake, why the fuck did you do this to me, this is your fault, and I’m never having another baby.” Blake just laughed and encouraged her to keep pushing; his sister had told him that this was what all women said as they went through labor.



After two hours of labor Ashlyn and Blake had a beautiful baby boy that they named Ryan Grayson Hale. Ashlyn was holding her baby boy when the doctor walked in and told her she had visitors, “Who are they?” Ash asked, the doctor quietly replied, “Your parents.” Ashlyn calmly explained to the doctor that she wanted her parents kept out of her room that she didn’t want to see them. The Doctor complied with her wishes and sent Mr. and Mrs. Ridge home, despite their disappointment. Soon after Tye and Justice arrived with a change of clothes for Ashlyn and a set of clothes for the baby, “Ash, how are you feeling?” Asked Justice as she rushed to her friend, “I’m fine Justice, The baby’s fine too; do you want to hold him?” Justice lit up and nodded, Ashlyn passed baby Ryan over to Justice and laughed at the look on Tye’s face.



Justice looked at Ashlyn, silently asking her a question and then passed Ryan to Tye who had no idea how to hold the baby. “Tye, support his head, ya like that.” Justice said trying not to laugh at the look of horror on Tye’s face.  Tye was struggling to hold the baby properly without twisting his own body. “Tye here let me take him,” said Blake as he stepped forward. Tye had no problem handing over the baby, “how are you gonna handle twins babe,” Tye looked at her disapprovingly for taking such a cheap shot and then smiled, leaned in and kissed her.



When Ashlyn was finally released from the hospital with Ryan she realized just how much she loved this life. She wanted more of these little bundles of joy, she wanted them with Blake. Ryan was sleeping a lot and never really fussed. He was such a sweet baby; he ate a lot and looked a lot like his dad. Blake was getting better at holding and feeding him, he even took to singing to Ryan to get him to go to sleep. The only thing was getting a babysitter was not as easy as you may think. One of the  four of them had to be off work at all times.



Ryan was about two weeks old and was becoming fussier with who held him so Ashlyn had to get Justice, Blake or Tye to watch him while she was working. The one day Justice was scheduled to work right after Ashlyn so she asked Jocelyn if she could bring the baby to work and pass it off to Ashlyn when she was done before Justice had to punch in. Jocelyn had no problem as long as the baby was kept upstairs. “Oh my god, he’s so cute,” cried Andrea as she entered the lunch room, “I didn’t know you were bringing him to work.” Justice just smiled and said, “Well I’m just watching him until Ashlyn gets off work and she’ll take him home.” Andrea smiled and gently asked if she could hold him, Justice easily passed him over and surprisingly Ryan didn’t make a fuss.



“You must have the magic touch,” Justice said as Andrea sat down with Ryan, “Why do you say that Justice?” “It’s just that lately he’s been rally fussy about who holds him especially people whom he’s never been introduced, and you two haven’t met until just now and he’s fine.” Andrea agreed and passed the baby back over to Justice, “I hope you and the little ones will be alright, I bet you can’t wait for them to join you in the world.” Justice smiled and nodded, “I want them to be happy but they are a pain, I can’t eat half of what I did before, just a month in a half more of waiting.” Andrea laughed and they said their goodbyes.



“Thanks Justice, I owe you one,” said Ashlyn as she took the baby from Justice’s arms. “It’s all good Ash; you just get to watch the twins for me one day okay?” Ashlyn agreed and gave Justice one last hug before gathering up her stuff and heading out to her car. Justice headed to work and wondered how much longer she’d be able to work a four or five hour shift without passing out or needing to sit down.  “Justice I think you should take the next few weeks off until after you’ve had the baby,” said Jocelyn bringing Justice out of her thoughts, “Jocelyn, I’m fine, I’ll let you know when I can’t handle these shifts anymore, okay?” Jocelyn nodded and decided that Justice would know when she can’t handle the job anymore, she’d be fine.



“sweetheart I think you should take the next little while off work,” said Tye one morning, “Justice simply glared at him and said, “No way Tye, I’ll work until I go into labor, I’m not going to take time off before I have the twins but I will need to take some time off after, I need to work as much as possible in order to take care of the twins, I’ll be fine.” Tye didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to get into an argument with Justice, he knew that if she got stressed out then the babies could get stressed and that could induce labor and she wasn’t due for another five weeks.






















Chapter 8


The next few weeks were busy with putting the finishing touches on the nursery for the twins, getting last minute clothes and putting them away, Justice even finally took the step arranged to have a month off after she was due. Blake and Ashlyn were pretty busy with Ryan but always made time to help whenever they were needed. Justice was so excited for the twins that she was overly spoiling them, they had everything ready for them and they weren’t even here yet. She knew that the doctor had told her to not work so many hours but Justice wasn’t going to just lie in bed all day and do nothing, work was where she wanted to be. That’s where she was when things started to get complicated.



Three days later Justice was working a five hour closing shift when Jocelyn walked over and said to her, “What’s with the wincing?” Andrea was working too and commented, “I noticed this earlier.” Jocelyn turned to Justice with a worried look and said to her, “How often?” Justice knew what she meant and looked at the phone clock, “In the last hour, I’d say every ten minutes.” Jocelyn shook her head and paged Tye to the service desk, not realizing that Tye hadn’t worked that day. “Justice, you’re in labor, we need to go.” Justice shook her head with resignation, “No it’s not possible, and I’m not due for another two weeks.” Jocelyn was busy trying to get everyone together and decide who would do what while Andrea Tried to get Justice to calm down and face facts.



In the end, Jocelyn called Tye to tell him to meet them at the hospital because Justice was in labor, while Andrea went with Justice and Jackson to the hospital, while Jackson drove, Andrea sat in the backseat with Justice and helped her keep calm and breathe properly until they arrived at the hospital. When they arrived the nurses rushed her into a room and monitored her contractions until they were three minutes apart from there they told her to push, Tye hadn’t arrived yet and Justice didn’t want to start without him but knowing the doctors Justice didn’t want to wait any longer than she had to. She had a feeling that as long as the babies were healthy, he’d forgive her.



Tye did end up showing up just in time to see the first baby come into the world. It was a girl and it was so cute, she had Brown eyes, she was wrapped in a pink blanket and handed over to the other nurse to check her over. The second baby was being stubborn and took all the strength Justice had to push it out. This baby too was a girl this one had green eyes and was smaller than the first. Tye was just about ot ask the nurse for the girls when the doctor stopped him and said well you two, your doctor must have been mistaken, there’s one more to go, Justice looked at him and shook her head, “It’s not possible doc, the ultrasound only showed two babies.” The doctor looked at her and smiled, “let me guess one was a girl and the other was a boy.” Justice looked at Tye and then nodded at the doctor. The doctor smiled again and nodded, “You see, when there’s two of the same sex babies, one can hide directly behind the other and their hearts can beat at the exact same time, therefore unless you’re looking specifically for three babies you might not notice that there is three there.” Justice and Tye nodded in understanding. The doctor coached Justice through the last baby and finally handed the triplets back to Justice and Tye.



Justice was crying tears of joy as she looked at the three bundles of joy in their arms. She looked up at Tye and smiled, “What are we gonna name them, babe? We aren’t prepared for three.” Tye knew what she meant and called in Ashlyn and Blake, “Ash why don’t you tell Justice what you told me.” Justice was confused but didn’t comment. Ashlyn explained that they were prepared for two babies, Ashlyn had been pregnant with twins but one didn’t make it, therefore they had two of everything and they were more than happy to have Justice and Tye take the second set for their third baby. Justice listened intently and then gave Ashlyn a big hug and gave her condolences.



“Ashlyn, don’t move anything okay, just leave the second set in Ryan’s room, if you’re okay with the boys sharing a room I’ll put the girls in the other.” Ashlyn grinned and gave Justice another hug, and nodded excitedly in agreement. Justice had a feeling that four babies would be interesting and tiring but with four people taking turns it couldn’t be too bad.



Justice had the next month off and was gonna be pretty busy she knew what she had to do, “Hey Cora are you working today?” Asked Justice when her friend picked up the phone, “No, why, what’s up?” Justice explained that she was home with the babies and Cora hadn’t met them yet so she decided it was high time she met her nieces and nephew. Cora arrived about an hour later and Justice was overjoyed to see her. “Cora, come on in Come meet the babies.” Cora happily followed Justice up the stairs and down the hall to the nurseries where all the babies were sleeping peacefully. Justice pointed out which ones were hers and which one was Ashlyn’s. 



“Are you gonna tell me their names,” asked Cora. Justice nodded and pointed them out as she told Cora their names. First she pointed to Ryan. Then she pointed to the first of the triplets, the boy, and said “This is Sam Hayden Vancroft.” Then they were off to the girls’ room next door, Justice picked the first of the two girls and handed her to Cora who was tentative at first but relaxed as she realized that the baby was fast asleep and took a seat in the rocking chair facing Justice as Justice picked up the other girl and said, “The one that you’re holding Cora is Phoenix Santana and this one that I’m holding is Taylor Londyn.” Cora smiled down at Phoenix and almost jumped when she realized that the baby was staring wide eyes up at her. Justice had to cough in order to cover her laughter.



Blake and Tye got home at around eleven o’clock and found Ashlyn and Justice fast asleep in the master bedroom and their friends Jocelyn, Andrea, Cora and Jackson rocking the babies to sleep in the playroom. Blake and Tye gently woke Ashlyn and Justice up to eat and thanked their friends for watching the babies. Cora insisted on staying the night in case the babies made a fuss or woke up. Ashlyn set her up in the guest room across the hall from the nurseries, this way she had easy access in case the babies woke up. Cora thanked them and took care of giving the babies a bath in the sink and changing them before joining the others for a late supper.



During the night Ryan and Sam made quite a fuss, yet the girls didn’t make a sound. Ashlyn and Justice needed the sleep which is why Blake had given all the baby monitors over to Cora for the night in order to not wake up the others in case the babies made a sound. Cora enjoyed waking up every hour to feed, change or soothe the boys back to sleep. By morning Ashlyn and Justice actually looked human and the Guys were actually in a good mood, considering the fact that they hadn’t gotten much sleep the past few nights either.



“Hey Cora, thanks for staying last night, we really appreciate it,” said Blake the next morning at breakfast. Ashlyn, Justice and Tye agreed and chimed in with thanks. Cora smiled and shook her head, “It was nothing guys, I enjoyed looking after them, only the boys made a fuss.” Ashlyn turned towards Justice and said, “Yeah I kinda figured that,” this made the whole group burst out laughing, “Ashlyn, guys, can I ask you a favor?” The girls nodded, “My sister is going to university and she wants to sell the house so I was wondering if I could maybe stay here?” Justice looked at the rest of the group and then smiled at Cora, “Of course you can stay here; you’re family Cora. All you gotta do is help us out now and then and maybe throw a little something in for the bills every month, sound fair?” Cora nodded and rushed over to give Ashlyn and Justice a hug.


Chapter 9


Cora was indeed part of the family and the babies loved her. Often Jocelyn would come over on her days off to look after the babies and let the others go to work or get some sleep. Jocelyn wasn’t aware of what Justice and Ashlyn had discussed with their fiancé’s much less of what they were going to ask her, “Jocelyn, can we ask you something?” asked Ashlyn as they entered the playroom where Jocelyn was rocking Taylor in the rocking chair. Jocelyn motioned to be quiet and nodded her head in agreement. “Jocelyn you know that our parents kicked us out therefore these babies don’t have any aunts, uncles or grandparents. We were wondering if you wanted the honor of being these babies grandmother.” Jocelyn looked them in the eye and smiled, “I’d be honored to be a grandmother to these cuties, but what about the other side, and usually they’d have two grandmothers, right?” The girls looked at each other and smiled, “We thought maybe we’d ask Andrea, we know that she doesn’t have kids of her own so.” Jocelyn agreed and then asked another question something they had briefly talked about but hadn’t come to a conclusion on, “What about asking Tristan and Anthony.” Jocelyn agreed that those two would make great grandfathers. This was how the party began to take shape.



“Hey guys thanks for coming,” cried Ashlyn as she motioned the guests into the house, Justice would take it from there and lead them to the backyard where the party was starting up. Tristan and Anthony were there early to help set up little did they know that this party had something greatly to do with them. At about six o’clock right after they had dinner Tristan stood up to make a toast, “To the cutest most adorable babies and the best parents they could have, may they stay beautiful and strong forever.” Ashlyn and Justice smiled at him and looked over at Jocelyn and Cora who were taking care of the babies under a tent a few feet away. Next up was Ashlyn’s toast and Justice’s question, “A toast to the most wonderful fiancé’s and the cutest babies alive, “said Ashlyn. “A question for Tristan, Andrea and Anthony,” said Justice as she stood from her chair, “Would you like the honor of being Ryan, Sam, Taylor and Phoenix’s grandpas, and grandma?” Tristan and Anthony looked at her with a look of surprise on their faces, yet had no hesitation in accepting the honor, neither did Andrea who jumped from her chair and went to the babies taking Taylor from her bassinet.  Soon everyone was getting up and heading home and the house would be quite peaceful at least for a little while. Having Jocelyn, Andrea, Tristan and Anthony take care of the babies for a while was a blessing for Ashlyn, Justice and the guys but a curse for Cora.




Cora enjoyed taking care of the babies because it helped her forget that her own baby was far away with her mother, Cora missed her baby girl so terribly that she decided that she was finally old enough to take care of her, “Please, let me take her, she’s mine. I want to be able to take care of my girl without your help, there’s a reason that they have to visit you and make sure you’re taking good care of her mom, you abandoned us yet you think that you can take care of Shayla, are you kidding me?” Ashlyn and Justice had been walking to the kitchen when they overheard Cora yelling at someone over the phone. When Cora hung up, Ashlyn entered the room, “Hey Cora, are you okay?” They asked,  Cora shook her head and a tear slipped down her cheek, she looked at them and spilled everything, and the next day a miracle took place.



“Hey Tye can you get the door? I’m in the middle of something.” Tye immediately rose from his chair and went to the door opening it to find a young woman holding what looked to be about a one year old baby girl, “Can I help you?” Tye asked looking at the young woman. The woman smiled and said, “Well I hope I have the right place I was looking for Cora Woods. Tye assured her that she had the right place and invited the woman inside. “Cora, you have a visitor,” called Tye as he walked towards the family room inviting this stranger to have a seat. When Cora descended the stairs she took one look at the little girl and ran forward towards the little girl, “Shayla, oh my god,” Tye was now more confused than ever but decided that Cora would explain later. “Cora Woods, I’m social worker Debbi Thayne and I was wondering if we could speak for a moment about your daughter.” Cora nodded and set Shayla on the ground next to the couch to play with her doll as Cora and Debbi had a chat. “So, Cora you had this baby when you were 15 correct?” Cora nodded and glanced over at her daughter who was happily playing with her doll on the floor. “Mrs. Thayne, I’d like to get strait to the point, why exactly are you here?” Debbi smiled and said, “Well Cora, I was at your mother’s when you phoned last night and I heard most of the conversation. I’ve seen how she failed you and your sister as a mother so we check up on her now and then. She still smokes and I found drugs in her medicine cabinet that were not prescription or over the counter, I made a calculated decision and canceled her temporary custody agreement. Shayla’s all yours, I’ve spoken to your sister and she assured me that amongst your friends Shayla is safe and will be well cared for.” Cora’s jaw dropped and Debbi stood to gather her things and shake Cora’s hand on her way out the door.



As soon as Debbi was gone Cora gently picked up her daughter off the floor and sat the little one on her lap, “Tye can you gather the others I’d like to introduce you.” Tye was more than happy to call the others down to the family room so they could meet the newest member of the family. “Justice, Ashlyn, Blake and Tye, this is Shayla. She’s my daughter.” Ashlyn and Justice couldn’t believe it, when they had first met Cora she’d seemed so responsible and naïve. They didn’t think of her as the type to go out and get knocked up. “Hey Cora,” said Ashlyn, “How did this happen?” Cora took a deep breath and said, “Well I was 14 and……”

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