The Mirror Part 4 - Danger in the Night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The young man finds himself vulnerable when he lets down his guard, and his nemesis takes advantage.

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



THE MIRROR: Part 4 - Danger in the Night:


On a certain night,

As I slept by a riverside.

I saw a familiar figure approaching me,

And felt that I should run and hide.

I had lain down in the open,

Unconcealed and unprepared.

Now, too late, I saw the peril

As exposed I lay there.


Useless as a discarded garment,

My armour and weapon lay at my side.

Naked and unarmed I let her take me,

And left myself open wide.

With all the malice she harboured

From the time of my rescue.

With no means to defend myself,

What else was there left for me to do?


With hatred lacing every stroke,

Her spear afflicted many a wound.

As blow upon blow rained down upon me,

I awaited my impending doom.

As I lay soaked in blood and pain,

I heard a cry

That seemed to rend the sky,

And sank deeper in my shame.


I felt that I had squandered

My only chance to be free.

Now the weight of all my guilt

Came crashing down on me.

Alas, I felt that nothing

Could help in my hour of need.

Now the only one who could help me

I thought would not pay heed.


In that gloomy hour,

When it seemed as though hope would abandon me,

I heard not the mighty wings,

Nor could I the gliding shadow see.

High above shrilled the Voice of Grace,

As the ravages of guilt did tear my soul apart,

Watching and waiting ‘till once more

I would call upon him with all my heart.


Anguish forced my eyes to open

As I gasped as if the air had left my lungs.

I bled from many a fest’ring wound,

And my swollen eyes with tears were stung.

I looked hopelessly towards the lonely skies,

As I saw a familiar sight,

‘Twas as if a new dawn had at last begun to rise,

And gone were the terrors of the night.







As he came down to meet me,

I saw the look upon his majestic face.

Though he looked upon my wounds with pity,

Of indignation I saw the slightest trace.

As I realised the hurt I’d caused him,

I hung my head in shame.

“O Great Guide” I choked, “Canst thou forgive me?

For now I see that I am utterly to blame.”


“ ‘Tis not mine to forgive,

For the powers of life and death lie not with me.

The Wisdom of the One who alone can judge,

No mortal eye may see.

Know this: Thou art forgiven,

The Heart of Grace abounds,

And the Depth of Eternal Love

No measuring rod can sound.


Now walk again for I have healed thee,

And the road ahead is long.

Remember this, oh ye of little faith,

This journey is for the steadfast and the strong.

But, if my strength doth indwell thee,

Thou shalt run and not grow tired,

Though the trail should become steeper,

Or more perilous the trial.


Come then, your road ahead awaits.

Remember, if one should e’er be lost indeed,

It is he who hesitates.”

With these solemn words he did ascend,

And high above me once more he flew.

With what Grace he did to me attend!

After all that I had in rebellion done,

How could Love still be so true?

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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