"They're Already Here"

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Movie sequel

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018




'Sequel to the movie, 'The Russians Are Coming,” “They're Already Here!” Cartoon, so some Trump supporters can understand, tells the true story of an egotistical know-nothing national embarrassment who rises to President, and thinks he's God, who gets all his news, fake news, from Fox, yet who accuses all the other networks of being fake. He uses the bully pulpit, not for good, but to divide the nation. He also leaves the front door unlocked so the Russians can sneak in and steal the gold silverware, and America's soul. He has such a magnetic hold on his hardcore fanatical supporters, and the Republicans in Congress, that both think it's perfectly normal, and see they need do nothing to stop him.' Starring: Donny Trump, Bozo the Clown


*This movie is rated M for Mature. Warning: small children, children, small adults, adults who are rational, and adults who may become upset and projectile-vomit several rows over what's become of their once-proud nation shouldn't see this movie





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