finding a father

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Cora is one of Ashlynn and Justice's friends, she survived a horrible tragedy but now has regained the strength to fight for her daughter. Jaxon a police officer comes to investigate and keep Cora
safe for a time. He becomes close to Cora and her friends. But who exactly is Shayla's father, the man that has taken her from her mother or the cop protecting her from that monster?

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Chapter 1


Well guys here’s the story, “I was fourteen when it all started, my mom started ignoring me and my sister was always studying or working. One night I called out to my mom saying, I’m going out, but my mom didn’t answer, that was never new. I walked the few blocks to the party my friend Savannah was hosting, Savannah was two years older than me and knew how much I hated being ignored. She had said that the party would be fun, that there would be lots of single guys there looking to get laid. I was all for some kind of attention.  The guys at this party were definitely hot and I couldn’t help but stare.


“Hey, you must be new, I’m Kevin. What’s your name?” I hadn’t noticed that someone had come up next to me. I stuttered for a second but quickly regained my composure, “Hey I’m Cora.” I answered; Kevin smiled at me and took my hand. He led me to the dance floor and taught me some moves I’ll probably never use again. Let’s just say that dirty dancing became my specialty.  Anyway a few songs later Kevin was leading me up the stairs to a room at the end of the hall. I wasn’t gonna say no. I had no curfew and I wanted to be wanted.


“When I woke up it was morning and I was lying naked on a king sized bed in a master bedroom at Savannah’s. I thought that it had just been Kevin last night but when I looked around there were a dozen or so guys asleep in the room naked. I was sore and I knew what had happened.” “Wait Cora, are you saying you were gang raped?” Ashlyn asked me. I nodded. “A few weeks later I bought a test and it was positive. I don’t know who the father is. When my mom found out she told me that she would take the baby when it was born.”


“I didn’t know what to do. My sister completely ignored me and my mom was threatening to take my baby. I went to school every day and the whispers and the stares only got worse. I was called a slut and told I would be a terrible mother. I didn’t know how I would support a child; I was even too young to get a job. When I brought the baby to term my mom called social services to give her complete custody. I fought her but lost. Social services gave my mom temporary custody of my baby until she was allowed to adopt her.”


“Luckily I stopped her. In two years I’ve grown up a lot. Now I can take care of my baby and I don’t want my mom to have anything to do with her. When my mom left us, my sister was in charge and that’s why only now she’s going off to school. Shayla deserves her mother and she deserves family. I want you guys to be her family.” Ashlyn and Justice looked at her and smiled. “Of course we’ll be her family Cora,” said Justice. Blake and Tye agreed. “Wait Cora do you want to know who the father is?” Asked Tye, Cora nodded.  They all agreed that they would help Cora find the father of her child.


“Cora, maybe you should make a list of all the guys you slept with, that way we can narrow it down.” Cora agreed that this would make the most sense. She was afraid that her friends would judge her for how long this list would be, but knew that this was the only way to get an idea of who Shayla’s father could be.


“Justice, please don’t judge me by how long the list is.” Justice looked up at her friend and shook her head, “I would never judge you for anything.” Cora nodded and handed over the list. Justice scanned the list and looked at her friend, “Cora are you sure there are that many guys?” Cora nodded and shut her eyes, “Yeah Justice, I’m sure there’s that many, there are probably more but knowing how many parties and school days I don’t remember…” She trailed off. Justice nodded and together they started narrowing down the list by time frame.


“Cora that last party at Savannah’s fits right in the time frame which narrows it down to ten guys that are good possibilities.” Cora nodded, “I know, but how do we narrow that down to the one that it Shayla’s father, at this point I don’t want them to know they have a daughter, they raped me.” Justice nodded in understanding, “I know what you mean Cora but Shayla deserves a father no matter what.” Cora nodded in agreement and they continued down the list. “Wait, Justice there were these guys, they both wore protection with me but I was never on the pill, I broke it off with them the week before the party.” Justice added them to the list and then they took a break.


Chapter 2

The next morning there was a notification on Cora’s computer about a post that Savannah had put up a hour ago, so Cora clicked on it only to realize she was watching herself and ten other guys on the screen. “Justice, Ashlyn get in here,” she cried. The girls were quickly in the room and looking at the screen with Cora, “Oh my god Cora who took this?” Cora explained that it was Savannah who had posted it so it was logical that it would have been her that had filmed it. Sure enough Cora had a message from Savannah on her phone, “Hey Cora, I know that they hurt you and now it’s time to pay them back, they raped you and they deserve to be punished, you’re welcome.” Cora shook her head, she didn’t want this to be public but it was too late.


“Justice take a look at this,” cried Cora from the front door. She had gone out to check the mail and there was a note in there addressed to her personally, it wasn’t a pleasant note either, it said ‘Cora, I know where you live and I know about that sweat little girl of yours, you should have thought about her safety before you posted that video. You will never be safe.’ “Cora everything is gonna be ok, alright? No one is gonna hurt Shayla, I promise.” Cora nodded, “I know Justice but, I didn’t post that video, I never wanted any of this to happen, “I know Cora, none of us did. The day went on, so did the week and the notes kept coming. Cora was getting them everywhere she went, work, school and more at the house. They basically said the same thing every time, the more often they came, the more nervous Cora got, but she knew that if she went to the police this guy would hurt her daughter and she couldn’t let that happen.


“Shayla, where are you?” called Cora as she walked in the door after work. Blake had had the day off so he had stayed home to watch the kids. Cora decided that Shayla must have been sleeping when she didn’t answer after the third time, but that was weird Blake didn’t answer her either. Cora started to creep around the house finding the babies in the nursery asleep and breathing but no sign of Shayla or Blake. That is until she checked the rest of the house; she found Shayla’s toys strewn across the floor and the furniture tossed around. “Blake,” she yelled as she frantically searched every room, finally coming to the basement stairs she heard a grunt and flipped the switch to see Blake laying at the bottom of the stairs no moving. Cora rushed to him pulling out her phone to call the others, “Cora what’s wrong?” asked Ashlyn as she picked up the phone. “Shayla’s gone and Blake might be hurt Ash.” Ashlyn told Cora to hang on and told Tye to drive faster.


Once everyone was at the house and Blake was conscious, they made a decision, it was time to bring the police into this, and it had gone too far. “Mr. Hale do you remember anything of the attack,” asked Sergeant Bates. Blake explained to the Sergeant what he remembered about what happened, while Officer Collins and Officer Mathis questioned the others. After they had all been questioned the Sergeant stated that he had two other officers that would be staying in the house during the day while officers Collins and Mathis would be staying at night.


Cora hated having put everyone in danger but Ashlyn insisted that it wasn’t her fault; if Savannah had given the video to the police and not posted it none of this would have ever happened. Cora agreed and hoped that whoever had taken her little girl wouldn’t hurt her in any way. Cora knew that she had to find her daughter before serious harm came to her.

After a long restless night of tossing and turning not to mention the nightmares she had to get ready and one of the officers would take her to work. She just hated having to be driven everywhere and told what to do and where she was allowed to go. Cora didn’t get why they were protecting her, she wasn’t in danger Shayla was.


As Cora walked down the stairs she saw two men she didn’t know sitting at the table drinking coffee and talking with Tye and Blake. As Cora got closer they looked up at her and the two strangers introduced themselves as Officer’s Carter and Wells. They were the Officer’s that would be security during the day.  Cora knew that no matter what she had to rescue her child on her own, she owed Shayla that much.


“Mrs. Woods are you ready to head out?” Asked Officer Wells as he grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair, “Yes, I’m ready,” Cora answered as she descended the stairs for the second time that morning. As they headed out to the car parked in the drive Officer Wells turned to her and asked, “Have we met before, you look very familiar to me.” Cora shook her head quickly to erase that suspicion before he could ask any more questions. Cora had thought that same thing when she had first met him this morning, she knew he looked familiar but she couldn’t place him and that bothered her.


“Mrs. Woods are you alright?” Asked Officer Wells as they drove in silence to her place of work, Cora turned to him and replied, “Yes I’m fine Officer Wells, but would you please call me Cora?” Officer Wells nodded and said, “Well then Cora, Call me Jaxon.” Cora nodded and when they finally arrived at her work Jaxon followed her in and laid out the plan with the manager, Cora was well aware of what the plan was but had no idea what her manager Jocelyn would think much less what Mark, the big boss, would say.


The five hours went by without a hitch, just the typical complaints and questions. By the time the clock struck 3pm Cora couldn’t wait to go home and find out if there were any new developments in finding Shayla. Jaxon kept looking at her every few seconds on the drive home that finally Cora shook her head and said, “What is it Jaxon, why keep looking at me. I’m not just going to up and disappear.” Jaxon smiled but said nothing. He was still trying to figure out how he knew this mysterious Cora Woods.


Back at the house Justice and the gang were watching Netflix in the family room while the babies slept in their nurseries. The moment Cora entered the house and saw the gang but not the babies she ran upstairs as fast as she could to make sure they were still there and alive. The babies were sleeping peacefully and didn’t even wake when the nursery door hit the wall when Cora swung it open.


Jaxon had followed Cora up the stairs and into the nursery watching her every move. God only knew that the parents are the first suspects in the kidnapping of a child but since Shayla didn’t have a father and Cora had been at work, the question that the officer’s had to answer was who is Shayla’s father and did Cora hire someone to take Shayla? Jaxon knew he couldn’t get personally involved in this case but god help him he had a gut feeling that by the end of this case he wouldn’t simply be able to just walk away.


“Cora do you have any photos of Shayla, of her growing up,” Cora looked at Jaxon trying to figure out why he’d care, this was just a job, but she nodded and led him to her room where she kept all the photos that social services and her mother had sent her. “Here you go, there aren’t as many as I would have liked but this many is better than none.” Jaxon nodded and then asked the question Cora had been trying to avoid, “If you didn’t take these photos and you aren’t in them, what happened?” Cora took a deep breath and told Jaxon the whole story from the moment she was fourteen and going to the stupid party to when she came home and discovered that Shayla was gone. She didn’t expect him to understand, but she hoped that he wouldn’t judge her for something stupid she did when she was younger.


“Jaxon, thank you for listening,” Jaxon nodded and headed out the door with his partner, “Oh my god, Cora you gotta be kidding me, falling for the guy that’s protecting you, really?” Cora burst out laughing at their statement, “Guys I am not falling for him ok, we just talked about Shayla, and I’m trying to figure out why he looks so familiar.” Ashlyn looked at Justice and then back at Cora, “Cora, did you maybe, possibly sleep with him and don’t remember?” Cora shook her head quickly and was about to deny it but stopped, “I guess it’s possible, I don’t know. The only thing I can think of is that I slept with a Jay back about a month before the party.” Ashlyn looked at me with a knowing look, “Give me a picture of Shayla,” Cora handed one over, “and Tye I know you took a picture of Wells in order to make sure he was a police officer, email it to me.”


After dinner Ashlyn booted up her laptop and showed us a new program she was trying out, “Look guys, I’ll take Shayla’s baby picture, Cora picture and Wells’ picture and when I press the green button it will show us what similarities if any are a match between Shayla and Wells.” Ash pressed the button and they found some similarities but not enough to be an a hundred percent match as a father, plus only a DNA test can prove that Wells is indeed the father.


Cora woke up the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee; she rolled out of bed and quickly threw shorts and a tank top on. She knew she didn’t look great but whatever the Officers would have to get used to the fact that since they were the security the gang would dress however they wanted. When Cora climbed down the stairs she found Blake and Tye sitting at the table shirtless as usual drinking coffee and Justice in Tye’s t-shirt sitting on the couch with Phoenix, who’d apparently kept Justice up all night.


Jaxon turned to see who was entering the kitchen seeing as Ashlyn hadn’t yet made an appearance. His jaw dropped instantly as she entered the kitchen but he quickly regained his composure as he didn’t want his partner or the others to notice. Cora then crossed the room to poor herself a cup of coffee before heading for Justice who looked like she hadn’t slept in days. “Justice here, how about I take over for a little while, and you go get some sleep, I’ve got the day off remember.” Justice nodded and headed for the stairs looking down at Cora one last time before she disappeared down the hall. “You look so natural holding her,” said Jaxon. Cora jumped having not heard him come up behind her, “What’s her name?” Cora smiled down at the baby girl she was holding and said, “Her name’s Phoenix,” Cora almost started crying as she remembered that she never got to hold Shayla as a baby or change her, she never got to sing her songs to sleep or see her take her first steps, her first words Cora never heard, but she held the tears back.


“Cora do you wanna talk,” Cora shook her head but Jaxon pressed for more, he wanted to know what had made her almost cry in front of him. “Jaxon I’m fine, I was just taking a trip down memory lane.” Jaxon nodded, he didn’t completely believe her but he wasn’t going to press and end up making her avoid him. Last night he’d figured out why Cora looked so familiar to him. He remembered that night in the hotel, it had been October and she’d gone to a party and gotten herself drunk, he knew that she didn’t drive and would’ve had to walk home so he’d taken her to a motel out of town. He hadn’t wanted to leave her and therefore had stayed the night. When morning had come he’d woke her up and driven her home, the only name he’d given her was jay, that would explain why the name Jaxon didn’t ring any bells with her.



Chapter 3


“Hello,” said Cora in a raspy voice, when her phone rang early the next morning. “Hello, Cora, I know you must be terribly worried about your daughter but yet you still have time to flirt with a police officer no less. Shayla’s fine, but you need to prove who her father is and soon otherwise she will have to stay with me, where she’ll have both a mother and a father, even siblings to call her family.” Cora shocked on a sob and tried to speak, “Please, don’t hurt my baby, I know who her father is, give me my baby back and I’ll tell you who it is.” The caller simply laughed and said, “I see you don’t want the police to handle finding her, yet there’s always police at the house. Have a good day Cora and don’t forget to remember you daughter.” The line went dead and Cora burst into tears, she knew that it had been two days, four hours and seventeen minutes since her baby had vanished; now she gets a call that sends her head spinning trying to figure out what they want with Shayla. She knows that she has to tell someone and right now she only trusts Jaxon to find her baby.


“Jaxon, can you come over to the house right now, I need to tell you something,” said Cora as soon as he had picked up the phone, he’d given her his personal cell phone number just in case the day before, at the time she never thought she’d actually be calling it. “Cora, I’m on my way, ok.” Cora mumbled something and then hung up the phone and grabbed one of the blankets off the bed before heading downstairs to wait in the family room just off the front hall. A few minutes later Jaxon was shedding his coat and walking towards her to sit on the couch next to her, “What happened, Cora? Tell me, tell me everything.” Cora curled up in the corner of the couch and replayed word for word what the caller had said on the phone. Jaxon wrote it all down and tried his best not to go and give the other two officers that were staying at the house overnight a piece of his mind.


As Cora was zoned out looking out the window she said, “Jay, I have to find jay.” Jaxon turned to look at her and said, “Cora, who’s Jay?” At the sound of Jaxon’s voice Cora looked over at him confused and said, “Jay how do you know about Jay?” Jaxon looked at her confused and instead of explaining to her that she had mentioned him while she was zoned out he kept his mouth shut and changed the subject.



By morning Cora knew she had to ask Jaxon if he was Jay. She didn’t want to be wrong but at the same time she did want to find out who Shayla’s father was. When she woke up she found herself back in her room and Jaxon asleep in the chair in the corner. Cora decided that she would simply get up and get ready before heading downstairs to join the others for coffee and booting up her laptop to get some school work done. Just as she was about to leave the room about a half hour later Jaxon woke up with a start and almost jumped out of his skin when he realized that I was in the same room as him. He must have forgotten where he was.  “Jaxon, how did I get up here last night?” Jaxon quickly got up out of the chair and shook his head, “I carried you up here, I knew you needed sleep and the couch wasn’t very comfortable.” Cora nodded and then headed down stairs to get a cup of coffee before heading back upstairs to feed the babies.


“Cora,” said Jaxon as he entered the nursery later on that morning, “Do you remember a Jay, from a few years ago?” Cora froze as she realized that he knew and now wanted to talk about it, she nodded in response to Jaxon’s question. Jaxon took a seat in the rocking chair next to hers and held out his arms for the baby that Cora was holding. Cora looked at him questioningly before handing Phoenix over to Jaxon and picking up Ryan from his crib. These babies had been fussing all night and Cora knew that Ashlyn and Justice needed their sleep, since they had to work later.


Cora and Jaxon sat with the babies rocking them gently for a while in silence before Jaxon broke the silence and said, “Do you remember me Cora?” Cora looked up at him and nodded, Jaxon nodded in understanding, “do you remember where we met?” Cora nodded again, took a deep breath and proceeded to tell Jaxon what had a little more than two years ago. By the end of her memory Jaxon was staring down at Phoenix and said in a raspy voice, “Cora, I’m Jay, that’s the name I used when I was younger, when I played the field.”


Cora looked at him in shock and Jaxon looked down, “Look Cora, we were both young.” Cora shook her head and said, “No Jaxon, I was young, I was fourteen you were what, twenty?” Jaxon looked down and whispered, “No Cora, I was twenty-six.” Cora’s jaw dropped as she looked over at Jaxon, “Why didn’t you tell me how old you were before we…?” Jaxon mumbled an excuse and realizing she hadn’t heard him he spoke louder saying, “You were drunk, you wouldn’t have cared what I said. You seduced me and I regret no telling you. I regret no having explained to you what had happened the next morning. Shayla’s mine isn’t she?” That last question made Cora tense immediately, she didn’t have any proof that Jaxon was Shayla’s father but she had nothing saying that he definitely wasn’t either.


“Jaxon I don’t know if Shayla’s yours, “Jaxon looked at her with that seriously look, “seriously, you don’t know who the father of your child is?” Cora looked down and shook her head, “I was gang raped a couple weeks after we had our one night stand.” Jaxon stood and laid Phoenix back in her crib then gently took Ryan out of Cora’s hands and settled him back in his crib. Once the babies were settled, Jaxon kneeled in front of Cora and took her hands in his, “Cora I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, why didn’t you report it? Cora look at me, tell me about Shayla.” Cora sniffled and looked up at the man in front of her, “Shayla’s a sweet little girl, and she’s only one. She lived with my mom until just a couple weeks ago when social services brought her to me. She just started calling me mom and she has a family here and I, I love her so much, I just want my baby back Jaxon.” Cora started crying and Jaxon just held her tight and let her soak his shirt, he couldn’t tell her yet but in a few days the DNA test should be back and he would know for sure if Shayla was his little girl.


Chapter 4

Cora took the next couple weeks off hoping to find her daughter fast and getting to spend some time with her, but another phone call had her believing that her daughter would never come home, “Cora, you’re not quick enough, Shayla’s getting very well acquainted with her new home and family, I really wish you would prove that I’m wrong but everything I’ve seen has shown me that I’m right, you’re just not fit to be a mother.” Cora silently headed down the stairs to the kitchen where Jaxon was sitting, he’d insisted on staying at the house all the time and going wherever Cora went if she left the house, Cora motioned to him that it was another call and they silently started the trap and trace on her phone, “Cora, what do you think you’re doing, nothing will help you get your daughter back unless you prove that you’re ready to pay attention to your little girl, she’s an angel you know, aren’t you going to say anything Cora?” Cora opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, Jaxon immediately put a hand on her shoulder and led her to the couch in the other room, “Oh, Cora I see that lovely police officer is still hanging around, did you tell him about the party a couple years back when we had our way with you, how you let me lead you into a room at the end of the hall?”


Cora immediately froze she knew who the caller was but how could she let Jaxon know without letting the caller know she had someone else there, even though the caller had mentioned Jaxon that didn’t mean she needed to confirm what he said. “Kevin, give me my baby back, please don’t hurt her, I’ll do anything just please don’t hurt my baby,” The caller laughed  wickedly and replied, “you’ve figured it out, you know my name that’s good, no the question is will you be able to find me before it’s too late.” Cora burst out crying and Jaxon disconnected the call. “Cora stop crying please I’ll find her a promise.” Cora looked up at him and nodded as he wiped away her tears and held her.


After Cora had gotten some sleep and calmed down Jaxon had her give him all the information she had on Kevin, Cora didn’t know how much she could tell him but she knew that she’d tell him what she could because she wanted her daughter back. “Cora everything’s gonna be alright, I won’t let him hurt your little girl.” Cora still had no idea that Jaxon had gotten the DNA test back and knew without a doubt that Shayla was his daughter, “Cora, how do you know this guy?” Cora looked down but explained, “Kevin was the one that lured me down the hall at Savannah’s house when I went to that party, he was the one that drugged my drink and raped me first, once he was done the other guys took turns.” Cora was fighting tears as she finished her story, Jaxon knew he’d have to tell her the truth about the DNA test and soon. “I just hope that none of those rapists are my little angel’s father,” said Cora as she brushed the tears off her cheeks, Jaxon turned to her and framed her face with his hands.



 “Cora, none of them are Shayla’s father,” Cora looked into his eyes and knew he was telling the truth but the question that was starting to haunt her was if the rapists weren’t Shayla’s father who was? Jaxon removed his hands from her face and looked at the floor, “I had my doubts about who Shayla’s father was but this morning I got my answer, none of the guys that raped you are her father, I am.” Cora looked at him in shock.“Are you serious right now, how do you know that?” Jaxon looked at her and said, “I saw a resemblance and I know I didn’t use protection, I decided to take the chance that she might be mine and send her DNA to the lab, I used a part of the DNA sample that you gave Collins when he first interviewed you.” Cora looked at him in disbelief before shaking her head, looking at the floor and whispering, “I hoped it was you, I really hoped it was you.” Jaxon shook his head, “I know I shouldn’t have kept this from you, but I had to know for sure,” Cora nodded, “I want you to be a part of her life,” Jaxon nodded, “I will be but we have to find her first.”


Cora could barely get out of bed the next few days, she kept her cell on vibrate on the kitchen table where she could let one of the guys answer it if it did ring, she knew that the guys would be better equipped to answer it especially if it was Kevin calling again. Cora just didn’t have the energy or the patience to deal with Kevin again; she just wanted her daughter back, safe and sound. She knew that Jaxon would do anything and everything to get his daughter back but the question was how would Shayla adjust to going back and forth between Jaxon’s house and hers?


“Cora, the boys found a lead,” Cora rushed down the stairs and into the living room to see Blake, Ashlyn, Justice, and Tye sitting around drinking coffee, Andrea, Jocelyn, Tristan and Anthony sitting on the couch holding the babies and last but not least Jaxon, whom she’d been avoiding for the past few days, he was pacing in front of the window constantly checking his watch. “What’s the lead?” asked Cora the guys all looked at Jaxon but he said nothing, so Tye spoke up, “They found out where Kevin’s been hiding out, they think that’s where he’s been keeping Shayla.” Cora nodded and looked over at Ashlyn and Justice, “Ash, Justice, can I talk to you guys for a second?” The girl looked at Cora and silently got up and followed her out of the room.


“Cora what is it, what couldn’t you have said in front of the guys?” Cora looked at them and decided to tell them the whole story, “Jaxon is Shayla’s father,” The girls looked at her in shock, “When did you find this out?” Asked Justice as she took a seat on the window seat, Cora explained that she’d just found out a couple days ago and has been trying to avoid him ever since, “I knew him from a few parties I went to, one of those parties I got drunk and he took me to a hotel to sober me up, we ended up in bed and well Shayla happened.” Ashlyn and Justice were in shock but they smiled anyways and told their friend that it wasn’t anything terrible, “Just let Shayla spend some time with him, he is her father,” Cora nodded and they went back to join the group in the living room.


Chapter 5

 Back in the living room Cora took a seat in the corner chair and Tristan got up and passed Taylor over to her in hopes of cheering her up a little. Taylor was sound asleep and Cora couldn’t help but smile at the little girl she was holding, she wanted another baby, she wanted to be there for their first word and their first steps. She had missed all that with Shayla and she wouldn’t miss it given the chance to have another angel, “Cora can we talk?” Cora looked up slowly and nodded her head tentatively; she really didn’t want to talk with this man. She followed him out of the room after having placed Taylor back in her grandfather’s arms.


“What is it you wanted to talk about?” Cora asked as soon as they were alone, Jaxon sighed and said, “We haven’t talked in a while, and I’ve missed you since that night. I want you back in my life,” Cora hated to admit it but when she’d first seen him at a party she’d thought he was incredibly sexy, she had wanted to go talk to him but there’d been another girl with him that night so she’d left him alone. She’d decided that since he’d never come over to talk to her that he wasn’t interested, she’d been wrong. At that last party he’d been the one to take her to a motel and sober her up and she’d pushed herself on him, she’d been drunk and wasn’t thinking but she didn’t regret anything that they’d done, what she knew for sure was she was never telling Jaxon about this at all.


“Cora what do you say about dinner tonight, with me,” Cora looked into his eyes and smiled, “Sure, what time?” Jaxon told her he’d pick her up at six and they re-entered the living room to a silence that was extremely rare with this many people, “What is it?” Asked Cora the moment she’d stepped into the room, the gang looked at her and held out her phone, there was a message from an unknown number it said ‘Cora, you haven’t found me yet and I see you’ve found Shayla’s father you should let him know that if he really cared about his little girl he’d look for her, he should be out doing his job not hanging around with you, I’ll see you soon.’ Cora dropped the phone and Jaxon retrieved it, read it and grabbed Cora’s hand, “Where are we going Jaxon?” Jaxon growled out a response, “We’re going to find our little angel.” Cora was nervous about the unknowns but she knew that she had to do something to find her baby.


Jaxon started with Savannah’s old house, it was now abandoned and it was secluded enough that you could hide a kid without any neighbors noticing. Jaxon knew that Kevin would be somewhere close, and he had no address which meant that he probably would be hanging out in an abandoned building; Savannah’s old house was the perfect place. “Cora stay here while I check it out,” Cora shook her head, “There’s no way I’m letting you go into that house by yourself, if my baby’s I have to be with you.” Jaxon had anticipated that she wouldn’t stay in the car so he let her come with but only if she stayed behind him every step of the way, she agreed.


Once in the house Cora almost regretted coming with Jaxon, but she wasn’t about to turn around now, she followed Jaxon as he checked every room in the house, every room but one. The one room he hadn’t checked was the room at the end of the hall on the third floor, the one in which Cora had been gang raped that night at the party, Jaxon knew that that room contained feelings that Cora didn’t want to experience again but he had to check every room to be sure that Shayla wasn’t in the house, “Cora stay behind me no matter what, this could be a trap,” Jaxon whispered, Cora nodded in understanding and followed close behind him. At the door Jaxon put a finger to his lips and silently turned the handle, the door swung inward and there on the bed lay Shayla, Cora gasped and in that moment Kevin lunged at Jaxon and Cora  knocking them off balance, Cora knew she had to do something, it’s not they’d brought backup, “Kevin stop, please just let Jaxon take my daughter home and keep me,” Kevin froze and then a grin appeared on his face, “You’d stay here if I let your daughter go, ha, I’m wouldn’t be nice to you, you disappeared that morning after the party, I was ready to go another round.” Cora swallowed hard and nodded, “You can do anything you want to me, but leave my baby and Jaxon alone.” Kevin agreed and dragged Cora out of the room.


When Cora woke up she knew she was in the basement, the furniture was still all there, and she recognized the sofa across the room and the bed sheets she was laying on. Kevin was there, sitting on the corner of the bed and when she woke up Kevin grinned at her, “Hello, pet, you’re up, time for round two.” Cora was dreading her decision but knew that she had made the right one, she had faith in Jaxon that he would come back for her once Shayla had been checked out at the hospital and returned home to the others, the gang would keep her safe. She was watching Kevin get closer and closer to her, he climbed on top of her and shoved her shirt up all the way, Cora noticed that she was tied to the bed and couldn’t fight back, she looked away and closed her eyes, “Come on Cora, you liked last time,” Cora shook her head, “No Kevin you drugged me and you and the others took advantage,” Kevin laughed, “I guess we did, pet but the others stayed around a lot longer than you did.”


Jaxon had gotten Shayla home safely and knew that he had to go back for Cora, even though he’d never told her from the moment he’d seen her looking at him that night at that first party even though he’d had another girl with him he’d wanted her. When he got the chance to save her that lat time he’d tried to not end up in bed with her but he’d lost that fight, she’d taken control and he’d let her. He realized now that he always had a thing for her, he’d wanted her from the moment he’d set eyes on her again at the beginning of this case, he had to go back for her or he would never forgive himself.


Jaxon called the team and gave them the location of the house where Kevin had Cora, since he didn’t have a car and Cora would fight him given the chance he assumed that the bastard hadn’t taken Cora somewhere else to torture her; He prayed that she hadn’t gone through something that she wouldn’t be able to overcome. He hoped he’d get there in time to save her from the monster who took their daughter.


At the house Jaxon took the lead, the others would cover the rest of the house while Jaxon would head straight for the basement, which would be the most logical place to torture a woman, Kevin was straddled over Cora’s motionless body, Jaxon aimed his gun and told Kevin to get off and drop the knife, Kevin got up but didn’t drop the weapon, Jaxon was about to tell him again when Kevin pulled a gun and pulled the trigger luckily Collins was right behind Jaxon and shot Kevin, no one was killed and that was good.


Cora was taken to the hospital and checked over; Kevin had attempted to rape her again but had not gone all the way, for that Jaxon was thankful. “Cora, are you ready to go home?” Jaxon asked, Cora nodded her head and attempted to stand in order to change back into her normal clothes only to realize that the clothes she’d had on to come in weren’t there, “Jaxon where are my clothes?” Jaxon produced a bag from the corner and said “Since Kevin touched you I figured you wouldn’t want to wear the same clothes so I grabbed you a new set.” Cora smiled at him appreciatively, Jaxon smiled back.


Back at the house Cora headed straight upstairs to bed, she needed some sleep. Jaxon followed her to her room, “Jaxon please leave, I want to sleep,” Jaxon nodded but didn’t move, “Cora I’m not leaving you,” Cora conceded and told him to take the chair, he agreed. In the middle of the night Cora let out a scream and Jaxon was awake and alert within seconds, he wasted no time, he was beside her in the bed in seconds. He shook her awake and pulled her to him, she shook her head, “I can’t believe I’m saying this Jaxon,” she whispered, “But, I can’t wait to tell you anymore, that first party when I saw you for the first time, you had another girl with you, I wanted to go over and talk to you but you never looked my way,” Jaxon cut her off, “I looked your way Cora, but I avoided your gaze.” Cora picked up where she’d left off, “I’ve always had a thing for you, I’ve wanted to tell you but I was afraid of what you might say or do, that night in the hotel was my first time and I loved it, you were rough but it was the time of my life.”


Jaxon took a deep breath and said, “Cora, I’ve had a thing for you too but I didn’t think that you would want anything to do with me.” Cora laughed, “I’ve always wanted a bad boy, and I want you to be my bad boy.” Jaxon looked her in the eye and they knew that this night would be very eventful. Jaxon knew just what she liked, even after almost three years apart.


Chapter 6


Jaxon was rough and ready just the way Cora liked it, she moaned in pleasure and screamed his name, Jax was the name she used in bed, and she could tell he liked it. That night wasn’t just sex, it was making love and they both knew it.  The next morning they also knew that neither one had used protection therefore they might be screwed, but unlike Jax, Cora wasn’t worried she knew that no matter what she’d manage to take care of this child, if there was one, on her own and she wouldn’t give it up.


Jax was worried he knew that Cora loved him but she hadn’t said so yet, he didn’t want to leave her because the job was over but he knew he had too. He’d wait a few days and then come back and check on her, he knew she’d accept him in Shayla’s life but what about her life, he didn’t know.

A couple weeks later there was a knock at the door, “Ash can you get it, Cora’s sick again,” a couple seconds later the door was opened and Jax stood there in front of Ashlyn, Ashlyn whispered to him , “I knew you’d come back for her, now get up there,” Jax followed Ashlyn’s directions and headed up the stairs, he found Cora sitting in the nursery watching the babies sleep soundly, she didn’t look to good but he wasn’t going to mention it.


“Hey Cora, how are you feeling?” Cora looked up at him in surprise, “Jax, what are you doing here?” Jax explained that he’d come by to see Shayla even though he knew that this time of day was Shayla’s naptime, “Jax, she sleeps this time of day, you’ll have to come back.” Jax shook his head, “I’m not coming back Cora, I know you want me in Shayla’s life, but will you let me be a part of yours?” Cora opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, so she simply nodded and smiled at her first crush. Jax came closer and smiled at her, before she knew it he had his lips pressed to hers in the most passionate kiss of a lifetime. She loved him that was a guarantee.


“Cora, are you still sick?” Called Jax from the bedroom, Cora couldn’t speak because she was indeed sick she had been for the past two weeks, she had a feeling what it was and had the text under her bed, she was just nervous to take it now that Jax was actually in her life. “Cora, are you pregnant?” Jax asked from the doorway, Cora almost jumped out of her skin at his question, “I don’t know Jax,” Jax looked at her and said well then I guess it’s time to find out,” Jax held out the box that had been safely under her bed and nodded while she looked at the floor.


Cora was afraid of the result and therefore handed the stick over to Jax, a few minutes later Jax smiled brightly at her and showed it to her, “It’s positive Babe, you’re pregnant.” Cora looked down at the ground and whispered, “Will you stay?” Jax took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes, “Of course I’ll stay, I love you Cora, I will never ever leave you and the kids, let’s be a family.” Cora agreed and Jax slipped the ring out of his pocket and silently slipped it onto her finger, the look on her face was priceless and she repeated the words he’d just said, “I love you Jax, let’s be a family.”

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