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have you ever felt like something wasn't right? Harley has, she planned for it, was ready for anything ok maybe not quite anything. Parker helped her along meeting in the underground and training
hard with no rest was what was needed to take down those harming her family. Jordan, Shawn and Kelly her best friends and maybe more, ran, chased followed and tried to make sence of everything that
was going down around them. Will they make it out alive?

Table of Contents


  Danger. That’s what she felt when she awoke that morning of October 5th 2018. The moment her feet touched the ground she kne... Read Chapter


“Harley, wake up.” I heard Parker talking to me and I could feel her shaking me but after yesterday I really didn’t want to get up.... Read Chapter


As I walked through the doors of my apartment building my phone buzzed. I looked to see a number with no name, but I knew who it was.&nbs... Read Chapter


I turned towards him and straddled his lap looking into his eyes, silently asking for permission, he nodded and for the first time in my ... Read Chapter


The cabin we were going to use was way out in the bush, no electricity and a fire place. I figured this would be a good place to hide out... Read Chapter


The sound of tires on the gravel road woke me from the first sound sleep I’d had in months, I quickly got dressed and quietly headed to... Read Chapter


The next few days went by fairly quickly, no one was ever around the little motel except the owners and the four of us. It was nice to be... Read Chapter


I stretched and Yawned as I climbed out of bed to find it still dark outside. It couldn’t still be night because it wasn’t quite dark... Read Chapter


Two months later. The FBI and CIA investigated the deaths and the fire, they established the truth and more than 200 people were conn... Read Chapter

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