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The next few days went by fairly quickly, no one was ever around the little motel except the owners and the four of us. It was nice to be left alone for a couple days. No questions, no people, nothing. Kelly and Shawn were getting more and more comfortable around each other, and they were almost glued at the hip. It was adorable to see them that happy together. While Kelly and Shawn preferred movies and cuddling, Jordan and I sought out the library that the owners had told us about. I was expecting a small library but when I flipped the switch on in the basement, it was not a small library, it was huge. There were no windows and the only door was the one that led upstairs, or maybe I should say the only obvious door, was the one that led upstairs.



This particular room had many ways out, such as the bookcase in the far corner that slid up, or the trap door in the opposite wall. Both these exits led to tunnels only this family and those that had needed to use them knew existed.  I had a feeling that we would be the next people to have to use them. “Harley, go!!” I heard the shoot from the top of the stairs and dropped the book I was reading in the process. “Are they here?” I asked knowing that was the only reason that would cause such a panic in Kelly. Kelly nodded and I replaced the book on the shelf, Kelly had all our bags and Mrs. willow made sure there was no trace of us in the place.  Kelly and Shawn went out first and Jordan and I followed. Jordan pulled down the shelf that covered our escape. “Whew, hopefully that’s the last time we have to run from them.” said Kelly, we all nodded. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right like I should know who was after me, but everyone I could think of was either dead like my parents or out of town in the marines like Cassandra or Steven. Then I remembered something,  something that I had wondered about for the last 5 or 6 years, were my parents really dead? or did they just vanish? I don’t know what happened that night, I was only 5 years old, I just remember my mom and dad not coming home that night. “Jordan, I think my parents are still alive, I think they’re behind this.” Jordan walked over to me and said, “Baby, are you sure that you want to walk that path, are you sure you want to know?” I nodded and leaned into him, his arms coming around me.



The next morning I woke up early and called Parker, she had an untraceable cell phone same as me. “Hello?” I smiled just hearing her voice, I hadn’t talked to her in about 6 to 8 months. “Parker, it’s me, Harley, I need your help.” I explained the situation and Parker agreed to help, she said she’s look into my parents deaths and see what she can dig up. I thanked her and hung up. Kelly, Jordan, Shawn and I figured out a plan as to what we would do if we had to run again.  Parker called back about two hours later and had more news than I could have ever imagined.



“Parker what did you find?” I asked the minute I picked up the phone. “Well…” I put the conversation on speaker all of us could hear what Parker was saying. She said that my parents weren’t dead, the accident was staged and I had a sister. My mom was six months pregnant when the ‘accident’ happened. So not only could my parents be behind this my sibling that I’ve never met could be behind this too.  “Parker, do you know where they are now?” Luckily Parker didn’t do things half-way, “They’re in town, they’ve lived here since two years after the ‘accident’, as for your brother and sister, they’re twins, and they live 10 minutes outside of town on a farm with their families.” I thanked Parker for her time and hung up so we could get started. I thought about everything that Parker had said and I started thinking, how were we going to get to my ‘parents’ if we were being targeted for dead? I figured I’d sleep on it and figure it out in the morning.


The next morning I woke to quiet, Kelly was still asleep just as she had been most of yesterday and the guys had still been awake when I’d gone to bed at a little past midnight, so they were still asleep as well. I figured this was a good a time as any to call Parker and figure out a plan. “Ya”, that was what I got when parker picked up the phone, “Hey, Parker? I need a favor and I’ll owe you bigtime for anything you can give me, but how exactly do you think I should approach this? I mean I can’t exactly go out to the house and knock on the door like ‘hey mom I’m home’. I heard nothing on the other end of the line for a few moments, but soon enough she answered me, “Harley you’re just going to have to wait them out, eventually they’re going to have to come out in the open if they really want you dead because going by what’s happened so far , the people they’ve hired haven’t been able to do the job properly.” I sighed knowing she was right. Then I had another idea, “Parker, how long have you lived underground?” I could hear her humming on the other end of the line before she said, “I don’t remember exactly, five six years maybe.” I rolled my eyes knowing she had a calendar for every year she spent in that tunnel. “I have a proposition for you, in three days meet me at our spot and maybe we can figure this thing out together. I want to finish this.” I could almost hear Parker thinking over the idea, “Ok, three days, if you need me before just let me know.” I smiled to myself and agreed that I would see her in three days and if I needed her before that I would let her know. I loved having my friends to help but they weren’t trained like Parker and I. We were ready for anything, they weren’t.


“Harley!!!” called Kelly from the living room where she had fallen asleep the night before. “Ya kel, what’s wrong?” Kelly motioned for me to sit down. I knew it wasn’t good, maybe she felt worse. She was pale, couldn’t eat, was throwing up, had headaches and was tired all the time, this had been going on since we left the cabin and it kept getting worse. I really hoped we wouldn’t have to risk a hospital because after what Parker said about my ‘parents’ faking their own death, they would have had connections for that and those contacts probably still communicated with them I didn’t want to risk being seen and my ‘parents’ find out that we were at a hospital with our sick friend, that would just make us easy targets with no way out. “Sis, I think I’m pregnant.” We weren’t real sisters but bewfore all this started sis was what we called each other. I sat there with wide eyes trying to wrap my head around what my sister had told me. “Shawn? He’s the father? That night at the cabin, sneaking off to your room, sitting really close together, you didn’t use anything did you?” I was speaking quietly because I didn’t want the guys hearing us and wanting all the details. Kelly nodded the whole time I was asking questions which told me exactly what I needed to know. Yeah I was happy that Shawn and Kelly were finally together, but I didn’t want their relationship to start with a baby.


That day was tense, the baby was a secret so Kelly and I couldn’t even discuss it once the boys woke up. We were all tired and wanting to go home and back to work, we wanted a normal life again. I wanted to focus on the relationship Jordan and I could have had not whether my parents were trying to kill me or not. Kelly kept up the ‘I think I have the flu’ story with Shawn and I didn’t say a word, until she wanted him to know, it was her secret to tell. What we didn’t know is that Shawn would never know about the baby until it was too late…

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