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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Red Wolph Literature

Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



Long ago, there lived a nation
Full of ferocious stripes.
With claw and tooth and fearsome roar
They settled all their gripes.

Nevertheless, they lived in peace —
Despite their gall of old —
For, though they quarreled endlessly,
Their hearts were made of gold.

But warlike hearts, even if gold,
Cannot endure time’s wrath
Because the other nations that
Abhorred their raucous path,

And so these folk had enemies
On ev’ry single front.
They waged their golden hearts against
The foes that would confront.

Alas, one golden nation could
Not last against the world,
And, by and by, their glor’ious race
Was conquered and unfurled,

But, for the sake of kin and lore,
One mother saved her child.
She hid him in a boundless wood
Not sure if it were wild,

And, for his sake, she had to leave
Lest she be caught with him.
She trusted him unto God’s grace
And left for future grim.

The child was found by nomad folk
Within the forest vast.
They reared him well and kept him safe.
He did the wars outlast,

But now he is alone despite
Adopted family.
He has none like himself to share
His native pain and glee.

The years pass by; the boy grows strong;
He lets go of his pain.
He takes joy in his rarity,
For he had tried in vain

To find the days when he was one
Among so many kin.
Today he has not kin but peace
Throughout his whole within,

So, nowadays, you’ll hear his chant
Before the setting sun:
In ancient dignity, he roars,
“I am the only one!”

© Copyright 2019 N. M. Rudolph. All rights reserved.

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